Science Zero [ver 1.2] [Updated]

Science zero is an addon that add many new recipes and items that are related to chemistry into the game. In this small update, i brought to you a new type of weapon, molotov.

Version 1.0

Added a new way to make gunpowder 

Version 1.1

Added apple wine

Version 1.2

In this version, i’ve added a throwable weapon called molotov, which can cause fire upon on impact with block.

To make molotov, you have to make apple wine [use “/function Help/wine” in game for a tutorial on how to make it] and then boil it in the furnace to get pure alcohol, when boiled on approximately 75 °C, alcohol will be evaporated, store this gas in a normal degree, it will change back to liquid form.

Next, craft a cloth by put all the strings in all slot in crafting table.

Put cloth and pure alcohol together and you will get molotov.

Filters are now craftable. For some reason, filter in the last version can not be crafted.

WARNING: note that some recipes in this addon may not completely correct 100%, and MOST OF THE RECIPES ARE TRUE, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Future improvements:

  • Adds new ores : Bauxite and Cryolite (wiki for more information)
  • Adds a machine : Pressure machine, turn many things into dust or plate
  • Adds some new plant : toxic and consumable mushroom

Changelog View more

- creeper now no longer drop gunpowder

- Adds apple wine and a few recipes

Fixed a bug that can not craft the filter

Changed many things

Added a new function that can help you on crafting recipes

     - Type “/function Help/function_name”

     - For example, “/function Help/gunpowder”


For android user, you need to change the .mcaddon to .zip


do not repost this on any website

if you manage to make a video with my addon, make sure to credits me and put a link directly to



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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19 Responses

4.67 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-7091794373 says:

    Help! It keeps saying that the file is not valid!


    help i cant place crushed apples, i am playing on windows ten edition

  3. Riata Kawuay says:

    I can’t craft the filter in survival, I try it as you describe it but it doesn’t work, what should I do??, or how is it an other way to craft the flitro in survival?

  4. Recom says:

    Can you make a .zip link

  5. Jhermosillo188 says:

    Excelent addon mister, but i forgot the previous steps, can you reupload the steps to create gunpownder?? please!!! xD

  6. Hunter 188 says:

    Nice work mister!!! I’ll be waiting for new updates

  7. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Great addon dude! At first I though I’d rather kill myself than do all for something as basic as gunpowder, but then I realised I mainly only used them for fireworks anyways. It’s actually blending in perfectly, as it somehow makes the game more balanced by making the recipe for something as good as a firework with elytra quite harder to get. Overall quite fun! I’d love to see this take a rather biopunk or industri-chemical turn in the future. Also, one last thing : could I use this mod for a Hardcore modpack I am making? This does actually fit perfectly in it. Keep it up!

  8. Smiley says:

    Really cool add-on! Currently it doesn’t have a whole lot of functionality let’s be honest since gunpowder is a reasonably easy resource to obtain without going through all these steps but I must still appreciate the work you put into the addon and most of all the scientific accuracy 👏👌 I’m looking forward to seeing what you add in future updates! 😄

  9. Dr stone says:

    Dr stone be like

  10. Coyote_Bork says:

    How Do I Craft The Hammer?

  11. スミオ says:

    This looks VERY good. But imagine trying to make gunpowder in a regular survival world..
    This has large potential in my eyes, so please keep it up!

  12. Coyote_Bork says:

    I Was Looking For A Dr. Stone Addon, Pls Update And More ♡♡♡

  13. Player 100000000 % says:

    Some of dr.stone’s inspiration?

  14. Minecraft player 100000000 says:

    Some of dr.stone’s inspiration?

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