SCP Blocks Addon v1.1

Did the famous SCP Foundation add-on have any missing blocks features? This add-on is an add-on to create a better facility that was sought to make their add-on look better.

We recommend using this add-on with the following add-ons, but of course you can play it as is.

SCP Foundation Addon

SCP: JS Edition

This add-on can be used with the above add-ons to create the best facility you want

Block Images

This add-on does not include modification elements other than blocks and paintings

Changed / added blocks

This addon has some blocks with texture changes and some blocks added:

Texture Changed Blocks: Lots of unique blocks. these will not work unless you turn on Experimental Gameplay.

Texture Changed Blocks: The original blocks was used to supplement what cannot be done with custom blocks.

Paintings: Textures based on the SCP Foundation and SCP: CB.


This addon was created with reference to the textures of the SCP Foundation addon. So I highly recommend using it with the SCP Foundation add-on.


This add-on is associated with:

SCP Foundation Site

I drew the texture for this add-on with reference to the SCP: CB:

SCP Containment Breach (Roleplaying Game)

Changelog View more
  • Add more useful blocks

We will answer your request in v1.2, please wait a little longer

More detailed explanation.

The Content has not changed*

1.1 Update soon

Add more in-game images

(The v1.1 update will be implemented in the next update., v1.1 coming soon)


Some features of this add-on are not available without Experimental Gameplay turned on.


Supported Minecraft versions


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37 Responses

3.88 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. EddyAftermath says:

    The new update for minecraft is messing with the add-on so plz fix that

  2. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Hello This Work in 1.16 [Nether Update] Or No?

  3. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    This Work in 1.16 [Nether Update]?

  4. LC Studios says:

    Remake version coming soon

  5. 8TITTUS10 says:

    PLEASE mAkE 087-1 Now ILL give you credit BY mAkIng A VID of you don’t naKe 087 Now I’ll Report Julius To do It And 087 Is Just A Face With White Pale Textures On White Skin But When You Get Close Its all Black But The HandS Are Grey And His Fingers Are white And Long Like 10 Feet it kills you Like This animation The Head Floats A Little Up Down Then When You Go To It It Moves To You like Slowly Or Fast Its Powers Are Stealth And Cunnning And Teleportation Also Add On Him Killing You By Hand It Hits You You Di e The Or Call Asleep Then Die After All You Can Make 087 StairWell Mob It Summon A 8 Kilometers StairWay To 087 So Yeah Add That On June 7 Please Now I’ll Give You Credit Ok

  6. Hermit says:

    hello LC Studios ,
    I’m hermit from China,Can I reprint your addons?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  7. Diamondplays says:

    All the blocks are invisible, even in experimental mode

  8. Guest-1394431006 says:

    Can you make a scp mode just like The one in java edition PLEASE. We need a new scp addon

  9. Guest-6683814829 says:

    Is this have a door

  10. Guest-7420316228 says:

    When Are You Gonna Update It Add Heavy Containment Walls And The Heavy Button And More Features Like The Scp Mod On Java

  11. ok good but dont make the labels like the scp 2004 addon….

  12. Bryan36 says:

    Will you add more block in the next update?

  13. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add some scp creatures?
    I have some model from some scp

  14. Guest-2799603801 says:

    Can you add scp door i need them for my facility

  15. Guest-2065208745 says:

    Can you add blocks for scps? I haven’t tried it yet but can you do labels for scps for the js edition?

  16. Bryan36 says:

    Good For Now !

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