SCP-096 Add-on V1.2 (1.11+)

Are you a fan of SCP or do you enjoy something scary to play? Then this add-on is for you! It adds a custom mob into your world and it has custom animations!

SCP-096 or also known as shy guy is a monster from a original game SCP containment breach. It has some spectacular AI.

It will not attack the players as long as you don’t look at it. If you look at it face it will starting to covering it face and started streaming and struggling.

Once you look at it then tried to run away as far as possible, Because you will get killed instantly if you don’t run. Don’t try to fight against it. That’s suicide!

when it killed it’s victim it will started eating the victim


  • SCP-096 will make scary noises if the player is near
  • SCP-096 had abilities to seek out the players and kill them instantly
  • It move faster than the players
  • It have 50000 heath
  • It’s very rare

Note: don’t play with this addon in your survival world.

If you used the addon for map or on YouTube, please give me  a credits

Changelog View more
  • Fixed duplicated packs bugs
  • Add new color for the spawn egg
  • Still not working on beta version right now 
  • Added new animations for SCP-096
  • SCP-096 will be able to break down the block on it way in version beta 1.11+
  • Make it's look more lively
  • Sometimes it's may sit down
  • Make it work on newer version
  • Fixed SCP-096 AI make it's focusing on the player and will only stop one the player look at it died
  • Changed the model and the texture
  • SCP-096 now will sit down
  • Updated animations
  • Added new eating animation
  • SCP-096 will no longer kill each other
  • SCP-096 will kill villager if it seen one
  • SCP=096 will only spawn on the snowy mountain
  • SCP-096 is longer detected enemy when it's not see it
  • New sounds
  • Fixed weird animation when it enter enraged mode
  • added new walking animation when it not in enraged mode
  • SCP-096 will attack anything that viewed it's face
  • changed the sound when it's getting hurt less louder
  • changed the eating animation


  • Download the SCP-096 addon V2 or the zip file
  • Click skip ad
  • if it send you to the other website then go back and do it again
  • don't click allow click deny
  • You don't need to turn on experimental gameplay in the world settings for it to work anymore
  • Apply both RP and BP in to your world. Don't forget to apply both of them in your world settings 
  • This version work on version 1.11+
  • Attention: if you already installed the old version of this then deleted it immediately because if you installed this with the older one in there it will get the same bugs and the addon won't work


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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305 Responses

4.25 / 5 (152 votes)
  1. PeakSquare57 says:

    So when I Try to download the Addon the no ad fly link and then, well it kind of doesn’t go into my Minecraft addon files so I was wondering if you could fix that, so it could go into the Minecraft addons

  2. MOHAMMED says:

    I can’t download it

  3. Thats that guy says:

    Pls help idk how to install files on minecraft and i only have an ipad pls help 3 stars because i cant use it

  4. Jamel Pope says:

    Make a GodZilla Addon with animation

  5. BOSSR7 says:

    i like this addon and also you should put the scp 173 addon

  6. BOSSR7 says:

    la thonja

  7. Hugo says:

    Dude, you are awesome, keep doing this, I think this addon it’s almost fully done, just fix some bugs and that’s it, hope you still doing ADDONS whit more scps you deserved 5 stars boiiii, I used the support link 😉

  8. DATURTLE343 says:

    It downloaded an earlier version for me on Xbox one

  9. glitched nova says:

    bit broken when looking at his face. he dosnt seem to care, he only get mad when hit or shot at.

  10. Magnetic duo says:

    Can you make him, only break glass and doors please!

  11. Po_YT says:

    I can’t see the spawn egg it’s just black when I spawn him I can’t see
    the model

  12. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I’ll say this once and I’ll say these again: make him able to destroy absolutely any block but only I’m enraged mode not in docile mode. He will have another new animation- he will sometimes hold his head with his hands like in the game. A new item will be added: paper bag- crafted by putting paper in a helmet formation in a crafting table. Used to put on SCP-096. I found only 1 glitch so far, it’s to were when I fly over him is mouth opens and closes rapidly and his arms move rapidly too. Another item will be added 096 pictures make SCP-096 also enraged.

  13. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you make it to were it to were its screaming sound when you viewed its face is louder.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It looks like a great addon. But the fact that you have to get it in an extremely dangerous site is why I’m rating it low. Ad sites like those can give you a virus just from being on them. My antivirus software went crazy being on that site.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why are Endermens villagers attacking when scp 096 is nearby?

  16. RifqiTheGamerYT says:

    Im Definetlly Making A Review For This On YouTube!!!!!!

  17. Plínio Marcos (Discord: Plínio#3472) says:

    Really great mod so far but there is more than can be done to make it better, here is some of my ideas to make it a nicer experience:

    -Make it killable
    (Just at the point that you need to plan the murder and still need to have top end equipment);

    (More of a XP and Rotten Flesh,no need to be any special ammount of XP, like a lvl 10 to 20 kind of);

    Make the sound from when it takes damage a little lower because it gets really loud (ear rape level) when you hit it fast enough;

    Make it strong enough just so he can leave a full iron armor player with half a heath,
    hitkill removes the scary experience really quick, so you need to leave the player just on the edge of life then the tention will really grow up;

    The speed on ground and hability to break blocks is on point but you still can swim faster and you can abuse his slowness in water with Frost Walk enchantment;

    Make it follow you if you have a Nether Star on hand and unable to attack anything just so you can lure him into a contention room made of a specific block that he cant break free (Obsidian,Quartz,Glowstone,Red Nether Brick,etc…)

    Thank you for this mod and i hope you keep updating it, i wish all that is good for you and sorry for any misspell.

  18. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Right here and you’re showcased video things I will tell you what SCPs I want: SCP-999- it appears as a small orange slime that is completely nice. I want you to make 999 attack you but deal 0 damage so it looks like it’s trying to hug you or something. When encountering any mob love hearts will appear and they won’t attack anything(except for scp-682 and 096). SCP-529- this anomaly appears as a grey tabby cat with only its first half of its body when you look at the side to were its other legs are supposed to be there is just darkness. Now Josie(cats name) will act like a normal cat except untameable. SCP-1762- this SCP appears as a box that has the phrase “Here be dragons!” Written on it I want the box to be immortal. When pressing and holding on the box it will open and smoke will appear then after a short while origami dragons will fly out and beautiful music will play after interacting with it again the dragons will go back into the box ,the music will stop, and the box will close. SCP-500-this SCP is a small red pill that will heal you instantly and get rid of bad potion effects. SCP-346- this SCP appears as a tiny flying pterosaur. It will fly around and occasionally fly at the player just as I said it’s tiny and adorable. SCP-111- these SCPs come in many skins and one glows in the dark. They are tiny little critters that have look like dragon snails. These make chirping noises and will lay eggs every few minutes. They are tameable with fruit but are neutral. When attacked will breath fire at you. SCP-250- this SCP is appears as an allosaurus skeleton. It acts the same as a normal allosaurus it sleeps, walks around, and eats. It is hostile though so be careful. SCP guard- yup I want a guard addon so it adds the guards.

  19. Isac says:

    When are u done with SCP-173? After him make SCP-106, I think is easyer to make SCP-106 than SCP-173

  20. Anonymous says:

    Just a Suggestion. Can u make him teleport threw blocks? I don’t want him to destroy my map.

  21. Lol says:

    Add mediafire download

  22. Anonymous says:

    You should add SCP 173 it will be really cool and awesome

  23. MOHAMMED says:

    please put this in media fire

  24. kaidence says:

    Don’t use adfly please, use mediafire. adfly doesn’t work and doesn’t let you download it, thanks.

  25. Ujdjd says:

    Thank you so much five stars you have made my scp 096 complete lol he is so cool and keep him this way he is perfect!

  26. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I swear this might be the last thing I’ll suggest. When encountering it with any mob head or pumpkin you can make it not attack at all when looking at its face. The mask or pumpkin will show up on its face.

  27. Dark Trooper says:

    Hmm oddly it doesn’t work for me. When ever I make him kill me it gives me extra yellow Hearts so I never die. I have tried deleting it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you add this to the Addons for Minecraft app?

  29. M says:

    Plz make one add on for Scp-106

  30. Hugo says:

    So the animations are good, but I liked it more in the lasts versions, now, when he is chasing any mob its weird, just because he’s like going through the floor, another point is that it stay sit down for way long time, and I’m making and scp map (just for me and friends) so it’s quite boring that he stay sit down for minutes, the new texture is really cool and creepy so that’s good. Oh and he also get stuck on the iron doors so please fix all that and I’ll give you 5 stars and recommend you to people keep doing this addon cool 🙂

  31. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just want 2 thing that will be pretty cool. If SCP-096 kills its prey it devours the items and experience if keep inventory is off And
    SCP-096 will attack anything that looks at its face no matter the foe including addon monsters/animals.

  32. Springcone says:

    Im trying to install it on Xbox can you plz make a mediafire link not adfly

  33. cool says:

    I can’t download it

  34. Highteck says:

    I cant download it

  35. Scp- says:

    Make the different scp for like a huge scp addon to make it just easy if you can or have u could put them in different files to then put together and so it just adds things or some replace

  36. Angious2004 says:

    I love the detail that it only spawns in snowy mountains, it’s a nice reference to the wiki.

  37. Angious2004 says:

    OMG! I love the new model!

  38. ThisJobYT says:

    Hey, BendyTheDemon18? Loved this addon! The only flaw with this masterpiece is that when it’s “devouring” it’s victim, it has glitched animations as it struggles to stand right up. If you could fix this you are granted with five stars!

  39. MOHAMMED says:

    please fix the scp it doesn’t attacks me when I looking in him face

  40. MOHAMMED says:

    adfly is a bad link please put it in media fire

  41. Caite says:

    I tried looking at him but he doesent do anything,he just stands there looking at me in the eyes

  42. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay Bendytheinkdemon18 I will tell you all the behaviors I want(including ones I said before.): again make him more like the game. Make home sit more often it says in his document to when he kills someone he sits down for several minutes after standing up and walking again. Improve his model and texture, Scp096s texture needs to be more like his in the game(grey skin, more boney, and more bloody also when his mouth opens it should just be pitch black.) his model’s claws/fingers should be more long and pointy. make SCP-096 faster it says he can run at speeds of a car so he should be able to catch up easily when you’re on a horse. Make him spawn not just rarely but in a snow biome cause that’s were he’s from. Make him able to destroy any material and only in attack mode he can’t destroy stone and dirt why?! Make him only make the chase sounds when he is chasing you. Make him when he’s sitting able to cover his face. Make him attack absolutely any mob that looks at his face not just the player, animals, golems, and villagers. When chasing his prey he can detect were his prey is from anywhere no matter how far the player or prey is. Make him have an extreme amount of health I think 500,000,000 health. It says he has insane resistance and regeneration able to withstand heavy gunfire. Arrows, fire charge, tridents, tnt, creepers, shulker bullets, dragon fireball, dragons fire breath, evocation fangs, and potions are ineffective to him. When SCP096 kills a mob it won’t drop anything. If he kills the player and keep inventory is on you’re stuff will stay however if it’s not on then you’re stuff won’t drop to the ground and you won’t have anything. When mobs encounter SCP096 they will face the other way and run away even ravagers, the wither, and the Ender dragon.

  43. Bob says:

    Can you make it so it works for version 1.12

  44. chen chen hao says:

    Can you show us a SCP 173, we really want to, as long as I can come out, I’m under 35 years old, no matter how long I will download it I like scp 🙂

  45. Observator says:

    Godamned why put 50k life in this mob?
    If i spawn him i can’t kill cuz /kill will delete everything!

  46. chen chen hao says:

    I used this in my life. I ran away crazily when I saw him. Then I ran home!

  47. Hasan11231 says:

    I’ll share it via minecraft amino and I credited you 😊

    Btw can I share it with the company?

  48. Darren Paugh says:

    Your links are down, I can’t download the addon at all. I keep getting the same error, “This site can’t be reached”. For both as well.

  49. Anonymous says:

    What blocks can scp 096 not break?

  50. Lugatina says:

    Why does adfly go to mother regarded and not download?

  51. Scp:CB says:

    That was a little lag there. And also…
    When do u gotta be clear with scp173? That testing video i liked. I CANT WAIT WHEN U ARE CLEAR WITH HIM. Can u upload it now and try to do that soon? I realy want to download it now

  52. Scp:CB says:

    Oh sorry i mean should

  53. Scp:CB says:

    Make scp682,scp106,scp173,scp096,scp939,scp372,scp087,scp049,scp049-2(guard and class-d scp049-2),scp008 and scp457 in one pack. That Schoultz be cool!!😎

    • The PIZZA BOI says:


  54. Aspect 006 says:

    Could you please do SCP 173

  55. No need to know says:

    Adfly keeps going to mothergarded and it says It can’t be found so I can’t download it ;-;

  56. Brogyn Smith says:

    Never mind, it works!

  57. Brogyn Smith says:

    Add-on doesn’t work.

  58. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay I have some suggestions for scp-096: make him sit more and when looking at his face makes him do the animation he does in the game when sitting. Upgrade the texture of him please. Make him only break blocks on anger mode. Lastly make him kill everything that looked at its face such as a group of mobs look at its face when done doing his thing(screaming) he goes after all of them instead of going for individually. Oh and one more thing he was originally found in the snowy areas so why not make him spawn there extremely rarely. Thank you for you’re time.

  59. Berkay says:

    I dont understand what i have to do with the Zip folder can some one help? 🙁

  60. ImThatGuy says:

    This looks absolutely amazing and looks like a fun thing to play around with but the download link does not work.

  61. GOLDENROD says:

    ADFLY doesn’t work I cant download it
    Please put it in a direct link

  62. Anonymous says:

    They should make godzilla with custim addon and they should make dinosaur too but better animations!

  63. Viktor says:

    I bin trying to find scp096!it is impossible!😡.you will add scp096!finally😁

  64. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I have an idea for an addon. You can make a Cthulhu addon!!! Cthulhu is extremely hard to find and when you find him in the ocean or spawn him with his spawn egg he is in his sleeping state. To wake him you are gonna have to hurt him, then he will wake up and start to rain terror on you’re world. He will have 100,000,000 HP since he is a boss. His attacks consist of: summoning deep ones( his minions) , shooting beams, stomping, and last fly up in mid air. When you kill him he will drop a load of ink sacks, kelp, bones, Experience, and a Heart on the sea. ( please also have custom animations and sounds)

  65. Nikko says:

    Man i love your 096. Just a little need of tweaking on the AI. Because sometimes it delays some of it attacks. And it should continiously attack players on its rage state. And can you please make SCP-173? That would be very VERY cool.

  66. SCP:CB says:

    Pls make scp-173 tomorrow and be clear in 2, 3 days.

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      Go to his YouTube account( Bendytheinkdemon18) he has a video of SCP173.

    • Mork says:

      This is a great add on! It works for 1.12 and isn’t invisible! I’m positive that the SCP 173 add on you are working on will come out amazing 👏👏👏

  67. SCP:CB Minecraft says:


  68. mcdiga says:

    Please, we need more SCPs.
    Why only one SCP, it is boring.

    • GamerBoy20 says:

      Weird glitch/bug, so for months, me and my brother enjoyed this mod, but weeks later the SCP didn’t work. What happened was, when we looked at its face, it did not respond w/ any thing, so we had to hit him so he could get us. And then, I switched to micolets’s furniture mod.

  69. Scp096 says:

    How do you make it sit down also what blocks do you need to contame him

  70. ProzXADYN says:

    I love this mod, but I accidentally spawned too many after realising they could kill each other, so I tried to kill them by the void but now they all run in circles trying to get each other, any way I can fix this, the kill @e command didn’t work either.

  71. FoxiTheArcticFox says:

    And it won’t llet me on the site to download it. It says it is a threat!

  72. FoxiTheArcticFox says:

    I don’t like that it destroys blocks. It could break a map!

  73. Jackstez Savage says:

    Can you make a 173 mod, also I love this 096 mod.

  74. Sam Barker says:

    Hey, would you be able to make an scp-173 mod, because that would be cool

  75. Prototype says:

    Ok I was wondering if you could make a Tornado addon so that we could have it break blocks just like this scp.

  76. Unknown says:

    This is a really good add-on, the only downside is that the behavior isn’t fully “finished” in the new (Pillage) update, everything is fine, RP and BH are on, but the animations aren’t working, its just doing its standard pose, and the only supposed working animation is the mouth movement, otherwise this is an awesome add-on, and the sounds are perfect, thank you for providing us one of the best add-ons i’ve seen, and, try to fix the problem, thank you.

  77. Godzilla says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    我的scp-096很奇怪蛋是全黑下代scp-096 1.2 是拿禮卻模組

  79. DATURTLE343 says:

    I’ve been creating a map with this and one other scp addon enabled and I was wondering if i could publish the map on mcpe dl as long as I give you credit.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get the addon

  81. AirWalker says:

    Guys, Many people asking what is the spawn egg of scp096 well I’m gonna help u with that[First activate RH. And BH. Pack and turn on experimental gameplay and create and look at the eggs NAME:SCP096 I hope I help u with that BYE!!!!!!..

  82. Anonymous says:

    ? It’s SCP 096

  83. MissionApollo7 says:

    If you have this addon loaded in a bedrock dedicated server, 096 gives you absorption health when he hits you instead of killing you. I tested it under the same conditions on my own world, and he was able to kill me there.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a bug that if a mob has strength and attack the player who has armour, will give that player absorption health. You can give a 250 strength effect to a mob and let it attack you with armour.

  84. Helpfull Guy says:

    Guys guys He/she Doing the best she/he can Best With updates Stop asking to update it there are already 1818281929 comments asking to fix it But let him/her doing with calm it can be really stressfull sometimes Btw Great addon i hope you wil realize others scp remember take your time Bai bai 😀

  85. MissionApollo7 says:

    Sometimes, after he kills you, he doesn’t become docile like he should. He’ll just continuously spawn kill you until he despawns or dies

  86. MinecraftGamer says:

    Please Make an SCP 173 Addon

  87. GyariSan says:

    I’m on version 1.10 using the iPad and PC. Can confirm that this works. As the description says it is rare so I haven’t naturally encountered one yet but I have spawned one to try. It is very creepy and well done, especially if you have the volume up. My only complaint is that it seems to be a little glitchy. For some reason when it couldn’t kill me no matter how many times it hit me. Once my health goes down to 4 hearts it won’t go down any more. Also sometimes he fails to give chase and just runs around in circle.

  88. Sneaky Animator says:

    Please update it to bc it wont work for me 😦

  89. Ryan corbin says:

    He is always invisible no madder how hard I try

  90. Fnfndnn says:

    Oyeami también me pasa lo mismo pero no tengo nada le la versión anterior pero si en funciona namas me aparece eses mensaje

  91. Fahgan says:

    Your addon is bugging everytime i mix it With another addon,Please fix this problem.

  92. Zachary says:

    Can you also make SCP 173 addon please

  93. Lex says:

    Hey plass reply me can you add more addons more SCP i like your animation and sound i like very much i cant wait to see your next SCP addon i like very scary

  94. Sneaky Animator says:

    umm im on i can’t find SCP 096 spawn egg What is SCP 096 spawn egg name bc i cant find it

  95. Tylergandy says:

    How do I get the new version

  96. Kyle Kellogg says:

    Is there a way I could contain it in survival without egg?

  97. Probably one of the most terrifying addons. It can somehow open iron doors in 1.10! Also this thing is unstoppable. I can’t wait for 1.11 to become official so this thing can break walls down in my world! Well made! And it has the animations and sounds too!

  98. SCP BOY says:

    I love this, now can u make scp 682?

  99. BendyFan says:

    Can You Make Ink Demon Bendy Addon Please?

  100. BendyFan says:

    Would You Make Ink Demon addon please…..

  101. Lazer says:

    Can it also break bedrock?in changelog 1.0.3 change SCP’s look to the mod created on java

    • Kiffolisk says:

      It can’t, you could change the behaviour of SCP 096 you can make that it could break anything. Also, the SCP on Java Edition cannot be transferred to MCPE because of it’s behaviour, size, and manipulation.

    • Scp-173 says:

      Yes it can

  102. Realms says:

    Yo bendy can u make xenomorph pls

    • DATURTLE343 says:

      Thats what i was thinking too, i wanted to make an alien isolation map with androids, humans, facehuggers, eggs, the full lifecycle of the xenomorph and maybe have it the alien’s ai based on sound and sight.

    • Scp096 says:

      What about predadar they can open there giant mouths

  103. Maverick says:

    Finally! Nice job dude

  104. Lex says:

    I like your work can you add more scp or create i like your addon very much can you plss create more scary SCP

  105. Riker says:

    Hey, can you fix it? It happened with the previous version too, no matter how many times I redownloaded it, deleted it, etc. When I enable the behavior pack, it comes up with “This pack is missing one or more dependencies, would you still like to apply it anyways?” When I spawn 096, it spawns, I can hear the noises and particles show but I can’t see 096, its invisible. I am on education edition on 1.9.2(the latest education edition version) and the previous version didn’t work either. If you could fix it that would be great!!

  106. Angious2004 says:

    Oh thanks! Finally I can play your amazing addon in! Hope you do more SCPs in the future ; ) But his jaw is invisible

  107. Lal says:

    Their is a glitch if you go on 1.10 when ever it attacks you you get regeneration making it impossible for scp 096 to terminate you

  108. Noice says:

    Hey, can you make it attack the other mob to other than the player?, Stop discriminate players XD

  109. Zeyad981 says:

    Just 2 things put what mob it replaces and make its skin more white

  110. Jesse1234567 says:

    What is the spawn egg name?

  111. Anonymous says:

    This is the most advanced addon I ever seen.

  112. plz fix the invisible glitch says:

    I aleready Know this addon is amazing! But please i am on 1.10.0 and it works but its invisible please fix that so i can enjoy the addon i am planning on making a map of it but then it will have to work credit will go to you thx for reading hope you will fix it thx

  113. Riker says:

    It always come up with a message saying “this pack is missing one or more dependencies” when I apply the behavior pack..

  114. After says:

    Hi creators ^_^ after minecraft official update to 1.10 this addons have so many bug so can u make support this addons for mcpe 1.10 and 1.11?

  115. Grace Mowery says:

    This was great! I liked it a lot!

  116. I cannot see the spawn egg pls make it works on 1.10

  117. Anonymous says:

    set it to 1.10 its invisible

  118. Zachary says:

    He should make the mask like the one from Jim Carrey’s The mask

  119. Carlkachu says:

    Please change mob. Id so it can go with other Mobs (Addon Mobs) and please can u put it in 1.10 because on 1.10 its Invisible

  120. CowCraftGamingZ says:

    Add more scp please I got so many views from this!

  121. Raven says:

    I love SCPS

  122. VTNTM says:

    Hi Bendy. I am a small youtuber that made a video on your addon. I and everyone who have seen my video would be thankful if you could update it for 1.10.0.

  123. Command boss says:

    I can’t see it.😕😢

  124. Drago says:

    Please fix invisiblity

  125. Armand says:

    Looks good but it won’t work on my android version of minecraft 1.11.7…please let it almost work on all new versions PLEASE!!! I want to troll my friend with this!

  126. XDXDXXDD says:

    Look like we have many SCP fan in mcpe huh?
    And you are the one and the first who’s create SCP add-on AND not just a SCP add-on
    But! It’s AMAZING SCP ADDON! (Actually I just want to tell ya to fix this addon so I can play it in 1.10 fix it plzzzz) if I know it will not work on 1.10 I’ll not update my mcpe T~T

  127. Anonymous says:

    make all scp

  128. Zachary says:

    When are you going to fix it please fix it now or later on please it’s getting really annoying with the invisibility

  129. Anonymous says:

    Why it is invisible? But cool addon

  130. NeroTheNeko says:

    Can you make MORE scp like SCP 173,628,939,999,049,106 you can separate it but atleast try ok? Or just put em all in pack and name it like “SCP Add-On” or something. Thank you for the pack!

  131. Cornygamerboy says:

    I download and insert in the addon Its still doesn’t work wheres the scp-egg its is still the same

  132. Joshua says:

    Can you fix the invisible SCP-096 cause I’m in pls pls pls

  133. Zachary says:

    How do you Spawn it

  134. GALACTIC says:

    Invisible SCP-096 Confirmed

  135. Moon raptor says:

    Pls upload it

  136. Anonymous says:

    How do you spawn him?

  137. Jackygameing98 says:

    Thanks for fixing this Addon it’s super cool and amazing

  138. Arshil says:

    The addon worked amazingly til I found out it ruined villager textures of other addons and the vanilla ones, please fix that, I’d like to be able to play around with this addon

  139. WWEgaster says:

    Could you please figure out a way to make a FULL scp addon like I know that when you look at a entity it can do something like SCP 173 maybe make it stop and then look away it moves like 2x player speed and figure out a way to make a scp 999 and make it protect you and 049 can kill you easy like pow and spawn with 2 zombies and make a class d person that all entitys attack if there monsters or scp?

  140. Dan says:

    Hi creator.You make a cool SCP-096 .But what next?

  141. James says:


  142. Josie says:

    plz make his attack animation

  143. Josie says:

    To make this add-on work, you’ll have to delete the demogorgan resource pack

  144. Sir Pancakes says:

    The addon looks very cool and neat but the bug where it says Duplicate detected is still a problem and maybe a little better look for SCP-096’s face it kinda looks a little boring but the addon is still great!

  145. Zachary says:

    Why is it not working

  146. XDXDXXDD says:

    FIX IT! JUST FIX IT! Make my dream come ture
    JUST FIX IT! My Mcpe 1.9.0 said “Duplicate pack deleted” for 36 times THAT mean I try to download it for 36 times! AND….IF I TRY FOR 37 times I’ll…….( I don’t actually know what I will do…but…..JUST! FIX IT!)

  147. Entity_destroy says:

    I think I already downloaded an addon with an entity with the same id so can you change the id pleeeeease

  148. chris says:

    I am scared to download it because it will get access to my information I need to know if it is safe to download let me know.

  149. ItzBloodWolf200 says:

    Can you find spawn egg in creative or does it have to be summoned

  150. Jim Dylan says:

    When will it be fix’t and can you please post it on addons for minecraft?

  151. Denis says:

    This won’t downald, please fix!

  152. Contik says:

    Oooohhh , i’ve searched for SCP mods z and youre first to do something about SCP! Great job!
    Will you make other SCP? (Would be perfect if you make the whole addon with guardians and etc.)

  153. Sologue says:

    Show I find him ?

  154. Linkcraft says:

    Hey really cool add on but can you plz make Scp-999

  155. Linkcraft says:

    Hey really cool add on but can you plz make Scott-999

  156. Scploverr says:

    I’d love to have more kind of these addons, more scps! Hopefully you could find a way to do them. Please

  157. WeebGamer says:

    I love SCPs, can you make more SCP add-ons ?

  158. Johnny213 says:

    Could you please add scp-173

  159. Ooflord says:

    Doesn’t work, I turned on experimental GAMEPLAY but didn’t work

  160. Slavic union says:

    Bendy pls tell me what Mob is that

  161. DRCH16 says:

    Amazing addon tho keep up the good work

  162. Minicraft says:

    Pls do scp 999

  163. CowCraftGamingZ says:

    Please add more scp please its really good.

  164. SammySamRamBoi says:

    Please make an animated ink demon bendy or an Avp Addon with animations cause I would love to see ink bendy animated in Minecraft and a xenomorph! If you could work on that it would be amazing!

  165. FrostCraft says:

    what app did you use to make animation?

  166. Jackygameing98 says:

    Please do scp 999

  167. Niwars says:

    Salut je voulais savoir quel oeuf utiliser pour le faire Spawn car je n’ai pas trouvé l’oeuf de spawn je suis en 1.1.5

  168. Surry says:

    Pls update more :)))))

  169. Segpa says:

    Bonjour, l’addon remplace quel mob s’il vous plaît ?

  170. XDXDXXDD says:

    Does it support 1.9.0?

    • Scp096 says:

      Bendy plz make a scp-073 addon plz if that’s easy that will be cool 😎 btw I love this scp-096 addon ceep it up 👍

  171. XDXDXXDD says:

    I will be glad If you fix “duplicate pack” in this 2-3 days (sorry for my bad english i’m from thailand and I love your addon and map so much ^~^)

  172. Raskyie says:

    Do the SCP 173, i think that will be good!

  173. Raskyie says:

    Can you do another SCP please?

  174. Cattleya says:

    I need this for iOS

  175. SCP GAMER says:

    BendyTheDemon18 i will rate 5 and like ur vids and i subscribe too! BUt one thing…can u do for minecraft 1.11+ and 1.10+ because i am a biggest fan of scp’s!

  176. NoobLess says:

    Make more scp, please 🙂

  177. J11S says:


  178. CoupongTH says:


  179. DinoDNA says:

    Are You Planning On Making Other SCP’s? You Should Try To Recreate The SCP Craft Mod

  180. AimanTheBear says:

    I love all mod that you create. Can you make mod for other SCP or create the map of SCP contaiment breach

  181. FlaviusFire says:

    If you guys have problems installing this pack:

    1. Make sure you have Experimental Gameplay enabled (in the world settings.)

    2. If you’re using this in multiplayer, I recommend setting the resource packs to required download.

    3. I believe this only works with version 1.9+

    – 😁

  182. 3D Craft says:

    I think this is the Demogorgon Add-On by Jujustyle7 but with different animations and behaviors and i notice that the texture of the spawn egg similar to demogorgon cause i downloaded this but it says duplicate pack and btw this Add-On is still cool and it deserves a 5 star 😂

  183. Gacha10101 says:

    I think this does not work for but its ok

  184. Maverick says:

    This is I’m pretty sure the first scp based add-on so… cool!

  185. Adeadlyfart says:

    Can you make GODZILLA w/ Exp. Gameplay

  186. Arshil says:

    Please fix it, I’d love to be able to play with this

  187. Anonymous says:

    Please fix this mine says “duplicate pack detected” and mine will never work so pls fix the addon i think it looks very cool

  188. Jackygameing98 says:

    Is this Addon for 1.12 or 1.14 or .1.10

  189. mx zl says:


  190. Mcpe pro says:

    Bendythedemon18 can you pls update this add-on to the latest version of minecraft

  191. Devan says:

    Bendythedemon18 can you pls update this add-on to the latest version of minecraft

  192. VENIX says:

    My friend joined but could not see it, But other than that solid mod.

  193. HypeGuy says:

    Scp-096 is invisible but besides that 5 stars

  194. Xvervial says:

    I hace a problem with the addon why does it say duplicate pack not found even though the bp and the rp isnt in there can you fix it

  195. This addon doesn’t support beta version

  196. Jacky says:

    it says that it’s a “duplicated pack”

  197. Xvervial says:


  198. ExplicitDanger83 says:

    Brilliant Addon

  199. ExplicitDanger83 says:

    Hope you do more SCPS

  200. Gacha10101 says:


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