SCP: CB LC Edition v0.1.0.4

We’ve been making the Minecraft Bedrock Edition remake of SCP: Containment Breach for some time. We will release one of the works that performed best! This work will continue to be updated and progress to the final version.

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When publishing this map to external apps and communities, be sure to write all the description correctly and give credit


Original Game: SCP: Containment Breach

Watch the Video!

This map is currently in production. Can’t play all

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  • Add a video
  • Added more description to the description not sufficient
  • Added 173 Breach Event
  • Added Light Containment Zone (a little)


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20 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-6985591620 says:

    The start button doesn’t work, I can’t play the map did to this.

  2. Guest-3007664393 says:

    Sorry, I wanted to say if I could have the link

  3. Guest-5627271689 says:

    Can I link this texture? From julius there is no link 😭

  4. Guest-7658755997 says:

    Ciao bimbo

  5. Abed says:

    Muy buen mapa pero mejoren el lobby

  6. Guest-7358855223 says:

    Pls stop it from kicking me out

  7. LC Studios says:

    Please wait for v0.1.0.4 …

  8. Guest-3013735615 says:


  9. Guest-6732722786 says:

    Hey creator why dont you just continue make this game

  10. Guest-6675793176 says:

    Does not work it says map has been saved on later version improt failed

  11. Guest-8355939934 says:

    I’m gonna play this before the update because if the has been update the map has so many bug

  12. LC Studios says:

    This map is an early version. It’s far from complete

  13. is this full map?? i meanit has entrance zone…HCZ.. gate b or gate a?

  14. Lynx633 says:

    Thats pretty epic Im going to review this later

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