Savest House [Creation]

This house looks at first like any other normal starter house for survival mode, but that’s far from the reality! Once you enter the house there’s a chest which can be used for accessing a secret control panel. The control panel can be used for changing the security level for the house. Some things you can enable include obsidian walls, lava trenches, wither turrets and even exploding walls!

Creator: noahcraftrealTwitter Account

At a first glance it looks like an ordinary house.

But once you enter the house you will notice that there are some extra features. Place an item in the chest to enter the control panel room.

Press the buttons to enable the different security features. You can disable them by pressing the buttons on the red blocks.

Start a new survival adventure!

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21 Responses

3.83 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Joko Prasongko says:

    Sophisticated example. Download maps are outdated. We cannot use our maps

  2. Joko Prasongko says:

    there is no insertion into our maps in a single Blick command. So it must be on other maps. still behind the times

  3. Enderman says:

    I love this one but the problem when you click all on button it lags please fix this problem.

  4. Dat kid in the cuboard says:

    Nice spelling m8 10/4

  5. Anonymous says:

    well,you did very hard work and i really like your design!

  6. zyh says:

    I can’t. What’s going on can you send a download link to my email?

  7. Anonymous says:

    How do ya enable tnt because I found a canyon near the house and I want to use tnt at the bottom but I can’t.

  8. OmgDisGame says:

    Should I download it

  9. Poo says:

    Did you just copy rizzial’s house? Pls remove it and place a house idea that you made coz whyyy

  10. EnderPro303 says:

    Lol but this is safer than the other safe house :D. I spawned 3 withers to make it more safe

  11. Alex says:

    It’s got yellow stained glass

  12. BlueFire says:

    On a keyboard f and v are right next to each other stop shouting it was prob an accident.😇

  13. Anonymous says:

    Once you turn on all of the defences how are ya meant to get out ya house

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ya spelled safest wrong ya wrote savest

  15. Stevo says:

    U miss spelt safest.

  16. TheMysterisSteve says:

    “savest” seriously noahcraftreal your a yt you should know how to spell

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