Scp-3008 Add-on

This add-on adds up a new mob which is called the scp-3008 from the “IKEA” store. The is basically a strong faceless monster with long large arms for grabbing and killing it’s pray. 

The scp-3008 will attack and kill all the mobs that come across it. And he’s very challenging to kill in Minecraft Survival .

WARNING!  In case of showcase on YouTube or any other app, please give credits to me the creator Aaron Gamer  And don’t give direct links. 

Note!  This is an early access add-on (beta) hopping soon to add in more updates make it much cooler. 

This scp is very deadly when it comes to survival so watch out! 


 Hp :98797889

Dmg :97897

Spawn: In all biomes but rarely 


*More sounds 

*More animations 

*and so much more! 


Changelog View more

√ fixed the important failed problem

√ fixed the glitches 

√ Now works for 1.14 & 1.15 too 


Download the behavior and resource packs, install them then enjoy!! 


Supported Minecraft versions


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25 Responses

4.53 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Besides Scp3008 can make Scp 1765,682,096 (New) ??. Yes this might look fun and good. Good luck in the future bros

  2. Goggalcon says:

    Nice addon. I like how you moved on from mcreator. The problem is that this mob is ridiculously, criminally overpowered. If you actually read the scp-3008 page, you can tell that normal humans with weapons can defeat these things. So nerf it to the point where it is strong as zombie~vindicator.

  3. Red Fan says:

    Suggestions: Randomized sizes (Though all generally smaller than the current one), improved texture, only hostile at night (To all mobs) though it is neutral during the day, when one is attacked all others nearby by come to its aid (Kind of like zombie pigmen ), possibly the ability to break doors and windows, as well as now having 170 hp (85 hearts of health) and dealing 18 hp (9 hearts of health) per hit.
    Anyway hope you consider adding these suggestions! Cheers!

  4. SharkModder says:

    This mod looks great so far, but it’s health and damage is ridiculous. I’m fine with it one shoting players but being able to one shot anything is crazy!
    In a next update, may you please nerf the health and damage. Make it so its actually possible to fight it.
    A more balanced hp and dmg would be 100 HP and 10-20 damage.

  5. Terablock says:

    I haven’t even downloaded it yet, and it already looks amazing! But I do have one suggestion, maybe you can find a giant ikea randomly generate in your world that has doors that disappear behind you when you enter, that also contains a lot more of these staff things.

  6. Matrich says:

    Can you add more type of scp 3008 with a small size?

  7. Mickymoo says:

    Can Make scp 1128? And this. Is awesome addon

  8. Bridan6223 says:

    This looks pretty good I might give it a shot

  9. World OF Minecraft says:

    Ummm when I import it it says, duplicate pack detected can u tell me which addon I have to delete in order to make this work?

  10. What is your obsession with overpowered mobs? SCP-3008 is just stronger than human beings, but never this strong. Please stop making these dumb addons.

  11. DarkusAnima says:

    I have have say bit to tall probbly bit taller than player maby as update make them have diffrent sized arms legs head as that 1 the weard things about them as well as them being natural in the “day time” and maby make less hp but make like pigmen as thay swarm prople and just small thing it not 3008 that the infinet ikea as the entities are 3008-1 instant

  12. KH2890GamingYT says:

    Haha Ikea boi go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. Okay, I like it, but can I suggest some things? First, please make him smaller. He is nowhere near that size. Second, lower his health and power, that is unnecessarily high. Third, great job!

  14. Mr.Valentine says:


  15. Funtime Lefty says:

    yo looks really good! The only problem that i have with it is they look to big, maybe make them smaller, but other than that looks great keep up the good work!

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