Saw (Horror)

This map is based from the Horror Movie Saw  or the character known as Jigsawa crazy psychopath who locked you in his insane asylum. You are forced to do crazy things and challenges in order to survive. Choose wisely and think smart. In this map you will actually hear Jigsaw Talking to you! , so maximum your volumes to hear Jigsaw Talking. Will you take the chance to survive in this crazy asylum? 

In this map there are different puzzles and challanges, suitable for 1-3 players


1.Do not break Blocks! 

2.Make your volumes maximum! (to hear Jigsaw Talking) (Better with headphones) 

3. Do not Cheat. 

[Please Make the sounds maximum to hear Jigsaw Voice and to hear Jigsaw talking to you]


You are locked inside a abandoned insane asylum by Jigsaw, a crazy psychopath who forces people to do crazy challenges and puzzles. you are forced to save your family, will you take the chance to survive and save your family? 

How to Download? 

Just click the links below, then it will take you to adfly. Click the skip ad button then deny the notifications. Wait 15-25 seconds while denying the notifications and you will be redirected to mediafire to download the map.

If the first link didnt work, please try the other links! 

Changelog View more
  • Changed and fixed some minor problems
  • Added a zip file, download it if you want to try it. 
  • Fixed issues and problems
  • Thanks for the people who played the map! and to those who haven't tried the map, try it and have fun! 
  • Fixed minor problems
  • Thanks for the players who tried and played this map! 
  • Fixed issues and problems
  • I already added a zip file, to those people who keeps telling me to add zip. Please stop! I already added just read and check the addon descriptions carefully
  • Changed and Fixed the Description
  • I added a zip file, use it if you need it. 
  • I added a zip file of the map
  • Updated the description and fixed some minor problems
  • I added a zip file because one of the people commented in this map, needs a zip file. 


  • How to Import? 

After you download the mcworld, just open it to minecraft and it will be automatically opens and import to your minecraft, if the map successfully imported, You can now play it and have fun. 

If the first link didnt work, try the other  download links. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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27 Responses

3.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

    The link works, but the level import doesn’t work

  2. This is a very short map and not horror at all… I’d love to see better and longer maps maps, but for now, I cant give you more than 2 stars.

  3. There Is No THJ says:

    Can you please put a zip file on MCPEDL? All 3 current links lead to the same file which fails to be imported to Minecraft.

  4. Guest-5457374862 says:

    is so cool this map

  5. Guest-5829497558 says:

    Im 1.16, but all the links didnt work duh.

  6. Guest-4052231709 says:

    Thank You So Much For Making This Epic Map! 10/10 Rating

  7. Guest-1707362701 says:

    i enjoyed the map :), there are different puzzles and challenges and it gaves me chills while listening to jigsaw. Im really pressured when jigsaw said 30 minutes left. I really don’t know to do so i died haha

  8. its_Brix says:


  9. its_Brix says:

    I Already added a zip file just wait the admins of this website to update the version

  10. Guest-2739279387 says:

    None of the links work, it always says level import failed.

  11. allysu3145 says:

    I feel that if all you are getting is criticism for not having a zip file, listen to the community and add one. IF you want a ton of bad ratings from people who cannot download this, go ahead. As well as if your MAIN thing you are advertising this map by is the voice acting but you NEED it to be full volume is kinda not fun. I mean, sure it’s cool that you got voice acting into the map. But, you should, at least in my (bad) opinion) have more than that ONE bold point for people to download this map.Sure you have other information but you should not just highlight voice acting in the map as it *has* been in Bedrock maps in the past.

  12. its_Brix says:


  13. Guest-8769150229 says:


  14. Guest-7883584088 says:

    Didnt work, doesn’t even let me import the level. Don’t waste your time downloading so he can get money from ads.

  15. Lord_Khufu says:

    Bro you can’t just put 3 different links and let me go through adfly everytime i failed to import your map into my game

  16. YoItsFrostyy152 says:

    Haven’t downloaded it yet but it seems like fun

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