SCP Foundation Skin Pack V1

Welcome New recruit This is known as the SCP foundation We are tasked with Containing anomalous Entities and objects

Recruit you have a choice between scientist and guards If you do not follow the rules you shall be a D-class 

@$&¢&¥£ Hello sorry for interrupting the transmission But I’m afraid the foundation has lied We are the global occult agency These anomalous objects must be destroyed§¢€¢£$₩ 

This SCP skin pack is the first version

There is around 40 SCP skins there are Janitors scientist guards goa Soldiers and last but not least SCP Skins

These are the three scientist the first one is meh Second one is the male The third one is female scientist

OK so let’s just say there is a butt load of guards I’ll put the list of names

Infected bonnie


White rabbits

Achilles heel

Village idiots

Maz hatters

fire eaters

Those are all of the Guards besides the GOA agent mainly because I don’t count him as a guard

These are male and female D-class there’s also a second version with hazmat suits

Yay….. that was sarcasm

These are the male and female janitors they were mostly for background

OK these are the contest winners on Skinseed for the first month But not scp 457 He was not in the contest Because when I was making the collages with all the SCPs I accidentally added the fireman in collage

I want to make it very very very very very very very clear I did not make the contest skins

in first place we have

Siren head          Made by Wizler 

Second And third place we have

Able.                     Made by SCP_5072

Joe Shmo.            

Fourth place we have

with many voices     Made by cheesetheavli  

In fifth place we have 

Why also known as SCP 5000

made by slimyslimer

Last but certainly not least we have the second 939 Aka with many voices

The second one is made by Bluewhispers This is Not in the contest but is the reason it was made.

This is SCP 527 Mrfish 

Scp 917

Scp 913

Scp 904

Scp 1799

Scp 2287

Scp 1908

Scp 2428

Scp 909 

Scp 2855

Scp 3537-89-One of Mr. Shapies forms 

Scp 3537-26-One of Mr. Shapies forms

SCP 457 Burning man

SCP 106 

Scp 087 Also known as a reason not to exercise

Scp 173 You make you wish that you were good at staring contest


Supported Minecraft versions


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59 Responses

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  1. Blue deadly boy says:


    • Bassim says:

      How many skin packs do I need to see you, expired cheeto puff? Stop hating on random skin packs just because you don’t like them, you can’t download them, etc. Other people like them, watch your language or you’ll get banned from the site. Keep the mean comments to yourself.

  2. Waifus4life says:

    Y’all fuckers who say siren head isn’t a Scp he is but not canon ok look up “ SCP-6789”
    Get your siren head and shove it up your ass

  3. Ok listen siren head not Scp but was a contest winner that’s y he in pack also me almost done with v2 over 80 skins

  4. Dude,Siren head is not a SCP.

  5. LAgamer says:

    list that mod that u used when taking the photos for the skin pack.

  6. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Add Little Mister,Dr Kondraki,Bright,Clef,Wondertaiment,See no Evil And Nine tailed Fox [mtf]

  7. Guest-8665200360 says:

    This is absolutely true. So, I was wandering why everyone was blowing up about how “SIREN HEAD IS NOT SCP-6789!”, and I was wandering, “Why are you guys so mad? Siren Head isn’t even on this skin pack.” And then I realised. What I thought was SCP-096 was actually the quote-on-quote “SCP-6789”.

  8. Guest-8270809230 says:

    Hey, could you make it possible to play in 1.12? I’m on Education Edition and I don’t think they’ll update it for a while, so if you could do that, that would be greatly appreciated 😀

  9. Guest-3175366800 says:

    add ntf nine tailed fox and see no evil

  10. Guest-2143820863 says:

    You should add a nine tailed fox skin

  11. Guest-4229798870 says:

    Can you make a version as a addon It whe cool.

  12. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Im Speak To all People
    This Morning, To Creator
    PLS Remove Siren Head
    Trevor Is Not Scp
    Andd Add Chaos Soldier And Serpent Hand Soldiet
    We Will Have Peace Great

    Document Internasional Addon

  13. AriaCraft says:

    Add a female site director OwO

  14. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    This Skin pack Is Awesome
    But i Need Skin Other
    1. DR CLEF
    2. DR BRIGHT
    4. DR WonderTaiment
    5. SCP-096
    6. SCP-049
    7. SCP-053
    7. SCP-3537-433 [MR ZAPPER]
    8. SCP-166 [Naked? OR No Naked?]
    9 And Varios Scp [if you know other scp]
    Au Revoir 🙂

    • Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

      01. Mr. Chameleon [YOU ADDED]
      02. Mr. Headless [YOU ADDED]
      03. Mr. Laugh [YOU ADDED]
      04. Mr. Forgetful
      05. Mr. Shapey
      06. Mr. Soap [YOU ADDED]
      07. Mr. Hungry [YOU ADDED]
      08. Mr. Brass
      09. Mr. Hot
      10. Ms. Sweetie
      11. Mr. Life and Mr. Death
      12. Mr. Fish [YOU ADDED]
      13. Mr. Moon [YOU ADDED]
      14. Mr. Redd [YOU ADDED]
      15. Mr. Money [YOU ADDED]
      16. Mr. Lost [YOU ADDED]
      17. Mr. Lie
      18. Mr. Mad
      19. Mr. Scary
      20. Mr. Stripes

      4.O-5 COUNCIL 1-13
      6.D-6728 [LOL]

    • Guest-3490236161 says:

      I can try to add those in But I can’t do 166

  15. Guest-9506748714 says:

    I looked through the comments talking about Siren Head, and then I realised that, if someone just made a really good SCP article out of Siren Head, then technically it would be canon. Which I think would be a good idea because then if enough people like it, then more of Trevor Henderson’s art could be made into SCP’s, bringing more of his art to the public attention!

  16. pls can you make it playable for 1.16??? cuz some people have been uptaded on 1.16 so……

    • Guest-7463612995 says:

      So far it’s made for iOS 13 but it does work on Xbox also it’s worked for me on 1.16 btw it’s me the creator I’m not signed in

  17. Guest-6674511516 says:

    Wow! These are some really good skins! Are there any others you were planning on making? If you were, could you by chance consider SCP 999 or 073?

  18. Guest-7789702049 says:

    Add SCP-239 and Dr Bright

  19. Guest-4698907139 says:

    Wait, those “Guards”are MTF. There are differences. Guards protect SCPs and contain SCPs. Guards are not specialized in any way. Mobile Task Forces(MTF) Specialize in certain things. Beta-7″Maz Hatters”. They contain SCPs that are know as “radioactive” or needs a hazmat suit to mean no harm. Like SCP-008. They are meant to contain that type of thing. I am just saying. Don’t hate. Also, yeah, add E-11 and Alpha-1. E-11 Is the MTF Nine Tailed Fox. Also, good job on the skins, I like them. Can you add-More…MTFs? Like what I mentioned? Also, add GOIs(Groups of Interest). Like Serpent’s hand, Chaos Insurgency, and United Nations Global Occult Coalition. Thanks for reading.

    Guard,REDACTED, Level clearance: REDACTED

  20. Guest-2305370991 says:

    Nice skin can you add nine tailed fox and the red right hand and add scp 049 and dr bright and site director and chaos insurgancy and scp 682 and scp 999

  21. Guest-4479397425 says:

    A……mind me telling what software you used pls?

    • Guest-3934498789 says:

      Of course, FoxydapirateYT uses Skinseed to make this skin pack since this software allows the use of HD skins. Also, if you want, you can purchase Skinseed on your mobile phone.

  22. Guest-4373551401 says:

    Damn, this is pretty good.

  23. Guest-8170997511 says:

    Add MTF Epsilon-11 and MTF Eta-10

  24. Scp 6789? Finally someone knows siren head is an Scp in fact the most famous one

    • Bullseye says:

      You are sooooo wrong, SCP-6789 isnt Siren Head for two reasons. #1 there isnt a 6000th spot yet #2 Trevor Henderson would prefer his universe to stay separate from the scp universe. So PLEASE stop saying that he is! And you should know the Sandbox Wiki isnt the main site.

    • Guest-8041894032 says:

      I have no hope for humanity anymore, SIREN HEAD ISNT AND WAS NEVER A SCP.

  25. Guest-9438539934 says:

    Someone: “hey siren head is not an scp”
    Someone else: “shut up. this must have taken ages to make so shut your mouth i would like to see you try”

    • Guest-9172322651 says:

      You do realize that siren head wasn’t made by someone at the scp wiki?

      • Guest-6044665070 says:

        IT WAS NEVER POSTED ON THE OFFICAL WIKI, it was posted on the Sandbox wiki, the Sandbox wiki is a place where new writers have people critique there work before posting it to the offical wiki, Siren Head did poorly so it never made it to the official wiki, also the image used is not following the image policy that is on the scp wiki so if it did do good it still never would’ve been posted to the offical wiki.

    • I know That he’s not a real SCP but siren head is in the contest and I picked the first place

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