SCP:CB LC Edition v0.1.2

Did you want to play SCP:CB in Minecraft?


Me too, so I started making. However, all past works have ended in the middle, but this map won’t discontinue on the way.

This work in the best condition ever

Optimize for Mobile

After v1.0.0, start building mobile-optimized maps when the map is complete (v1.0.0 or later).


Download page (


  • Add-on used

– SCP: Bedrock Breach

   By Julius Scizzor (Scizzor Studios)

– Joonas Rikkonen (Regalis)

   – Undertow Games

   – Third Subvision Studio

More credits (and licensing)

Map Images

Map Info


If you share it to other community. Be sure to write credit.

Also, it is not allowed to distribute with an amount


Original Game: SCP: Containment Breach

Watch the Video!

This map is currently early access.

Can’t play all features. And many bugs

Other Info

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Changelog View more
- Add more maps
- Add 173 random spawn commands
- Add guard corpse entity
- Add scientist corpse entity
- Add airlock room
- Add Light Testing Chamber 2B
- Add SCP-372 room
- Fixed intro 173 testing
- Fixed LCZ some doors
- A new SCP-173 model (v5)

The download link has fixed.

I’m sorry for everyone also v0.1.1 coming soon

Add more display text to download link

The archive is included .mcworld and .zip





- Add more maps

- Add SCP-012 room and object

- Add Keter difficulty

- Add Euclid difficulty



- Fixed self-blinking bugs



- A new SCP-173 model (v4)

See all changelog

  • A new SCP-173 model and texture by me
  • Fixed some ticks of intro

  • Add intro
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Add more maps
  • Add SCP-1123 room
  • Add SCP-066 room
  • Add storeroom in LCZ

I remade everything.

The quality is better than before.

I used SCP Sounds Pack. Oh this is useful

  • Add a video
  • Added more description to the description not sufficient
  • Added 173 Breach Event
  • Added Light Containment Zone (a little)




Windows 10


Supported Minecraft versions


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33 Responses

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  1. AzharCMT2 says:

    I Excited, But I Don’t Try It Yet

  2. Alfaizchan says:

    Hi, LC Studios. Can I use your scp 173 model?

  3. oxygen says:

    Oh and how did u add corpese and how did u get that peanut

  4. oxygen says:

    Good but to meny people do the old scp containment breach how about scp unity or scp fragment minds?

  5. Keylaplayzs13 says:

    Can’t download page not found
    What a shame

  6. LC Studios says:

    Map seed on CB (ultimate edition)


  7. LC Studios says:

    To everyone:
    – This is not builded for 1.16 beta.

  8. Duckycat says:

    Didn’t you say this was supposed to come out a couple days ago. I read the description. Maybe you might not have actually meant a couple days later but still.

  9. Guest-6985591620 says:

    The start button doesn’t work, I can’t play the map did to this.

  10. Guest-3007664393 says:

    Sorry, I wanted to say if I could have the link

  11. Guest-5627271689 says:

    Can I link this texture? From julius there is no link ?

  12. Guest-7658755997 says:

    Ciao bimbo

  13. Abed says:

    Muy buen mapa pero mejoren el lobby

  14. Guest-7358855223 says:

    Pls stop it from kicking me out

  15. LC Studios says:

    Please wait for v0.1.0.4 …

  16. Guest-3013735615 says:


  17. Guest-6732722786 says:

    Hey creator why dont you just continue make this game

  18. Guest-6675793176 says:

    Does not work it says map has been saved on later version improt failed

  19. Guest-8355939934 says:

    I’m gonna play this before the update because if the has been update the map has so many bug

  20. LC Studios says:

    This map is an early version. It’s far from complete

  21. is this full map?? i meanit has entrance zone…HCZ.. gate b or gate a?

  22. Lynx633 says:

    Thats pretty epic Im going to review this later

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