ScareTroll – Minecraft Bedrock Screamer (Add-On) [1.16+]

Halloween is once again growing near, so scare your friends off using this add-on! ScareTroll add-on implements a screamer inside your world, so you can scare them off even when they are just casually mining and crafting!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v2.0

How does it work?

The resource pack changes how whats called the pumpkinblur.png looks in-game. The trick here is to play a custom sound while showing the image by making it wear the pumpkin.

Applying Resource Pack

Since the resource pack is essential to make this work, you’d have to make sure that joining players have to download and use the Resource Pack before they join your world! Otherwise, of course, it wont go well.

Once everything is okay: they’ve joined and downloaded the resource pack, you can now start scaring them:

Using the Screamer

To use the screamer on a certain player in your world, type /tag add scare. You can also scare yourself or multiple player(s) at once by typing the usual target selectors instead of the player name:

Please be very careful on using this screamer on people that has health issues, like people who easily get heart attack for example. 

Scared Player’s FOV

They’ll see this face with a loud screaming voice in-game:

Note that the display may vary between devices because of the player’s default FOV, screen size, ratio, and etc.

Video Demo

Changelog View more
  • Updated download links.

(Note: Don't notify this update to everyone)

  • Made scary scarier by re-writting the entire add-on! Happy Halloween!
  • Updated download link.

Note to admin: don't show on homepage, thank you!


  • May not work on beta (not tested).

Please use the screamer on people with caution!


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

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  1. Lynx633 says:

    This is oddly familiar to the scare addon made by Kyle Rifqi

  2. Khumding.Hauzel says:

    Very great add-on!

    Will you allow me to use this in my world which is going to be in mcpedl soon?

  3. User-5994399827 says:


  4. Doctor Who Fan says:

    This addon will not whosoever. It says the target either already has a tag or too many please fix plus I play mcpe

  5. Tazmoe says:

    Cool! Maybe add some variation or some suspense to make it not as predictable; like maybe a cave sound and in a few seconds something spawns? Cool idea overall, good job!

  6. Herobrine says:

    **enderman voice intensifies**

  7. Josh says:

    Cool addon! I want to scare my brother! But, add some custom jumpscares!

  8. Broodyharmony90 says:

    U should totally continue updating this addon, I cant wait to troll my friends

  9. This is genious says:

    LOL! This is a extremely genious add-on. It’s great for pranking other players or your friends.

  10. Mat383 says:

    This is just evil.

  11. Name says:

    My friend just booted his desk! I love you so much thanks for making this.😂

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