SCP Foundation LC 2 (Link Fixed)

Ever wanted to explore SCP Foundation facilities with Minecraft Bedrock Edition? That’s exactly this map! 

And I kept you waiting for a long time… 

Finally, it’s complete and ready to publish!

Map Images



Credit and thanks to every add-on creators!

Add-ons used:

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  • Fixed the download link, you can download normally now.

We are sorry, I couldn't come back for a while for personal reasons

Now I think the download link is fixed.

I'm sorry



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57 Responses

4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-7042722911 says:

    why theres no blocks in the world even im in experimental

  2. Pokest45 says:

    Good map, but all the blocks are broken because of 1.16, and that the addon creators won’t update to 1.16 because of all the addon milkers.

  3. ZipLights says:

    Hi. So you mau have a problem with the add-on right ask Bendy to update His add-on Cuz bendy’s add on’s Is Outdated and needs to be Updated.

    • Guest-3586755566 says:

      He wont update it due to a milking problem. For more information I have posted a comment about it on his addon and Julius Scissor has made a video announcing about going on strike.

  4. Guest-7088940461 says:

    Dark corners I didn’t know you do this you download Minecraft mods off of this oh my God everybody is dark corners

  5. Guest-6777931327 says:

    LC studios can you fix this map? almost all the blocks are gone and the people are running everywhere

  6. LC Studios says:

    We are really sorry, Download link will be fixed soon

  7. Guest-4359327714 says:

    You just gotta type the link in your address bar

  8. Guest-5655778600 says:

    Is this supposed to work on the new update? My game crashed when I tried to go in.

  9. Guest-9455926872 says:

    Thanks to @Shibe plays SCP LOL just copy and paste to another tab and it works! ^^)/

  10. KenPlayz says:

    Hello lc! Remember me?

  11. Guest-2459403797 says:

    Anyone have advice for missing texture

  12. Guest-8710665550 says:

    Oigan, es cierto 😀 , si ustedes mantienen presionado en el enlace y le dan a “copiar texto del vínculo” luego abren una página nueva y pegan el “texto del vínculo” que copiaron anteriormente los llevará a el link. y muchas gracias a LC Studios por traer este increíble mapa uwu

    • Guest-7741990508 says:

      Amigo podrias pasar el link porque yo me liado y no se bien como hacerlo XD y a parte ayudarias a otros que no hablan español a acceder al link.

  13. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    Help me can’t Download

  14. Guest-2509557899 says:

    the link doesn’t work

  15. Guest-6791555980 says:

    Is this link working for anyone?

  16. Guest-2502887421 says:

    Thanks for posting this on Mcaddon the app y’all can download it there.

  17. Guest-7847279249 says:

    Bruh it no work


  19. Guest-8609071238 says:

    What mc version this map supported cuz when im opening the world there is something bads happen to the blocks others are floating and gone pls help how to fix this problem.

  20. Guest-2876961257 says:

    To make it work just copy the mediafire link and paste it in a new tab instead of just clicking it.

  21. Guest-9144643691 says:

    this link is not work

  22. Guest-4190744352 says:

    Do you realise that the ip can’t even be obtained btw fix it please

  23. Guest-7326106587 says:

    Omfg just use the ip Ile just hack it UGH

  24. Guest-7324797518 says:

    The link doesn’t work 😕☹️

  25. Red Fan says:

    The link does not work.

  26. Guest-8056484126 says:

    fix the link it doesn’t work 🙁

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