SCP: JS Edition v3.1

Did you think the SCP Foundation could never be in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Well you’re wrong! This add-on adds 41 SCPs, 5 Bosses, MTF Units, 3D guns and many more cool SCP related features!

SCP: JS Edition v3 Info

This add-on has reached it’s final update. There will be an “all features” world uploaded seperately soon

I am moving on to other projects and a collaboration with Bendy the Demon18 soon

You MUST delete the old versions from Minecraft AND in your world files for the update to workGo to Minecraft in-game settings > storage > delete both resource and behavior packsGo to your device’s file manager, go to games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds > Find the world(s) with the old version and delete the old version from “resource_packs” & “behavior_packs”

Survival Mode Objectives

The O5s have given you tasks for you to prove yourself worthy of ?^%*?!

Gather resources. Fight SCPs. Show them your power.
You can find SCP Essence Ore at below y=16, mine it to get SCP Essence or Anomalous Fragments.

You need anomalous fragments and severed hands (from killing people’s corpses) to make a Serpent’s Hand Boss Spawn Egg. Defeat him to make him your ally, you will be awarded with the Serpent’s Hand Anomalous Generator (SHAG)

With the SHAG, you can trade SCP Essences for SCP Spawn Eggs or Anomalous Fragments for powerful armour/weapons. You can now get the SCP-4335 spawn egg. Defeat him for a lot of anomalous fragments and SCP Essences! You can also fight SCP-3000 for some Y-909.

After that you need to trade with the Serpent’s Hand for their warper in order to fight the Chaos Insurgency Leader. Defeating him will allow you to obtain an Unstable YBOD-Device

Next, you will need to find SCP-4375-1, located in the SCP-4375 forest. The GOC will probably surprise attack you there. You will get Scranton Reality Anchors after defeating them to stabilize your YBOD-Device, which will let you stabilize and control SCP-4375-1. After that you can use it to your advantage. 

After finishing all objectives, you can trade with a site director for some cool stuff :D:D:D:D

Add-On Help

Here are some links for your reference before you spam my MCPEDL, discord, twitter, and youtube comments!

> SCP: JSE v3 Help

> SCP: JSE v3 Recipes

> Discord Server

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people for their massive contribution to this add-on! 
Serpent’s Hand Boss Battle Music & Some voice-lines by DGCrafter

  Show DGCrafter some support!

A lot of voice-lines from Pixest

  Show Pixest some support!

Some help with code & Assets from Bendy the Demon18

Thank you Bendy the Demon18!

Adapted XM Guns Code from distant_XM

 Thank you distant_XM!

Adapted/Learned from 安瑞CN’s Titan Creation Sword Code for 3D Gun models in 1st & 3rd person

Thanks 安瑞CN & 鸥吃鱼!

Adapted facility natural spawning code from Dakonblackrose

Thank you dakonblackrose!

Other Boss Battle Music from YT Audio Library / Makai Symphony

Makai Symphony

MACHINE_BUILDER’s Feature Rule Generator (removed in 3.1 but i forgot to credit)


Credits & Licensing

Everything contained within this add-on is based on the SCP Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license:


SCP Foundation site:

Therefore, this add-on is also released under the same license.
If you used any of my content (maps, add-ons, etc.), you must credit me. Show us creators some respect please. You can credit me by either linking to my MCPEDL add-on link, by linking to my YouTube
channel, or both:

Full credits can be found in the “How to Play” menu in-game

Optional Features

  • SCP-106 Pocket Dimension: (Default OFF)

                Turn off using /function pdoff

                Turn on using /function pdon

  • SCP-303-JS Spawning (Default OFF)

                Turn off using /function scp303jsoff

                Turn on using /function scp303json

  • SCP Grief (SCP-610, …, Default ON)

                Turn off using /function scpgreifoff

                Turn on using /function scpgriefon


Here are some quotes/short descriptions from SCPs in this add-on

SCP-001: Gate Guardian: Annihilates everything within a 6 block radius

SCP-035 & Tentacle: Slowly killing myself is very smart

SCP-049-JS: I am the cure


SCP-079: Randomly opens doors within 256 blocks, turn off by summoning it like this:

/summon scp:scp079 ~~~ minecraft:cannot_open_door

SCP-096-JS: “The Frost Guy”

SCP-106: Laughter

SCP-106-JS: “The cold man”

Special Ability: Slows nearby entities when spawned

SCP-173-JS: Snappy necky, 4 arms = twice the snappiness!

SCP-280: NO, NOT LIGHT, bfjaahhaaixhebhaah

SCP-294: “I love glitching through walls in facilities”

SCP-303-JS: Paralysed with fear

SCP-330: Aight imma take more than 3



SCP-610: Squksiwlalsjsiajajdhsaii AHHHHHHH

SCP-650: Startled to death


SCP-682 -JS: I’m even cooler than the other JS SCPs, don’t listen to them

SCP-076: YES I’LL MURDER YOU AL-turns into coffin

SCP-914: You can’t refine dbois with it, unfortunately



SCP-999-JS: *blue tickle nois-EXPLODED BY JULIUS*

SCP-1074: Why am I in this painting? Why am I in this painting? I’m on my kne-SHUT UP

SCP-1507: Oh look, how cute AHHHHH

SCP-2950: Literally just chair, it’s harmless!

SCP-3000: What was I doing? 

SCP-3057-2: I love the Cambrian creatures

SCP-3057-4: A DINOSAUR ADD-ON!??!?!?!??

SCP-4335 (Boss): Break me out of this prison, children, hasten the cycle, further


SCP-UA365: “Time is already running out”

Other SCPs/Features:

SCP-113, SCP-207, SCP-409, SCP-420-JS, SCP-427, SCP-714, SCP-1025


There are also a lot of custom items added to the game. Guns are an example. You can trade for ammo and it is used in crafting to reload guns. There are 3D models for the P-90 and AWM. For these 2 guns, you can hold a firework in your offhand, press & hold/right click & hold to reload your gun. Crafting works too

Mine deployer: 5 bullets, you can place mines down. The particles mark where it will end up. Reload using fireworks in off-hand like the 3D Model guns


It is recommended to fight the bosses with full diamond gear and golden apples. Guns give a huge advantage. The difficulty levels stated here are for survival mode, no enchanted golden apples and no enchanted tools.
Both boss battles have EPIC music

Serpent’s Hand Boss (SHB): 
Difficulty: Hard

2 stages, 1st stage spam spray attack & earth spike attack, 2nd stage melee attack & earth spike attack.

After defeating the SHB, it will kneel before you and become your Ally. You will be granted the Serpent’s Hand Anomalous Generator (SHAG) where you can trade SCP Essence (from SCP Essence Ore) for their respective spawn eggs   

Chaos Leader
Difficulty: Very Hard

3 Stages. 1st stage has melee attack & pulls up shield randomly, 2nd stage can tp, 3rd stage can do everything and summon chaos members

Recommended gear: Diamond + Basic Enchantments & AWM

 G.O.C Strike Team Alpha 1
Difficulty: Nightmare

Find out yourself 😀


Difficulty: Extreme

5 Stages, immune to damage when shields are up. Throw any item near it to make it grow. This takes 10-15 seconds, during this time you are able to do damage to SCP-4335.
SCP-4335 does not directly attack you until Stage 5, but in all stages it summons 2 endermen every 18 seconds.
At Stage 5, SCP-4335 no longer has a shield. Instead it drops down to act as a spike barrier, dealing damage to nearby enemies (making it hard for you to melee attack it)

Defeating SCP-4335 drops a lot of anomalous fragments and enough of 1 type ofSCP Essence to spawn at least 1 of said SCP.

Difficulty: Hard

After defeating it you can tame it as a pet 😀 
Recommended gear: Riptide trident + water breathing


There are a lot of SCP Foundation related personnel, explore what you can do with them! Each have their own unique behaviors and animations!

You can run any of these functions to join different groups of people:

/function join_mtf

/function join_classd

/function join_chaos

Leave all teams by typing /function leave_all


There are many different machines in this add-on, doors, signs, computers, etc. You can play around with them or use them to build cool facilities! 

Here is a tutorial on how to use doors and rotate stuff (For Doors, Keycard Doors, Computers, Cameras)

– They can be crafted

– Hold the item to place the machine (Survival)

– Use the spawn egg like how you use spawn eggs (Creative)

– You can interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to open / close it.

– Hold the rotator item and interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to rotate it

– Hold the destroyer item AND sneak/crouch AND interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to destroy it

– Hold the builder item and interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to change the level clearance of a keycard door. The different colours on the buttons represent each level. (1 – 5) – You can also punch buttons to open/close doors. – You can spawn in a button 2 blocks within the shadow (or bottom half) of a door / blast door. Punch the button to open / close the door.

vel. (1 – 5)

– You can also punch buttons to open/close doors.

– You can spawn in a button 2 blocks within the shadow (or bottom half) of a door / blast door. Punch the button to open / close the door.


There are a ton of new custom SCP related blocks and many SCP labels for you to build amazing facilities with!

Do /function allblocks to get the blocks because it’s bedrock and 1.16 is b a d
You should do it in survival becoz there are ALOT more blocks than your inventory can hold

There have been A LOT more Pocket Dimension related blocks added in v3, download the add-on to explore them yourself!


You can also explore naturally spawning SCP Facilities. Break SCP Facility blocks to spawn them in. However their doors are not 100% functional due to Minecraft limitations. But don’t worry, doors that you place down will work fine.

If you’ve read everything until here, thanks! I really appreciate it. Thank you all for your support throughout this add-on’s development. Without you guys I wouldn’t have made it here.

I know that majority of you don’t really care about me, but only care about my add-on / map releases. I hope you guys appreciate all the effort I put into
everything I make.

See you in my next projects!

Watch the Trailer!

v4 in Development….

Changelog View more

SCP: JS Edition v3.1 (Minor Bug Fix for 1.16)

- Fixed Custom Blocks for 1.16
- Fixed Chaos Leader Stage 3
- Added /function allblocks
- Using adfly link now

- Get ready for v4, it is my redemption, I will show everyone that i can make a good addon that does not crash your game

SCP: JS Edition v3 - The Assignment Update Bug Fixes

(there will be no more updates/bug fixes until 1.16 bug fix)

  • Fixed SCP-999-JS, Serpent's Hand Member, SCP-4375-1 spawn egg names
  • SCP-106 Trap is no longer spawnable from creative menu (not meant to be in the first place)
  • Added Diamond Helmet trade for SHAG, increased all anomalous armour trades to require 9 anomalous fragments instead of 2
  • Added obsidian trade for SHAG
  • Reduced facility block spawn rate: Scatter chance 1% - 0.8%
  • Reduced cooldown time of GOC Boss Stomping/Spawning GOC Jet/Spawning GOC member (5s -3s)
  • Increased chance of GOC Boss spawning GOC Member and reduced chance of GOC Jet slightly
  • GOC Boss can now Teleport
  • holding unstable ybod device will give u wither
  • tesla gate cannot take damage anymore so now it doesnt fly away or fall through blocks
  • fixed 173js containment marker spawn egg texture (MTF Unit Eta-10, See No Evil can recontain SCP-173-JS, use the containment marker to mark where you want SNE to bring the cage to)
  • Serpent's Hand Boss & Chaos Leader attack each other now
  • MTFs attack all bosses now
  • GOC Animation fix
  • SCP-4335 Buff: Cooldown per summon 18 - 15s, Health 1000 - 1100
  • SCP-3000 Damage increase
  • Added SCP-999-JS in case i forgot to mention in the previous changelog
  • Added No PD zip file download
  • Credited someguy45 properly for GOC Mech model :D
  • Credited 安瑞CN properly

    SCP: JS Edition v3  - The Assignment Update Bug Fixes

        (there will be no more updates/bug fixes until 1.16 bug fix)

        • Fixed SCP-999-JS, Serpent's Hand Member, SCP-4375-1 spawn egg names
        • SCP-106 Trap is no longer spawnable from creative menu (not meant to be in the first place)
        • Added Diamond Helmet trade for SHAG, increased all anomalous armour trades to require 9 anomalous fragments instead of 2
        • Added obsidian trade for SHAG
        • Reduced facility block spawn rate: Scatter chance 1% - 0.8%
        • Reduced cooldown time of GOC Boss Stomping/Spawning GOC Jet/Spawning GOC member (5s -3s)
        • Increased chance of GOC Boss spawning GOC Member and reduced chance of GOC Jet slightly
        • GOC Boss can now Teleport
        • holding unstable ybod device will give u wither
        • tesla gate cannot take damage anymore so now it doesnt fly away or fall through blocks
        • fixed 173js containment marker spawn egg texture (MTF Unit Eta-10, See No Evil can recontain SCP-173-JS, use the containment marker to mark where you want SNE to bring the cage to)
        • Serpent's Hand Boss & Chaos Leader attack each other now
        • MTFs attack all bosses now
        • GOC Animation fix
        • SCP-4335 Buff: Cooldown per summon 18 - 15s, Health 1000 - 1100
        • SCP-3000 Damage increase
        • Added SCP-999-JS in case i forgot to mention in the previous changelog
        • Added No PD zip file download
        • Credited someguy45 properly for GOC Mech model :D

        SCP: JS Edition v3 - The Assignment Update

        - Added Story Objectives (Lore): Make a new world in survival mode to play!

        - Added Pocket Dimension: SCP-106 teleports you there if you went near one before

        - Added A LOT of Pocket Dimension blocks

        - Added Skeletal Soldier & Skeletal Soldier Sword

        - Added Pocket Dimension Plane

        - Serpent's Hand Boss Update

        - Weapon / SCP Balances

        - Added Chaos Insurgency Leader Boss

        - Added G.O.C Boss

        - SCP-3000 update: Now a boss

        - Added 3D 1st & 3rd person models for P-90 & AWM

        - Added NVG Overlay

        - Added Plasma Cannon

        - Added Mine Deployer (reload using fireworks)

        - Added O5 Trading Menu (Trade with Site Director, only unlocks after beating story)

        > You can trade keycard, weapons, MTF/ClassD/Scientist Spawn Eggs, resources

        - Nerfed SCP-914 enchanted apple trade

        - Added a few more SCP-914 trades

        - Nerfed all Facility loot

        - Added AWM to Facility 1

        - Removed Flamethrower from Facility 3, Added in Facility 2

        - Fixed SCP-427 & SCP-409

        - Fixed Serpent's Hand Spawn Egg

        - Updated MTF models

        - Added SCP-999-JS

        - MTF Unit Eta-10, See No Evil can now Recontain SCP-173-JS. Spawn a marker for them to bring the containment unit to

        - More voicelines for chaos, serpent's hand, SCP-4335

        - All projectiles dont go through walls (except plasma cannon)
        - And more that I probably forgot about lol

        SCP: JS Edition v2: The "Cold" Update

        This update is just too cool man

        - Massive Optimization Improvements

        - Add-On only lags if there are way too many entities. There is also a built-in lag clear only for bullets.

        - Add-On only crashes if 2 buttons are trying to open/close a door at the same time, or just Minecraft bugs itself

        Updated SCPs:

        - SCP-106

        - SCP-096-JS

        - SCP-939-JS

        - SCP-173-JS

        - SCP-049-JS

        - SCP-1507

        - SCP-457

        - SCP-3000

        - SCP-001: Gate Guardian

        - SCP-650

        - SCP-280

        - SCP-610

        - SCP-076

        Added SCPs:

        - SCP-UA365

        - SCP-106-JS

        - SCP-303-JS

        - SCP-2950

        - SCP-553

        - SCP-682

        - SCP-682-JS

        - SCP-4335 (with epic battle music)

        - SCP-066-JS

        - SCP-3057-2

        - SCP-3057-4

        - Updated a lot of models and animations

        - Updated War Head

        - Added Bendy the Demon18's HID Turret

        - Added Serpent's Hand Boss

        - Added Cool Custom music for Serpent's Hand Boss Battle by DGCrafter

        - Added Serpent's Hand Anomalous Generator (SHAG)

        - Added SCP Essences for all spawnable SCPs (trade for SCP spawn eggs with SHAG)

        - Added SCP Essence Ore (used to get SCP Essences/Anomalous Fragment to summon Serpent's Hand Boss)

        - Added MTF Unit JS-13: Julius Scizzor

        - Added MTF Unit Nu-7: Hammer Down

        - Updated all MTF Units

        - Added Commander Stick

        - Added Chaos Insurgency

        - Added Female Class D and Scientists

        - Added Tesla Gate

        - Updated all guns

        - Added P-90, AWM, AK-47, Flamethrower, Micro HID

        - Added 3rd Person 3D Model, Animations & Reload Mechanic for P-90 and AWM

        (hold fireworks in off-hand and right click/press & hold screen and HOLD)

        - Join teams now using /function join_classd, join_mtf or join_chaos

        - Added human gun picking up from dead bodies (thx to Bendy's code)

        - Major door updates, the best door add-on in the world I hope

        - Added Facility Lockdown Activator

        - SCP & Weapon balances

        - Added new blocks

        - Added new labels

        - Added Facility Light

        - Bug fixes

        - Removed toggleable particles and griefing

        - Removed SCP-106 natural spawning

        And much more...

        SCP: JS Edition v1.2 Changelog

        - YOU DO NOT NEED TO TYPE /function startaddon ANYMORE

        - Added the following SCPs

        > SCP-035
        > SCP-049-JS
        > SCP-096-JS
        > SCP-280
        > SCP-330
        > SCP-1074
        > SCP-001: Gate Guardian
        > SCP-1499
        > SCP-079
        > SCP-939-JS
        > SCP-610
        > SCP-409

        - Added 3 New Facilities

        - Added Keycard Doors 

        - Added Blast Door (only faces one side for now because I want to see
        how well it works before I make it fully functional)

        - Added Rotator, Builder, Destroyer (only found in facility3)

        - Added Crafting Recipes for machines

        - Added Flamethrower (SNEAK to shoot)
        > Your heath is lowered when shooting (same for P-90)
        > Does 10 - 17 damage per bullet

        - Added MTF Unit Epsilon-9, Fire Eaters

        - Added MTF Unit Epsilon-11, Nine Tailed Fox

        - Added Foundation Guards

        - Improved SCP-3000 behaviors

        - Reduced SCP-3000 size to reduce chances of gettting stuck

        - New SCP-3000 model by Angious2004

        - Improvements to Optimization, and overall add-on performance

        - New SCP Greifing settings (/function scpgriefoff to turn off and
        /function scpgriefon to turn on)

        - All optional features are turned on by default, except for pocket dimension

        - Humans, SCP-035, SCP-049-JS, SCP-049-Js-2, can now open doors

        - Added Button (thx to Bendy the Demon18, it is another way of opening doors)
        > Punch the button to open / close a door (button must be placed within 2 blocks on a door's shadow

        - Re-worked tutorial

        - And much more!

        Balance Changes, Small Bug Fixes, Survival Mode Improvements

        Thanks to all those who took time to report bugs. Really appreciate it!

        - SCP-106 Nerfs:

        • Reduced health (1006 > 500)
        • Increased movement speed very slightly
        • Reduced spawn rate

        - Reduced computer and camera hitboxes

        - Reduced chance of doors being in wrong position in SCP Facilities

        - New way of spawning structures (credits to dakonblackrose)

        • Facility blocks spawn around the world (unloaded chunks)
        • When broken, can spawn a room with an SCP, or a facility .

        - SCP-457, SCP-966, SCP-1507 and See No Evil squads can spawn (quite rarely) naturally

        - Facilities now don't clear a huge rectangle when spawned

        - Femur Breaker balances:

        • Reduced health (6000 > 2000)
        • Increased recipe value (Get 3 per crafting instead of 1)

        - Added a little more loot to the SCP facility

        - /function startaddon now automatically runs every 5000 ticks


        FOR iOS:

        You can refer to the following links as well:
        > iOS

        1) Go to files app, navigate to downloads. You should see the name of the pack there.

        2) Copy this file over to Documents by Readdle app

        3) Rename the .mcaddon to .zip. Press use .zip

        4) Rename it back to .mcaddon Press use .mcaddon

        5) Now open it, press more and press copy to minecraft. It should work now

        If it doesn't work, try extracting all the zip files directly into Minecraft. The folder location is:
        games > com.mojang > resource_packs / behavior_packs


        Supported Minecraft versions


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        Installation Guides

        AndroidiOSWindows 10

        874 Responses

        4.29 / 5 (428 votes)
        1. ILikeRustySpoons says:

          Dude this gives a an unknown pack title so I can’t download this. Plz fix.

        2. TheCommenter342908 says:

          Hello. The blocks in this addon do not appear, even though I put experimental gameplay and cheats on, the scp’s and doors and keycards and stuff are there. Just not the blocks, and ores. Is this a bug? Please help.

        3. SG Studios says:

          Hey Julius, congrats on making it to the second page of the most popular items in MCPEDL! Also, you take however long you want on SCP:Colloboration. It will be amazing, and everybody who has maturity can wait. TBH, you’re probably the best Addon maker in MCBE.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

        4. Ordinary Horse says:

          Is there an official release date for v4?

        5. ILikeRustySpoons says:

          please make it for 1.16.20 because i really want to become scp 096

        6. PRO.MODDER says:

          can u pls add a separate door spawn that have button and without buttons that will be helpful for my base because its so annoying 😑

        7. Anthony N says:

          Version 3.1 keeps on crashing my game so hopefully my minecraft will stop crashing in version 4

          Also Awesome mod by the way

        8. Duckycat says:

          When’s cold daylight coming out. Also when’s the new scp map coming out.

        9. yeah cool addon but..the adfly doesnt show me the ”accept or decline” buttons
          on mobile/phone……pls fix it

        10. LC Studios says:

          Please do not AdFly and MediaFire…
          I I just before Trojan horse infection…

          But addon is so good👍
          I can’t wait v4

        11. Duckycat says:

          I have a question. Can you make it to where the cameras work and you can see through them.

        12. Baconman says:

          This add-on is great i kinda wonder if you might make a new add-on could you make a monstrum add-on if you wonder monstrum is it’s a indie game about you play as a prisoner in a ship with 3 monster the brute, the hunter, and the fiend they have stuffs for them to find the player by camera alarms and burst steams since i saw your vid with you playing as the scp 096 can you might use it to them that might make me make minigame with it hunting my friends down or them hunting me your add-on is great if you like the idea of a monstrum add-on i will be happy you make it

        13. Scarborough33 says:

          Addon got stuck on 96% when i extracted the resource pack, im on xbox. Hope it gets fixed in v4

        14. cyb3r says:

          it wont let me download it
          it says there was an error and the error log says that its name and description are missing and there were no errors. this is a weird glitch so please fix this, I love this mod and really want the fixed version so blocks will spawn again

        15. NekoBlux001 says:

          The mod seems to look very good but when I break the blocks to spawn the installation I only have entities, redstone blocks and redstone lamps, next to the doors and switches to open them like any other entity. I use v1.16.10. And yes, the experimental game is active.

        16. Dye Brando says:

          creator: *mentions a hand*
          Me: My name is Kira Yoshikage

        17. julius: pots v4* cools125,serpents hand soco,bendymoises jurassic world, craft community: my time has come

        18. There Is No THJ says:

          for some reason the facilities generate without any blocks. are you going to fix this issue in the next update?

        19. Panda Gaming YT says:

          Umm… julius addon crash my game
          Can you fix it like remove useless files and reduce the texture quality i need it’s not working it just crash oh and my phone is samsung j5 yeah i know it sucks

        20. TracAsh says:

          Is nice, I have bendythedemon18’s scp addon, but the blocks did not load in for it. I want blocks, this does not have them in the creative inv, so I go to type in /function all blocks, the slash crashes the game if I press it

        21. froggygun says:

          The bosses and some scps are so cool!!!

        22. froggygun says:

          I cant find the guns. Also there is a textbox on the side of the screen saying juliusscizzor and i cant remove it. I tried the scoreboard remove command objectives.

        23. ValeriyBro12 says:

          I am ready and finally waiting for the best addon in the world and even the addon bendy and the ink machine from bendy the demon 18 I am READY for EVERYTHING YOU are the BEST I ADORE YOU and you and BENDY the DEMON 18 and DANY FOX

        24. LC Studios says:

          Please rebuilding the facilities for 1.16!
          /function facility1~4 is broken!
          But Facility Block is not spawning on natural biomes.
          Pocket Dimension Biome & SCP-4375 Biome is not alived.

        25. Guest-3571455906 says:

          So far, the add-on is excellent! Albeit, there are a free minor bugs here and there, nothing too serious, but not nearly as many as those milkers have been saying! I can’t find many things wrong with this add-on, it’s simply amazing. If I had to give at least one complaint, it would be that blast doors cannot be assigned a key card, so it’s impossible to make a few SCP Chambers. There is a way around this though, just download bendeythedemon’s mod and use that blast door, then viola! Lockable blast doors. This mod is great for building an SCP Facility. Five stars

        26. froggygun says:

          Where are the guns. I cant find it

        27. froggygun says:

          The text saying juliusscizzor is permanently on the side of my screen. I am trying to remove it with the scoreboard command but its not working.

        28. Guest-1078425109 says:

          Hey, this is awesome.
          But there is so many bugs here.
          For example, when i destroy the facility block, it doesn’t work well.
          It works uncompletely. the bugs that i said before isn’t all
          There’s also some bugs in scp mobs. don’t hurry. i don’t want many things. i just wish this addon will be all complete about bugs. it’s okay even it release quite late. therefore just check your addon once again and fix bugs which i said up.

        29. Guest-1463930377 says:

          Yay I am glad that v4 is gonna come

        30. Guest-1449519509 says:

          Holy crap everyone here has terrible grammar, they need to take English classes lol.

        31. Guest-1215166647 says:

          i cant download it adfly just takes me to their main website pls fix thix i really want this addon

        32. Guest-9641148198 says:

          Thank you for making it comparable with Minecraft version 1.16.0. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

        33. Guest-8851079749 says:

          can people stop milking i swear the comments take a hour to go by all of them because of the milking

        34. FnX Studios Inc. says:

          Hello JuliusScizzor! I want to give my feedback about the Addon

          This Addon is very awesome but when i load my world it take me to a infinite loading

          The infinite loading is at: Loading Resource Pack

          What should i do?

        35. Guest-4972410299 says:

          The addon does work properly why are some of the shit people saying it does not work

        36. Guest-3311726996 says:

          Please stop listening to the milkers ignore them just please I want to be scp 096 in the v4 doomsday update my last last words I always wanted to become scp 096 in minecraft but never happened I made a video too that Julius Scizzor’s add-on does not lag , proving 😓 . Still who am I to complain😔

        37. Guest-4261946578 says:

          Hey creator if your’e reading this go to the addon called New Player Animation add-on on mcpedl it’s cool too but check the comments too of this new player animation add-on please and say me will it never be updated or not?,,

        38. Guest-4199175025 says:

          Wish it updates for the good ones not the milker ones (sighs) 🙁 I am really mad at milkers I guess it will never be updated I am really curious when is it going to be realised the v4 or the name of v4 dooms day update

        39. Guest-1046669074 says:

          Pop I spelled wrong I wanted to say THE but cuz of anger I said RHE and I wanted to say WHY and cuz of rush I said MY

        40. Guest-9844495168 says:

          Wow I am SO exited for your next update and I am be scp 096 in the doomsday update I can’t be scp 096 so I use other morph add-ons 🙁 but your add-on is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 keep it up. 🙂

          • Guest-9923949156 says:

            I don’t want to lost this add-on’s doomsday update :((((( I want it to be updated but any time creator wants and please don’t focus those milkers 🙂

        41. Guest-3718831222 says:

          Does anybody know any working scp mods. Other than the scp lockdown. I just want a mod to entertain me while I wait for the update. Granted I’m still gonna look every day. I’m just board.

        42. Guest-4374157681 says:

          Can’t wait for v4 and I gotta start making space on my phone nwn

        43. Guest-2403145787 says:



          oh and this is (Guest-4983383690) still the same guy

        44. Guest-1490643000 says:

          This suks you cant download it

        45. Guest-6920237485 says:


          • Guest-9125059379 says:

            That update has come out and he hasn’t updated it though. I wish he would update; the thing with SCP-610 makes it as good as Bendy’s addon, but now that dosen’t work.

        46. Guest-9180277559 says:

          The lag is serious as well as the crashes. Executing one command will cause everything to freeze. Plz fix this since I’m not excited about waiting to enter the world for 10 mins each time. Would also be cool if u remove the scoreboard. So yeah this the problem I’m facing and thanks for such an addon

        47. Guest-4055056062 says:


        48. Guest-5819279331 says:

          Add Siren Head!!!!!!!!!!

        49. Guest-3787503241 says:

          there is a mutch better SCP addon with 3D guns and better loking textures

        50. Guest-2450329079 says:

          STOP MILKING JULIUS AND BENDY THE DEMON ADDON IF ONE OF YOU MILKING YOU ARE NOOB JOIN AT #stopmilkingouraddons OR YOUR DEAD have a nice day Whispering joke about have a nice day

        51. Guest-5339767813 says:

          Please Update every month please Julius Scizzor i subscribed you :)scp mod best I’m scp fan

        52. Guest-6338522307 says:

          Aye, I’ve discovered that there have been none Milking at all anymore for the past month and a half!

        53. sethyalpha5 says:

          Please fix the mod, MCBE on XBO cannot run it and will crash when it reaches “location server” when xbox players try to join.

        54. Guest-8352025283 says:

          Stop milking

        55. Guest-3289946109 says:

          whit this new Minecraft update the bricks are missing

        56. Guest-6478380091 says:

          EVERY ONE STOP TOUCHING AND LOOKING AND RESPONDING TO THIS ADDON. I’ll bet this will never update again. So I say, rest In Peace scp addon. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧🥺

        57. Pokest45 says:

          Btw the blocks no longer work because of 1.16, and the milkers have stopped the addon from being updated.

        58. Guest-2224561867 says:


        59. Guest-3479316461 says:

          Ok we stopped milking ur addon and also 1.1.6 came out and the blocks and stuff r not showing up so when r u going to have it suport 1.1.6? Take a look on yr no one is milking anymore.


        61. Guest-1500848943 says:

          Stop milking start chanting, stop milking start chanting.


          • im not updating my map till the milking stops

            • whoever is milkers here is the message #StopMilkingOurAddons so the creators can carry on what to do and update it is not right to milk someones addon without their permission its all your fault for milking JS or bendy and more did a hard job so appreciate it and credit them plz

              • Guest-2307671434 says:

                I agree. This is what I’ve said to two of the addons for bendythedemon18. Everybody stop rushing bendy and Julius. They are having problems and won’t update till everybody stops milking there addons. People who read this help me and every one else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

        63. milking addons u guys are a milkers idiot u hear milkers in yt who dont credit

        64. #stopmilkingouraddons milk means no that we drink means: youtubers that make videos with out credits like: bendy moises jurrasic world…serpennts hand soco..piyo piyo and more! the addon will be late if those people dont credit…..

        65. Guest-1623893815 says:

          Wait a minute, hes milking his addons????

        66. Guest-7951267859 says:


        67. Guest-8851712713 says:

          #StopMilkingOurAddons!!!!!!! Oh yeeahh and btw Jlius haas a Discord server with a bugs and suggestions channel.

        68. Guest-8437889554 says:

          will this be compatible with education edition? im poor so i cant buy the official version of mc on my pc ;-;

          • DTechGamer says:

            Try downloading HappyMod in happymod . com (erase the space). 2nd open the app and search Minecraft. 3rd tap the “More Version(s) below. Scroll down then select “V1.14.60.5” then tap “Download” or, tap “Original” and tap the “Download”. Hope this helps.

        69. Guest-7821872481 says:

          when will the doomsday update come out v4

        70. Guest-3375083861 says:

          Can you fix this addon when I create the it always crahes can you fix this

        71. Guest-5367441990 says:

          suggestion v4
          scp 3199
          scp 058
          lockdown alarm
          scp 1128
          scp 1057
          mtf apache
          mtf tank
          mtf apc
          scp 169
          and scp 538

        72. Guest-5292752578 says:

          why does thsi addon not work i download it and i dont even get the behavior pack whats going on

        73. Guest-6724539471 says:

          Suggestion can you add an alarm where there are entities where when you have then placed and activate the alarm, the alarms start spinning and make an alarm sound

        74. Guest-9907503347 says:

          On v4 u can be 096 I am far ahead in time fear me mortals

        75. MADNESSman2411 says:

          Hi can you fix the download when it was installing the doors it stop i was sat waiting for 3 hours and tried to install it like 7 times

        76. me *dowmloads v4* and i see in minecraft it’s recourse packs are 90MB and make world with this

          minecraft: im a slow

        77. Gunovski says:

          Hey Julius scizzor I just wanted to make a suggestion about the mtf in the. They are great but I want them to be more unique instead of being similar to the guards. They look great but I think you can Improve certain features. Mtf epsilon 11 designated nine tailed fox handle internal security for the scp foundation and in the scp cb game they patrol in groups of three. This should be added and the nine tailed fox should be the most overpowered unit in the game. They are dispatched to facilities to handle euclid and keter containment breaches. The ntf are the most competent mtf unit in the scp foundation. They deserve a little buff. The ntf use scramble goggles which protects them from scp 096. I love the addon I just wanted to note this.

        78. Guest-1229998618 says:

          Why the mtf die but it stand on floor?

        79. Guest-6951923489 says:

          Heya bud I am gonna request these scps and items I hope you will add. SCP-354 the reason why I am requesting this is because none had put this scp in their addons the only one that has 354 is lockdownmod so please can you add this scp. SCP-008 this is my brother favorite scp and if you add this scp it wouldmake his day. SCP-099 How he will work is that when you fall asleep in a bed he will appear and make his speech (function scp099) SCP-009 I think we need some biohazard scps. Oh and btw can you make 354 a boss. SCP-1730 This addon will be much better by having scp1730 in there and the site (function site-13) SCP-1799 and SCP-2774 idk why I think they should be in the addon but they are interesting SCP-025 SCP-029. Well that’s all I ask for BUT PLEASE ADD ONE OF THESE SCPS OR MORE OR AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! have a great day

        80. rykerrex says:

          hey, can you add scp-250 (idea, scp-250-js which can you make it a t-rex skeleton plz) scp-3057-5, and cann you add decontamination plz.

        81. Guest-1339786915 says:

          stop game ended feature or i will use bendy the demon V3

        82. when scp js v4 will be released on mcpedl ? please i want to know when it will be released

        83. hello theres an idiot called on youtube: Bendy the moises and he review your addon without credits

        84. Guest-7208052305 says:

          stop game ended or i will keep using bendys epic addon

        85. Anonymous says:

          D BOIS: THIS MY CHANCE to escape!
          MTFS: im about to end his whole career

          • rykerrex says:


          • Guest-4252970411 says:


        86. Gunovski says:

          I love the addon just make scp 939 scp 035 and 3057-4 more killable similar to scp cb ntf mod
          Please check the ntf mod out its cool and you will get a lot of inspiration for updates and maps.

        87. LC Studios says:

          Can you add more guns shooting animations and particles on SCP: Cold Daylight?

        88. Guest-6977563584 says:

          hey I have problem how off screen?

        89. Guest-6977563584 says:

          hey I have problem how off screen?

        90. Guest-1546068674 says:

          Hey I love the addon and I’m a big fan of Js but only one problem. Please turn down the health of more killable scp’s like scp 939 as in scp cb NTF mod you can kill 939 much easier. Thanks

        91. Guest-8637025812 says:

          When I insert a mod into my world, my world almost infinitely loaded, and when I go into the chat, it crashes. Please fix. (HONOR 8S)

        92. Guest-7751981515 says:

          good addon what time up v4?

        93. you can make the guns with infinitive reload without spendin fireworks that will e good!

        94. Gunovski says:

          I loved the addon however one thing that I would like to change is scp 939 and other easier to kill scp’s health. In scp cb ntf mod it only takes a few bullets from the p90 to kill an scp 939 instance and it takes forever to kill and scp 939 instance in this mod however everything else is amazing.

        95. Guest-2323435438 says:

          Hey dude. I can’t Play the mod becuase….When i download the mod it makes me go to Minecraft education edition and I CAN’T PLAY IT!

        96. Guest-4629354346 says:

          it says fail to import fix it

        97. Guest-9665492891 says:

          guys when I download this I crash in minecraft

        98. Guest-9487621723 says:

          Pls help me, there’s an bug where any world I load with your addon (including your showcase world) crashes my game, even without my editing (yep I edited your addon..). Pls try to fix this, I cant open some of my worlds any more and I just want to enter your contest, just pls try to fix this, it would really REALLY help (btw I also posted this in your Showcase world and your latest videos/community posts)

        99. aswell julus can you add KGB/GRU-P and FBI/UIU and join on these teams? and can you add back the eta-10’s announcment and ntf’s? if it is possible…..

        100. LC Studios says:

          Here are the improvements \/ (I wrote from a mobile device perspective)

          -Allow Chaos leader to be successfully eliminated to the end
          -Add lightweight downloads for mobile devices
          -Add “Pro Mode” to get more fun with them
          -Add more /function join_ commands

          that’s all! I will buy a PC after two weeks, so I can finally enjoy the fullness of this add-on 😃

        101. Guest-5932661344 says:

          I loved both of you and bendy demon did! I always use both scp mods on my work-in progress scp facility site-50, there’ll be some extensions and I think that you and bendy make a great addon makers

        102. Guest-7943519230 says:

          could someone give me a step by step oh how to install to Minecraft? I downloaded it and now I don’t know what to do.

        103. LC Studios says:

          Please add “/function join_goc”, “/function join_sh”, “/function join_foundation_personnel”, “/function join_o5” in the next update

          and this add-on is so great!

        104. Guest-1048021524 says:

          Even tho bendy’s addon has more scps, this a legendary addon

        105. when scp js v4 will be released on mcpedl?

        106. LC Studios says:

          The rotated Lv3 clearance door is don’t work

        107. julius…… you said you will add the jet ……………………and i think v4 will come soon? with new scps and new mtfs and gru-p fbi/uiu cia…… that will be good idea!

        108. Guest-4412684454 says:

          Bendy the demons scp mod is better this mod is trash this mod is worse than that scp 682 mod and so are you

        109. Are you still going to make a SCP131 and eco 131-js?
          You told me that you were going to add them in V3,

        110. Guest-4878091853 says:

          Only the resource pack works for me, the behavior pack doesn’t even show up in Minecraft even though it’s in the files.

          • Guest-7039566546 says:

            You have a bad device. You have to download the one with no pocket dimension for you to have a behavior/resource pack. Hope i helped a bit

        111. BUG! the chaos boss wheen it goes in stage 2 you cant kill him and he doesnt move nd you cant dmage him please fix it and sorry for my bad grammar

        112. Guest-9914794157 says:

          Where are the behavior pack?, i downloaded but only the resource pack is there, anyone have the link of the behavior pack?

        113. Guest-5596474875 says:

          Worst mod ever it keeps crashing and they don’t appear in menu DONT download

        114. hello! the addon is amazing but why ak-47 is not 3d?

        115. Guest-9949523236 says:

          hey guts im building the SCP unity map coming soon

        116. Guest-5860002527 says:

          Can any one send me the link to the behaviour pack pls the file only import RP and fails in the BP plz

        117. Guest-2811029538 says:

          add scp 178

        118. Guest-8982492170 says:

          i love it but i would prefer it without the weird lines along my screen how do i fix that?

        119. Guest-8931917472 says:

          Why can’t I f*cking play this Addon it f*cking kicks me out it is f*cking annoying I f*cking hate the fact f*ck this IPAD

        120. LC Studio says:

          Wow, very good addon. I love the individual music and liveliness of this add-on!
          But with my device it wasn’t easy to use ‘With PD’.

          • Guest-3821782144 says:

            How am I supposed to remove the add on by julius scizzor objective list, Im trying to play this with Bendys SCP mod too but both if you guys have a watermark and it flickers like a strobe light.

            • Guest-9061322557 says:

              Can you add announcements playing. And some more SCPS scp-087 Scp-099 scp-1048 Scp-354, Scp-173 unity version. Scp-008 Mtf unit pandoras box. I hopee you will add at least one of the scps i requested for V4 good luck.

        121. Sunlight_moondark says:

          okay sorry I Didn’t know that you had to have experimental gameplay on

        122. Sunlight_moondark says:

          The only thing that works are the spawn eggs

        123. SCP-049-FIREMASTER ADDON says:

          Wow.. i rlly like it! Im start the survival. Met 096. Killed me multiple times lol

        124. Sunlight_moondark says:

          This is amazing but how do you get a key card

        125. Guest-6912197521 says:

          I love you ❤️

        126. Guest-8273522578 says:

          Omg. I need a separate addon with guns.

        127. Guest-2169785195 says:

          This is a great addon, but it doesn’t work very well.

        128. Guest-5338063805 says:

          what is the serpent hand boss music ??

        129. Guest-6636232445 says:

          How can I get a button spawn egg?

        130. Guest-4865790261 says:

          hmmmm it says its a valid zip archive when i pressed on no pd instead i got full. im a big fan!!!

        131. Guest-5810533985 says:

          How can you get the guns in this add on? I really want to use one to kill scp 93

        132. Guest-1612421487 says:

          What is the diffrent the full and the no pd??

        133. Guest-1593899543 says:

          that’s strange too why bendythedemon18 is taking soooo long to make his V3 its just weird i think cause he is taking breaks after making some

        134. Guest-2631498166 says:

          Are there any invisible SCPs? I was in a facility and kept getting killed by something I couldn’t see or attack. Also, when you break a facility block the facility usually spawns halfway in the ground, making it so that a lot of the SCPs/stuff doesn’t spawn, is there any way around that yet? Cool mod tho

        135. Guest-3622209059 says:

          This addons amazing plzzzz make a dragon addon

        136. Guest-5351295826 says:

          amazing addon! i enjoyed your scp remake map aswell.. any chance of you doing another remake using this addon??

        137. Guest-8231481953 says:

          I would love to use this mod but its not letting me download it on Xbox to any capacity.Can someone help me out?

          • Guest-3088764968 says:

            Theres a method to install it you need to install file downloader and my files explorer first you have to extract all the archives from file downloader you should watch a video of how to use file downloader makes sure that all the archives are pasted correctly if you put the addon into minecraft and it doesnt work you just made an error so be carefull with that specially with the sounds archive theres more steps but you should watch of how to download addons on file downloader and then how to trafer them to my files explorer

          • Guest-1056342520 says:

            Step 1. Copy the link of the zip file by pressing start on the green mediafire download button.
            Step 2. If you do not have file downloader download it, but once downloaded press the 3 bars top left and go to download.
            Step 3. Press start in the top box and hit local storage then click the arrow on the right and download.
            Step 4. Go to the storage tab and click local storage, then click the scp file and copy and paste both BP and RP files out of the zip file(the box symbol on bottom right.)
            Step 5. Do this process again on both zip files.
            Step 6. Use my file explorer to find the files and then transport them to the minecraft file(can’t remember the file name but its on youtube(a bit old video cuz this method is old and the new one usually works fine).
            Step 7. Put on the world save and enable Ex. Gameplay and enjoy!

        138. Guest-3102659779 says:

          Minecraft became unplayable using the full version add-on.
          I recommended so make sure you use “No PD”

        139. Guest-4049858763 says:

          Can you add the full Hollywood Traffic Jam and not just a snip of it? ( SCP-3000 Theme )

        140. Guest-5825719977 says:

          It keeps saying boat a valid zip archive

        141. Guest-3446782896 says:

          This mod is brilliant. Honestly. If you haven’t tried it, you are really missing out.
          It honestly feels like an official game, and it is INCREDIBLY well made.
          Me and my friend played together on my private world, he on his Xbox 1, me on my Laptop. It was super fun and we never got bored.
          It is kinda creepy too, ngl.
          The features are very clever, and I love the introduction.
          A few things:
          When I put on a helmet or something onto my Head-Slot, it removes the weird green visual effect, ends my night-vision and my hand appears again. Also, my health bar goes back to the normal maximum amount.
          Is this on purpose?
          Me and my friend just decided to not put on any helmets just in case it wasn’t supposed to happen.
          Apart from that, I REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoyed playing the mod and it just never gets old. Thanks! 🙂

        142. Guest-5204007590 says:

          I found a way to get it on my xbox. Really good add-on I would suggest you add a way ride the mech when defeated

        143. Guest-2147869985 says:

          Hello I can’t download behavior pack
          Pls help me!
          And is very cool dis addon👍❤

        144. who wants SCP JS V4? if someone want reply

        145. bro your addon is very cool but i have a little problem: when i go near to a human or scp it says:error:chaosfireball error:scp:guard can find attack_animation

        146. Guest-9624211708 says:

          All correct no have problem bye…

        147. Guest-7646525128 says:

          I have a question: How do turn off the Add-on by JuliusScizzor text? Otherwise the addon is great and love using it in my role play world.

        148. and C.I boss has a bug when he reaches stage 2 i cant kill him and others cnt kill him so…. please fix it

        149. COOL ADDON bro! i have an idea for this addon: can you add cia, fbi/uiu and their emenys will be kgb/gru-p?

        150. Guest-2921974655 says:

          I can’t tame the SCP 3000. It shows SCP 3000 (defeated) in green. I really want to tame so help pls.

        151. Guest-9566648561 says:

          Hello,im love this addon,but the problem is the chaos leader have only 2 stage,when he reaches stage 3 its just standing right there,is this some kind of bug or something else?
          (Sorry for my bad english) can you help me?

        152. Guest-9566648561 says:

          Hello,im love this addon,but the problem is the chaos leader have only 2 stage,when he reaches stage 3 its just standing right there,is this some kind of bug or something else?
          (Sorry for my bad english)

        153. Guest-9887314544 says:


        154. Guest-9744773571 says:


        155. Guest-1886075023 says:


        156. Guest-3917164896 says:

          cool addon

        157. Guest-4200276676 says:

          I can’t even play it’s so lag I can’t get in to the world the add-on is just so small mb but its So laggy

        158. Guest-4992314759 says:

          there are no scp blocks in this update

        159. Guest-3780714192 says:

          how can i get guns?
          bosses are really hard to fight without long range weapon

        160. RainCraftGamer says:

          Love it 💓

        161. Guest-3538764724 says:

          I installed it and now Minecraft can’t sync my user data. I quit I and restarted it and the console but no dice. Any suggestions?

          • Guest-9959512327 says:

            That’s pretty much a curse. You get the addon but you can’t sync user data. You either delete the addon or just not sync your data. Not much else you can do.

        162. Guest-5910626565 says:

          How do you remove the watermark

        163. Guest-9185971201 says:

          I need help! It Won’t let me fully extract the zip file on my Xbox.

        164. Guest-3409192244 says:

          Great addon but crashes a lot. Please fix that.

        165. Guest-8018609746 says:

          JULIUS when i use the addon and put ntfs nu-7 bla bla it says: error chaos:fireball and when i use the addon in a server it shows me in first person with out hand pls fix it or help me 😢

        166. Guest-1277618385 says:

          This is farther than great….

          Also can you make an addon of your self being boss with 7 stages

          • Guest-2404803522 says:

            No, the bosses are based on SCPs or members of GOIs other than the Foundation, not your own idea. If you want you can suggest JuliusScizzor to create an addon based on your idea since it is probably not from the SCP universe … or you can write an SCP on the official SCP wiki based on your idea if you want to! (;

        167. Guest-1395096420 says:

          Those who say they can’t play go away!

        168. Guest-3430485873 says:


        169. Guest-6338184692 says:

          I literally cant use minecraft anymore

        170. Guest-8070699729 says:

          Bruh can I really not turn off the permanent Addon by JuliusSCizzor textbox it really takes you out of the experience

        171. Guest-7071324324 says:

          Does not load when I use the addon

        172. Guest-4186697883 says:

          I had this problem when after downloading the sounds werent working

        173. Guest-3528649212 says:

          Please make a gun mod with 3D guns

        174. Guest-2635726153 says:

          The behavior pack is empty

        175. Guest-7285404501 says:

          can you add KGB/FBI

        176. Instantly the best addon created. Hats off to you.

        177. M.M.16 player says:

          hy it doesn’t work! Please fix ! I can’t download it the packs doesn’t will appear in my pack

          • Guest-8950467144 says:

            I have a brand new LG phone but when I download the pack it doesn’t give me a behavior pack and when I put on the resource pack the game crashes and I don’t have SCP JS Edition V2 anymore so can you please fix this quick by adding a behavior pack and fixing crashes I’m starting to get very bored post a video when you’re done I didn’t even get to play thank you:(😞😟

        178. Guest-5919595101 says:

          i onestly need to say that this is one of the most beautiful addon i’ve ever downloaded.

        179. Nine Tailed Fox says:

          Julius plz make this for the new 1.16 Minecraft version.

          • Guest-1151441816 says:

            I have a brand new LG phone but when I download the pack it doesn’t give me a behavior pack and when I put on the resource pack the game crashes and I don’t have SCP JS Edition V2 anymore so can you please fix this quick by adding a behavior pack and fixing crashes I’m starting to get very bored post a video when you’re done I didn’t even get to play thank you:(😞😟

        180. Guest-5358055369 says:

          Hi, so I am wondering why I start my game and it says “Game has ended”, can somebody help me?

        181. Guest-9015318909 says:

          The greatest add-on ever.

        182. Redslash11 says:

          This is the coolest scp mcaddon that i play

          I worshiping you i give 5 stars for you

        183. Guest-9825998751 says:

          When opened a world it said game as ended whyy and don’t say my is trash it’s a phone 11 pro Mac so it’s not old but whyy can’t I move

        184. Guest-8937538599 says:

          The quality is very good, but it is not suitable for my device.

          Since it became v2 and v3, optimization has stopped working. Please correct

        185. 鸥吃鱼 says:

          I am glad to see this update.
          But you should credit 安瑞CN’s name.
          I think bendy taught you how to make 3D gun.
          But bendy use 安瑞CN’s Titan Creation Sword’s code to make 3D gun.

        186. Guest-7273741066 says:

          The add-on load so slow I can’t play it

        187. Guest-5130144977 says:

          make the jets rideable

        188. The Addon took way too long to be imported to my Minecraft game! What the heck?! I expect people to create a proper SCP Addon, but no!! 💔💔💔

        189. Guest-5342071068 says:

          Make this mod compatible with xbox one pls

        190. Guest-4008350007 says:

          JuliusScizzor when i download the addon v3 ll the buttons when im going to minecraft and i make a server its shows me without hand and without gun icon so…… the addon is megabyte so do it kikbyte

          • Guest-3464528961 says:

            It’s impossible for now to convert it to a smaller size for the addon and please do support him by giving 5 star the man is doing it’s best to give you SCP addon experience

        191. Guest-3563614154 says:

          Man your a really talented coder. This is one of the most in depth addon I’ve ever seen and am astonished you got everything so polished!!! Wish you beast of luck with your next project!

        192. Guest-7757510612 says:

          Your great with 3D model’s Could you make a 3D guns mod

        193. iiExotic says:

          Thank you for this amazing update bro.

        194. Guest-5621802816 says:

          U can make addon of the guns, this addon is much heavy

        195. Guest-8845086643 says:

          The behaviour packs don’t work, can anybody please help?

        196. You’re missing one more SCP, Julius Scizzor, and that is SCP-4217. Just search it up and please make it. I beg you!

        197. Guest-2585677268 says:

          It’s sad to see this mod go. I anticipated every update to it. Good luck with your next project

        198. Guest-7358144802 says:

          The addon keeps teleporting me in one place and setting my mode to adventure. Do I have to do something in order to stop it?

        199. Guest-7312347186 says:

          Not 173 D:

          • Guest-3890698140 says:

            No the original model for SCP-173 is copyrighted by its creator, so Julius made his own version of peanutboy173 in order for him to avoid violating the copyright.

        200. Gunovski says:

          Also I appreciate the work and effort you have put in to this it is quite unique among us.

        201. Gunovski says:

          Dear JS,
          I am undergoing the contruction of a SCP facility named Site 20 It is in it’s early stages and I am still working on the surface of the enourmous facility when I finish it possibly with your help I want you to publish the world not me It is your addon and you deserve it I am working on a way to send it through to you.

        202. cyb3r says:

          idea and some issues
          issue 2-the rotated version of the keycard door is bugged. as soon as it opens, it shuts within 1 second
          idea-add scp 055(please). this can be done by making it so everytime you look away from it, it changes what mob it looks like and what sounds it makes(except for round mobs due to the scp lore.
          other than those three things, i’ve been loving the mods that you have been making mostly because it works so well with the map i’m making.

        203. Guest-4821880480 says:

          i have a problem. the BP always says ‘download error, check output log for details’ someone help, i use MCBE

        204. Guest-3442629156 says:

          How do you download the resource pack for Xbox

        205. Guest-6128195781 says:

          Yeah thats great and all, but can you do so i can check them in creative?

        206. Guest-4812758534 says:

          All that happens is it says game ended

        207. Guest-2320516864 says:

          Hey Julius Scizzor it is me the one that said he removed the ice and all that,and my name is RareElephant848.And was the youtuber scp 049 Hámre mean too u? Cause he posted a video of him getting a course Minecraft world :/ just asking…

        208. Guest-7008560842 says:

          It would not let me play as it keep saying Game ended. It also is in adventure mode all the time.

        209. Anonymous says:

          Can you pls make the add-on to be able to work in 1.16 because l just noticed that your add-on only surports 1.13 and 1.14 and l know your already busy but can you please make it so l can use it in 1.16

        210. Guest-5972317976 says:

          Whenever I join my game, it always sets my game mode to adventure and says “You have been game ended” over and over. Can you fix this? Thanks!

        211. Guest-3736524518 says:

          Can you make the femur breaker capable of wounding players, humanoid SCPs, all humans, and Serpent’s Hand? Also, why does the 106 containment “contain” the femur breaker if I spawn it near the chamber?

        212. Guest-4119173435 says:

          Thank you Julius scizzor for making this add-on. The cold version of the scps are really great in model and powers, the only problem l have with the add-on is the texture for the scp blocks not loading, but other than that and a few other problems l would say this is the best scp add-on lve ever used.

        213. Guest-7555901374 says:

          Nice, however, HOW DO I SET SCP-914 TO FINE?!

        214. Guest-7121054289 says:

          This update is great but for the next update can you add the rest off the scp documents in the addon

        215. DanielCenteno12 says:

          This Addon go hard

        216. Guest-6900097691 says:

          I have an addon that only works for half, version 1.15, there are no blocks, but everything is there

        217. Guest-9235101647 says:

          I used yours and bendys addon to make my take of the foundation while using it it was good at first intill i spawned the telsa gate and got glitched or something and it and now one chunk and now my world crashes again every time i go to thtat spot it crashes ive spawned the tesla gate before but one time i keep it up for an hour something crashes or something else it could be the addon cuz this world was fine but when i turn off the addons for and it got un stuck and crashes if i didnt have a back up world i would have lost everything pls. look in and fix bugs thank u

        218. Guest-5547821179 says:

          Duuuuuuuuuude this addon is the best scp addon ever!!! I really like it. Thanks for making AWESOME addons bro. But when i enter my world it doesn’t have custom blocks and all those items like gas mask,keycard so i tryd using cmds but when i pick it up it just disappears. Can you help me? I did it in experimental mode but it didn’t work. Is there a way to fix this?

        219. Guest-7858588511 says:

          and i removed the snow and ice with minecraft commands XD

        220. Guest-9229153140 says:

          Julius Scyzor im going too make a map out of this reacourse pack.And i love u and bendy the demon 18 too. Love ya and stay safe bye!! <3

        221. Guest-8219131725 says:

          Hello I’m on kindle Fire And as soon as I try to enter the world it crashes my game am I doing something wrong or is it just not supported for kindle Fire?

        222. Guest-7582285095 says:


        223. Guest-7582285095 says:

          Is there a way to disable the game over thing? Cause I am making a world called the giants roam and I need this add on in the map cause it has multiple giants that I need

        224. Guest-3418628448 says:

          How do I fix it saying game over either it is supposed to be for something else later if not find a way to get rid of it it is the most annoying thing on earth other than scams and trolls still a great add on btw

        225. Guest-3418628448 says:

          How do I fix it saying game over either it is supposed to be for something else later if not find a way to get rid of it it is the most annoying thing on earth other than scams and trolls still a great add on btw this is thespiderscientist from discord

        226. Guest-7830273922 says:

          Any chance someone made a map with this? I wanna play with a bigger facility

        227. Guest-5215405025 says:

          Hello is. How can I put a door whitout button or keycard reader???

          And sometimes the buttons or keycard_readers are tele porting around.

          How can I fix this??

        228. Guest-7992169523 says:

          When i open my world all i see is “game ended”, I’ve been waiting for this game but it got worse pls would you mind fixing the bugs, all i see is you have been teleported, then you are in adventure mode, and clearly i can’t move and look around could you mind fixing this problem? Thank you sorry but ill give you 3 stars u haven’t open the spawn eggs please fix this..

        229. Guest-4644107526 says:

          Hi i have a problem with the addon it wont download the behaviors its even though i deleted all old versions of this addon please help

        230. Guest-1396328979 says:

          Hey JS such a great mod it’s just brilliant. We’ve been waiting for something like this for a very long time and you’ve brought us that and we really appreciate it and what you’ve done for us all thank you.

        231. Guest-7039605748 says:

          Why i don`t have blocks of addon in mcpe ???

        232. Guest-3799804098 says:

          Im A PE user and When i construct A Facility it doesnt summon…only ingame walls will not the custom block like concrete 1 tiles etc. pls fix for pe user like me….the addon good tho

        233. Guest-2991314007 says:

          First add-on I’ve seen with good boss mechanics

        234. Guest-8190438891 says:

          Does this work for Xbox too or only the versions listed above? I extract the behavior file but the resource file stops extracting at 47%.

        235. Guest-4271477511 says:

          for somereason the destoryer wont work help

        236. Guest-8018907065 says:

          you do /function facility1 facility2,facility3 and facility4

        237. Guest-8765228282 says:

          I love the add-on and I had this for a day and I still haven’t seen all the scp’s!

        238. Guest-6780052090 says:

          How can i summon facilities ?

        239. Guest-1505102240 says:

          Amigo no es jussto es la última actualización uno funciona en el teléfono móvil osea el Android sale se acabó el juego y se lajea arregle eso amigo todos esperamos y para que nos suseda esto no es justo casi algunos son android

        240. BirbEatSed says:

          Hello im a fellow creator love your mod im from YouTube im Mr.Pineapple and this mod is awesome but when you use the builder tool on the door level 3 and 4 don’t work .it opens and closes the door right after. Thank You!

        241. Guest-8533401546 says:

          Whenever I try to open the Addon on game (I’m on iOS), it says THE GANE HAS ENDED, on my screen and locks me onto my position. What can I do?

        242. Guest-6015215169 says:

          Might want to change the name, “The SHAG”. Overall good addon.

        243. Guest-5567589768 says:

          The last addon was compatible with BendyTheDemon’s

        244. Guest-5581109686 says:

          Lag 🙁

        245. Guest-5046076462 says:

          The addon is out now and when I play it,it says
          “you have been game ended” can you help?

        246. Guest-7584458158 says:

          Great add-on but one thing that I found is that guns don’t work in Mobile phones but still great

        247. Guest-8403341189 says:

          NOO why The final update I luv this mod I hope someone else will make an new scp ad don and I’m still sad that 354 was not added but I LUV THE HARED WORK

        248. GyariSan says:

          Thanks for your effort JS, this addon is amazing. And most importantly I hope you are taking good care and staying healthy amidst these difficult times with the Pandemic. I haven’t played this for long yet, but Would love to provide some feedback and report bugs if I find some. What would be the most suitable channel for me to report to you?

        249. Guest-1459290432 says:

          It’s lagging with some of the scps fix the lag

        250. Guest-2946493436 says:

          42 mb ? My phone can’t take it
          Okay then I’ll delete all doors and some SCPs I don’t like So I can play with your add-on

        251. Guest-4733894913 says:

          Thanks for the mod!

        252. Guest-5218772555 says:


        253. Guest-1575660120 says:

          I’m disappointed. I’ve been waiting for this addon, but it keeps on saying game has ended you.!!!

        254. Guest-7645605914 says:

          julis is need help. im trying to download it on windows 10 by mcaddon. but when I download it I only get the resource pack. :(. can you please help me?

        255. Guest-5793061321 says:

          Like The Addon And By The Way This is Demaisip Charles Dude This Add-on Is So Epic Nice SCP Styles And Doors Like Doors In SCP:CB

        256. Guest-2470189977 says:

          Julius it’s Me Demaisip Charles That Guy Who You know Why You Renamed The SCPs Because It’s A Coldy Day Need Hot Tub there’s something wrong With 939 but I like SCP-1074-Why Am I In This Painting
          Why Am I On My Knees
          Why Am I Crying
          Jesus Christ Jesus Christ isn’t real
          Neither As Hell Buildings In The Background

        257. Anonymous says:

          VERY GOOD WORK GUY but how to remove TESLA GATE PLEASE ?

        258. Guest-1774196770 says:

          Amigo lo instale en mi Android y cuando pongo el complemento en mi mundo se Laura no me muevo por qué que pasa ?? 😭😭😭

        259. Guest-1356491490 says:

          Not available on 1.16 ewww

        260. GripssPlayz says:

          When lockdown is used, the doors are able to be walked thru!

        261. Guest-2814883005 says:

          Through all the problems you have faced on making this addon, Thanks you so much for doing this you and bendy ate the ones that started it all

        262. Guest-4703697280 says:

          Amigo en mi Minicraft se carchea por es amigo ???

        263. Guest-3510443123 says:

          Thank you for making this awesome addon! Really appreciate the hard work you put in to this! Cheers!

        264. Guest-1168654608 says:

          Best creator addon and best addon,nice bro

        265. Guest-4951643049 says:

          Hey there’s a few bugs with the mod but i don’t care cause i love it thank you so much juilus i love this mod the bugs arent that bad tho is mostly the guns and the doors but thats it everything is perfect thank you.!:)

        266. Guest-6411318772 says:

          I hava a problem downloading. When extracting the RP its stops at 47% and always at Door2open3.ogg. Not sure why

        267. Guest-6185754842 says:

          the only thing I don’t like about this mod is the fact that none of theses things are natural spawning

        268. Guest-8188909973 says:


        269. ChunkWiggleson says:

          Next update is soon 😀

        270. Guest-9250701107 says:

          I have bad news to you all.
          Running any function no matter how much time you give the game will end up in the game crashing. I found out by doing a test. I summoned facility1 using /function. I ran this function and only this function nothing else. I waited a few minutes then my game crashed. Please do not do any function for the sake of your minecraft world. Hopefully at some point julius scizzor can get this isssue sorted. For him to solve this issue I suggest spawning samll parts of a facility instead of the intire thing as too many blocks will be spawned. For structure I suggest Scp containment areas and other main parts of an SCP facility. I very dearly hope one day we will ba able to play on a non-crashing world.

          • Guest-4030514365 says:

            Hello Julius scizzor, i have a problem, i don’t have the block and item in the inventory and when i spawn facility and i already turn on the experiental, i in android, and i am version 1.16

        271. Guest-6126431000 says:

          I can’t seem to activate scp 914 I can change the settings on it but I can’t activate it. It seems impossible to do on windows 10. I saw someone do it but it was on iOS i really need help.

        272. Guest-1945152860 says:

          Julius scizzor I think I know why your scp facilities crash after spawning. I used another addon summoning structures using /function and they don’t crash because they are small structures. Your facilities are enourmous and use a lot of blocks which is the reason why I think it crashes. Therefore I suggest making functions that spawn samll parts of your facilities and you don’t need to move armound for them to spawn or you could just spawn scp containment tructure and corridors so the player can customize their facilities easily. Anyway great addon it really is amazing what you’ve done.

        273. ChunkWiggleson says:

          I’m excited for the next update! Hopefully my device handles it better :P.

        274. Guest-2905515644 says:

          Change the door from Shulker to a mechanism using entities and barrier blocks in the next update!

        275. Guest-5397505882 says:


        276. Guest-9834703555 says:

          It’s good and all, but no night vision goggles

        277. Guest-2194946131 says:

          Is a good mod

        278. Guest-6606590612 says:

          Yo JS you should make a stranger things addon and make it so that you can go to the upside down it would be awesome and add the DommaGorgon dogs and demmogorgon, and the mind flyer I think you’d be good at it 😇😇😇😇😇😇✌🏼.

        279. ChunkWiggleson says:

          Kinda wish there was like, a version for lower end devices that won’t crash as much. I love the addon but it crashes randomly shortly after I join the world. This has only started happening since the latest update so it might just be my storage. Great addon though, definitely recommend.

        280. Guest-4583917834 says:

          As far as you see the v2 trailers, your add-ons are the best!!

        281. Guest-7088700101 says:

          Please deliver v2 earlier than planned! Please! x9999999999999999999999

        282. Guest-1459181929 says:

          Upload your Early Access version to MCPEDL!

        283. Guest-5534837519 says:

          Upload a map using your add-on at Crafty Craft, sorry.

        284. Guest-7933499469 says:

          Keep up the good work, Julius.

        285. Guney says:

          Also i’m playing on windows 10 and i can’t seem to activate scp 914 but you can on IOS

        286. Guney says:

          I love the addon and i’m trying to make a super facility using functions but the addon still crashes no matter how much time difference i put between the functions. Still the addon is absaloutely amazing. Better than Bendydemons addon way better.

        287. I love your addon!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

          Please version up to v2!

        288. iamded64 says:

          I have heard the upcoming update will be released somewhere around March. Long way to go, but hey, that means better features for Julius to work on! Btw keep up the good work if you are reading this comment Julius!

        289. seli's gameing life says:

          why cant you make the update pls make the update pls

        290. RGLgaming872 says:

          So for soke reason when I create a world with this addon, i spawn in with slowness and night vision and i cant get rid of it. Can u help?

        291. COD:MW creator says:

          How to active the nuke?

          • Scp 173 says:

            Use an Omni keycard

          • Guest-4857391167 says:

            Heya how ya doing? I have to tell ya something about your addon, im getting annoyed by ci and there tnt and i also don’t like when the scientist just read all day and barely move and when theres a breach there behavior changes but. But they just read hearing people die,and do ya have to add things that bendy put in his addon?

        292. Sse says:

          What good quality Addon! The only problem is the game crashing but either than that, it is 5/5. Thank you for making this Addon for people to enjoy and I hope you keep working on it to make it even better!

        293. Todd Scott says:

          How do you rotate the blast door

        294. KevThePurpleFox says:

          I figured it out! Turn it into a zip file, and extract them into their required folders, and open minecraft! The addon crashes on my phone when it makes a world with it on, but its fine when it joins me lol. The addon is awesome! But I now see why it’s not for multiplayer haha

        295. KevThePurpleFox says:

          Crashes on android, and refuses to import behavior pack on Windows 10.

        296. KevThePurpleFox says:

          One of the packs say error importing. I’ve tried multiple times. Please fix it, I have been looking for an SCP 650 for a while!

        297. Idk what to put here says:

          Hello. When I import the mod, there is an error: “provided ‘format_version’ element has an invalid value in pack manifest” Please help.

        298. Demon Rider 10 says:

          Make a Map Please

        299. Coolguy says:

          Yeah can you plzz if you do I will give this a five star

        300. Epicdude says:

          Can you please get this on the iOS addon app plzzz just like bendy cuz it’s not fair for some iOS users that don’t know how to download on this com

        301. Kai Boi says:

          how do you get items? I cant seem to get keycards and all that stuff that i see on the trailer.

        302. Epicdude says:

          Can you try to get this on iOS Addons like bendydemons scp addon

        303. andikawithfnaf says:

          please fix Android minecraft pe scp and human items invisible

        304. lol says:

          So the addon is amazeing. and the creator is still puting effort into it, awnsering comments and updateing the addon.

          • Anonymous says:

            Its probably just me but i cant download it i think you need to put it another platform to download maybe mcaddon a mobile game that allows pe players to downlaod addons

        305. Random guy says:

          Hey, can you fix the bug were the game crashes when a friend joins your game, overall this add-on is awesome!

        306. Dan says:

          Pls fix this I can’t install the addon on the latest iPadOS or just separate the resource pack and the behavior pack pls.

        307. LackedCoronet45 says:

          Pls change it to work on mobile devices. Plsssssssssssssssssssssss x 9999999

        308. Potvor says:

          How does the 914 work? i can’t figure out how to use it. I know that with shift i can change the mode but how to play it how to actualy upgrade?

        309. Dan says:

          Hey Julius Scizzor I can’t download the Addon on iOS 13.3 pls fix this

          • Dani the creator says:

            It just lag and lag me and bendy the demon18 talked about a upgrade on bendys Addon the foundation Addon its going to look like scp lockdown mode but it well work on mobile devices and on ipad and ios so like this and comment🙏🏼👍🏽

        310. popularmmos says:

          Can you add fix scp 173 and turn it into a scp contaminated breech pls

        311. LackedCoronet45 says:

          I play on iPadOS. I get an error when loading the world, please correct. , Please add SCP-682 , How do you make a warhead explode? , SCP-173 penetrates through doors, please correct. can?

        312. ok gameomg says:

          Pls add scp 682 plsssssssssss

        313. DTech says:

          Hey, why SCP- 173 looks like that? I don’t know much about SCP ’cause I don’t play it. But it looks cool that’s why I want to try it in Minecraft . Have a nice day btw.

        314. JS LOVER says:

          CAN you make a SCP-354 add-on please :). Secure contain protect

        315. SCP: JS suggester says:

          I suggest that you should add the scp’s I’m going list. SCP-087 by doing /function 087 SCP-191 SCP-354 by doing /function 354 SCP-008 AND SCP-008-1 SCP alarm the alarms will be a button BLOOD effect when The human or player die /function blood effect. and this is it I hope you can get some in your add-on my fav is 354 and 191 can’t wait till next update

        316. This add-on is cool. I can’t wait to see the new SCP’s you announced on your discord server.
          And could you add some of the joke SCP’s please?

        317. Unknown says:

          You should make a code where it spawns a facility so then you can walk through it and play.

        318. Isaiah says:

          I have much better scp addons

          • Guest-6294240830 says:

            This mod is good. But SCP 106… Hell no. I am on peaceful mode, building an underground site, and one spawns. Okay, maybe I spawned it in by accident. I /kill it. Then, they start spawning 4 at a time, faster than I can kill them. Then the flame guy spawns and burns my entire forest down. My site is destroyed, covered in pocket dimension blocks, and I don’t have a backup. Why did this happen, and how do I fix it?

        319. Me says:

          Plz add scp 682..

          Cuz i built a cage for him

        320. ... says:

          Some more updates: Hmm, this is an great SCP addon. But can you add more like SCP-1000 ”Bigfoot”, SCP-6789”Siren Head” and SCP-3008”Ikea” and SCP-3008-1(Can you make spawning SCP-3008 by taping /function IKEA), if you add them to the addon i Will be happy :).
          Fixet: SCP-096-JS needs to fix, when Putins on the nightvision goggles front of SCP-966 i wont see it, but if im Putting it on the second Time its works…, when putting items like the gasmask on armorstand, the gasmask then Will have no textures. Pls fix these…

        321. Wyattiscool says:

          This is AWESOME NO GLITCHES COOL BRO A++++++++++++

        322. Sniperx says:

          The addon is great but it keeps crashing, pls fix this.

        323. Krkdkd says:

          We need this for mobile👎

        324. Darkaris13 says:

          How do I get the naturally spawning facility block to work?

        325. Darkaris13 says:

          How do I get the natural spawning facility block to work?

        326. Blackcat says:

          Почимута уминя нету Scp-049 035 939

        327. siren_ says:

          This is a great addon. I have some suggestions for SCP entities or objects that possibly could be added in the next update to this addon:

          -SCP-012: A Bad Composition
          -SCP-023: Black Shuck
          -SCP-055: [unknown]
          -SCP-066: Eric’s Toy (Prior & After Incident 066-2)
          -SCP-073: Cain
          -SCP-093: Red Sea Object
          -SCP-105: “Iris”
          -SCP-131: The “Eyepods”
          -SCP-261: Pan Dimensional Vending
          -SCP-372: Peripheral Jumper
          -SCP-354: The Red Pool
          -SCP-500: Panacea
          -SCP-513: A Cowbell
          -SCP-527: Mr Fish
          -SCP-529: Josie, The Half Cat
          -SCP-553: Crystalline Butterflies
          -SCP-718: Eyeball
          -SCP-811: Swamp Woman
          -SCP-895: Camera Distruption
          -SCP-999: The Tickle Monster
          -SCP-1048: Builder Bear
          -SCP-1162: A Hole In The Wall
          -SCP-1370: Pesterbot
          -SCP-1762: Where The Dragons Went
          -SCP-2521: ●●|●●●●●|●●|●

          If you know what these SCPs are, I’m sure you’ll be able to add them to Minecraft and give them their unique features and abilities.

        328. Evan says:

          hello i know you, hehe i quite enjoy your videos BUT i am unable to download this it wont import to minecraft the error is “provided ‘format_version’ element has an invalid value in pack manafest” please fix this dude cause i really want to be able to download this

        329. MCNINJA05 says:

          SCP -914 has a problem rotating through its modes it gets stuck on CHANGE TO ROUGH

        330. MCNINJA05 says:

          You should make the computers and cameras do something.

          • SCP: JS suggester says:

            SCP-354 is the one YOU are so close going to be like LOCKDOWN Mod but they add all men y scp’s pls add scp-354 and the entity s 354-1 354-2 354-3 354-4 354-5 354-5 354-6 hold on is this scp-354-6? 354-14 354-15 354-16 354-18 that is all I ask for plus it will be good with the add-on

        331. Pumpkin spice says:

          Can you make a mobile version plz I need this mod

        332. MCNINJA05 says:

          Amazing mod. High detail. You should add SCP-250, SCP-191, SCP- 053, SCP-871, SCP-682, SCP-1048, SCP-354 and/or just some of its instances.

        333. IcEWaRRiOr says:

          Please,add to this mod SCP-662,using it will spawn butler,from whom you can ask some items,and protecting you from enemies,it will so cool😎

        334. Calvin Dam says:

          How do I use the warheads and alos how do I obtain the items like goggles and cards and etc

          • Calvin Dam says:

            Nevermind found out the goggles and items needed the command /give @s scp:nightvisiongoggles and the cards need /give @s scp:keycard1 ( Theres 1-6 ones omni so it really dosent exist ) and to make goggles work is /function nightvisiongoggles something like that

        335. cyber says:


          p.s., is it alright if i merge your mod, bendy’s mod and ANGIOUS2004 textures

        336. Rolan says:

          I need a better device for this add-on to work. ‘Cause I can’t type.

        337. LackedCoronet45 says:

          Reduce movement speed when walking on blocks corroded by SCP-106.

        338. jepu says:

          scp facilitys and night vision mask aren’t working! 🙂

        339. HasonShehri says:

          Why I Can’t Find Key Cards ?

        340. Anonymous says:

          Как на андроид установить?

        341. Unknown says:

          I don’t know what has happen but the add-on is broken

        342. ABED says:

          Please increase the speed and range of scp106

        343. ABED says:


        344. LackedCoronet45 says:

          Can attack the rotated door , SCP-096’s angry hand is misaligned , SCP-966 may not be displayed when wearing night vision goggles , Make sure you can play correctly on your mobile device. , Please improve SCP-106’s corrosion to the air block.

        345. GripssPlayz says:

          Hey great add-on, you’re ahead in the SCP Addon war, at least until Bendy releases the next update.
          I was wondering if there was anything blocking people from joining my world with this equipped.
          It is LAN but my world won’t show up to my friends. I know it can be dangerous (Am prepared)

          So if not then that puts you back a few points. Hope you do well with coming addons!

        346. Rolan says:

          I can’t join the discord. I don’t know what’s the use of the camera.

          • SCP: JS suggester says:

            SCP-354 is the one YOU are so close going to be like LOCKDOWN Mod but they add all men y scp’s pls add scp-354 and the entity s 354-1 354-2 354-3 354-4 354-5 354-5 354-6 hold on is this scp-354-6? 354-14 354-15 354-16 354-18 that is all I ask for plus it will be good with the add-on

        347. Iceburg says:

          Hey, I’m my IOS the Security’s arm’s have missing pieces in the model, the gun is also gone. Please fix!

        348. GripssPlayz says:

          Is it possible to make it multiplayer safe? Even now (MP not recommended), my world wont show up on LAN.
          I want to take the risk of it crashing, but no one can even see my world so any suggestions?

          (PS great job on keycard doors and clearance lvls, but 096 is broken)

        349. Yazuko gaming says:

          Hey Julius about the blast door the blast door can’t be rotated and when it’s destroyed the barrier block is still there and the door tools long to close and open sometimes.

        350. Anonymous says:

          Please add the map.

        351. Kevon says:

          Hey if dis addon Dint work on Minecraft on android if dis thing works on Minecraft I will give you 5 Stars and I will subscribe your videos every day

        352. AldinCraft says:

          Nice but scp 096 is still running when going up on the ground and glitchy hands

        353. naib? says:

          The minecraft still crashing 😐

        354. JustSomeUnit says:

          Add Mobile Task force Unit Nu-7 designated hammer down
          You can give them 50 health slow movement and a M249 LMG

        355. Tristan says:

          Hey You Work For Mobile Or Ios Or 2 Work Android Working Addon Please

        356. Scpslplayer says:

          Epic 👍🏼

        357. umeka says:

          can you add scp six eight two pleasesss

        358. Anonymous says:

          Crashing simulator add-on

        359. BonnieEXE says:

          What about the Alpha Warhead from the trailer?

        360. Yazuko gaming says:

          Also if it doesn’t work on IOS you can move the resources pack to resource_packs and the behaviour pack move it in behaviour_packs

          I think this can help.

        361. Jacob says:

          When are you going to update scp js edition please leave a comment saying when the update comes out also I like your addon for mcpe I rate it 5 stars but you dident put SCP-096 in your 1 version

        362. beep beep imma sheep says:

          Is this add-on mainly for mobile, or other devices? Because when I tried installing it on my PC, it only would correctly install the resource pack. While, in mobile It installed perfectly fine.

        363. Scp lover says:

          Please mAke scp js edition v2 on 12/8/19 today or tomorrrow

        364. LackedCoronet45 says:

          Hi JuliusScizzor. I want to fix the door lugs , We want you to reduce range where door sound reaches , We want you to correct position of gas mask when we put on gas mask , Please modify the texture of see no evil commander to be cool , Make sure you do n’t hit bullets with evil commanders. Can you do it?

        365. LackedCoronet45 says:

          Add SCP-096.

        366. [REDACTED] says:

          I’m just saying you should colab with BENDYTHEDEMON18 on the scp addon to make it into a complete on but that’s just me

        367. [REDACTED] says:

          P.S scp 914 for some reason doesn’t work also I blink even if scp 173 isn’t near I tried /function blinkoff but there wasn’t any blinkoff or blinkon I love the addon I badly wanted scp 682 and scp 096 you could always take from bendythedemon18 by asking of course

        368. [REDACTED] says:

          Hello I’d like to report a glitch with the gas mask it pretty much flying above me and scp 3000…….. I got scarred for life, the “destroy” or the red X it doesn’t work my game never crashed the whole addon works perfectly the pd the blinking the running system

        369. Костя сендер says:

          Мне нужен scp 682 срочно

        370. Andres says:

          Ir doesnt works on iPhone SE
          Can you Put it in the mcaddon App?

        371. TooCoolForSchool says:


        372. SCP: JS suggester says:

          Beta-7 plz and add Scp-354 cuz no add-on for ios and Android have scp354 oh and can you some blood effects or more items or Blast doors or SCP035 or you can add ohh so in every site they have guards but I looked at the comments it said he is Not using things that bendy demon18 is using so whit only SD r guards ok app when eta 10 need back up beta-7 come in when they need back up ALPEA-1 it is up to them that is it and now I’m going play your ad on now oh can you add RRT

        373. Nick says:

          I love the mod but I got bored useing same scp’s can add beta-7 and scp354 oh and it works on android some for you ppl don’t read the instructions

        374. MobyFire says:

          Hey Julius Scizzor why can’t the MTF’s Attack the Hostile Mobs and SCPs? they just only walking around and wait for the SCPs to Attack them.

        375. Great_addon says:

          I know this is a demo but I will tell you some bugs for people reading this. These bugs may not occur on all devices and are just some that I experienced while using. Some bugs are: Scp 914 will get stuck on very fine and cannot upgrade certain card levels, The Femur Breaker’s animation for someone using it doesn’t work right and the person in it will T-pose while facing the player, SCP-
          966 is visible without night vision goggles. Another thing that isn’t really a glitch is that as someone who uses swap jump and sneak, the sneaking button as a jump icon. Other than a few glitches, the add on is great! I hope that in future updates there will be more functionality. Great add on, definitely get.

        376. UrBoiFromSite19 says:

          If we make a YouTube video with your content can’t we just credit you in it? Please tell why if not.

        377. Petra Fikiris says:

          Quite frustrating. Crashes on iPad Pro 2nd gen, works on iPad Pro 3rd gen. Very buggy. It’s a demo only atm. If you want to play on a bigger variety of devices with less bugs right now try Julius’ friends Bendy the Demon add-on. Behaviour there is fun and gameplay smooth. I expect great things in the future here and look forward to development. Good luck!

        378. Kirito90000 says:

          For some reason scp-294 (the coffee machine) doesn’t work no matter how many quarters i put in it won’t let me get any drinks and please make a way to kill the unkillable entitys (like the doors) beside the /kill , and keep up the great work i love this addon!
          Excited to see the key card doors😀

        379. Fantom says:

          dude mod class but pz do it another 1.12 just wanted to play on this version

        380. Maxilito1546 says:

          It seems great but it keeps crashing before I can properly use it so plz can u look into that

        381. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

          Julius add SCP 682 hard to destroy reptile

        382. Anonymous says:

          Esta muy bien el addon pero lo utilize en la versión 1.14 y tiene unos cuantos bugs los arreglarlas

        383. Red red king says:

          best scp addon in my opinion Pls add Scp 354

        384. [REDACTED] says:

          How do you kill that cursor shadow please? It keeps on activating my Tesla gates in Heavy Containment Zone.

        385. Sniperx says:

          The fire man scp does not burn the trees and it attacks scp-966 for some reason. And sometimes l would have to take the night vision goggles off and on to see scp-966. And scp-714 does not work well, l spawned one and l turned my back and it was gone, but sometimes l would see it gliching in midair. And can you please fix scp-106 attack, because when l get near him in creative he still takes me to his pd. And keep up the great work, and this is my most favorite mod, very awesome and l know that this mod in time could or will be better than the scp lockdown mod. 😁

        386. FACILITY! says:

          Whenever I Spawn The Foundation All The Walls Floors And Other Items Are Gone! How do I fix this?

        387. ArthritisGuy says:

          Crashes when I use it😩

        388. Oogie Booige Soogie Hoogie says:

          When’s the next update?

        389. Anonymous says:

          Great but the /function startaddon doesn’t always work.

        390. Slopplop says:

          This is great but how do I use the warhwad

        391. senzawa says:

          Honestly the best mod ever. Dude NEVER STOP YOU ARE VERY GOOD! also there is a lot of comments about that minecraft keeps crashing, This mod is pretty intense (your phone will NOT be able to take this mod)
          Thank you for not using adfly and for makinng the best mod on this platform.

        392. Dmanusa12 says:

          The gas mask and the super gas mask doesn’t fit on the player right over all it’s well made

        393. HaloTheBoi says:

          Really good! Your right tho, lot of bugs. But, after a little while, its easy to cope with.
          And please add SCPs: 1424 (Nothing happens if your wearing gas mask) and SCP-268 (Gives player invisibility and wither 1 when being worn)

        394. Sniperx says:

          Hey Julius scizzor are there any blocks that can contain scp-106, and how do you activate his rust trail. And where do you place the items to refine or fine the items in scp-919. And finally how do you kill scp-173-js without using the kill command.

        395. Jackaka says:

          I’m attempting to download this on a pc and the behavior pack wont download. Fix this please

        396. LLLLLLLL says:

          There Are Bugs With The SCP Items Whenever I Try To Find Them They Are Not There How Do I Fix This? Also AWESOME Addon! And bendy’s and ang’s addons

        397. Aydin says:


        398. SCP-173 says:

          Broken still cannot download it just add it to Addons!

          • Husky says:

            Describe the issue using proper grammar so we can understand you, Apply Both Behavior And Resource Packs In the description it describes its laggy and not downloadable on IoS,

        399. Dank_Meme says:

          Julius Scizzor, could you please fix the addon. I’m in iOS. So what happened is that when I first got the addon, I made a new world and summoned the facility by using the /function facility1 command. I then expanded the facility and put so much effort. I made all scp chambers and all the rooms and zones. After making the scp 106 chamber, I spotted some weird shadows of an invisible mob. While I was building I accidentally stood on it and I fell right through the world and it broke half of the facility. Please fix this Julius. I’m pretty frustrated that I put all my effort in and it broke. But other then that the addon is really cool. PLEASE FIX 😢

          • I know about this issue. It was the pocket dimension entities to remove the pocket dimension not getting killed before they reached the ground. I think I already fixed it in v1.1 but if it happened for you in v1.1 I will take another look at it. I am already working on v2.

            Thanks for being patient, unlike many others who don’t appreciate any of the effort put into this. Much more cool stuff is planned 🙂

          • Sniperx says:

            The very same happened to me. I just building rooms to add on to the facility, and all of a sudden a lot of blocks that l placed and other blocks just disappeared. And l also noticed the shadows, they seem to be mobs because sometime the shadows would turn into a puff of smoke when l hit them long enough.

        400. Dervon Clydell Austin says:

          ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴀᴅᴅ ɪɴ sᴄᴘ-𝟹𝟻𝟺 * ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴅ ᴘᴏᴏʟ *

        401. Denis The says:

          The natural facility broke,please fix it thank!

        402. Nie says:

          Best addon what I ever seen but can you add scp 939

        403. DAN says:

          I cannot play this io andoid?

        404. Anonymous says:

          Ты можешь в своих видео говорить по русски?

        405. JustSomeUnit says:

          Ya destroyed the addon lad
          It keeps closing minecraft

        406. YEET says:

          Pls fix the link I really want to try scp 3000 pls

        407. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

          Julius Tell me Pliss Fix For Mobile ☹

        408. JustinHacker43 says:

          For Those Who Crashing And Crashing. I Have A Idea To Fix That , You Need To Download Void Template , And Use The Scp Addon On It , And That Will Fix Crashing , Thank You.

        409. Wigglersfan says:

          Amazing addon. But how do you detonate the warhead?

        410. lmgboy says:

          its all cool but idk why but it says cant import addon its says name of addon unknkw fix it please

        411. MCMetDesert says:

          Please, fix crashing

        412. Gillo Gilla says:

          How do you remove the eye bar after giving birth to scp 173 js?

        413. HI says:

          Hey um. I love the addon. It is one of the best addon I know. But one thing whenever the facility is generated my Minecraft crashed. I do not know if it is the addon causing this or the 1.13 update.

        414. ••|•••••|••|• says:

          Hey great add on. One of the best if not the best for SCP. Can anyone tell me how to fix a door problem. They’re like pressure plates in that they only face the one way which means I can’t put them everywhere I need them. Can anyone help. Also pls add 049. Have a good day.

        415. Axialskel says:

          Awesome Mod I ever Got!! But can u make it to gameplay? Like ur old map?

        416. Joshua says:


        417. FixTheDisc says:

          Discord invite doesn’t work

        418. Bronco Dalton says:

          You need to fix the Behavior because its keep saying “Failed to import”

        419. IRequireAssistance says:

          I can’t figure out how to use SCP-914. Is it supposed to have no collision or is it W.I.P? Also, it gets stuck on rough

        420. bettyherrin says:

          Same thing with me dude

        421. This is the best SCP add-on ever.

        422. Nabd says:

          Can someone give me a seed and coordinates where the scp foundation is? Thanks!

        423. SCP-DAVE-J says:

          Discord link doesn’t work

        424. Nikson says:

          Lacks mob animations but looks greats

        425. Great! Keep the good work and I hope it doesn’t get stolen, you put a lot of effort on this.

        426. OG_45 says:

          Try to add this addon on your map with Bendy’s SCP addon and this addon, it will even more cool 🙋

        427. 한국사람 says:

          Jumping, crouching or attacking will cause Minecraft to exit. (Google)

        428. SCP-Fan says:

          Could you add it to the app called Addons cause I have iOS 13 so I cannot download anything only on the Addons app I can that would be an improvement! And gets more sales and makes more people happy please read this, also the addon looks very great and detailed! You should get more sales and the other SCP mod too!

        429. JustSomeUnit says:

          Bro add a Foundation Security
          Add 049 and 049-2,008 088-2
          Add Chaos insurgency,Serpeants hand
          Add Mobile task force Esplion-11 Nine tailed Fox
          Add a Tesla gate 3 blocks wide

        430. Den says:

          Крутой мод но есть одно но …
          Он вылетает! Я пробовал ставить на английский язык и получилось но только на 1 раз!
          Исправьте и поставлю 5 звёзд а так 3 🙂
          А так мод очень крутой!!

          • Guest-3974768251 says:

            There is something really wrong with mine when I am in my world with the addon something poping out saying game ended and i am in adventure and cant move

        431. Yazuko gaming says:

          Wow nice

        432. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

          Pliss make New SCP Map For Mobile Version 0.1 and 0.7

        433. Wheres my shoes says:


        434. Godzillasaurus says:

          Please fix it When I move it crashes

        435. Guoup says:

          My PE 1.13.0 is not used

        436. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:


        437. MLGCaterpie says:

          Now a good SCP mod

        438. Jim says:

          Please I beg you to upload this to addons

        439. Edo says:

          In waiting the map

        440. Ivan Castillo says:

          is there a map download or maybe a seed that has the facility?

        441. Anonymate says:

          Easily one of the best add ons I’ve ever gotten. One thing though, how to you refine objects in SCP-914? There is no place to put objects.

        442. Red says:

          Please make one for 1.14

        443. Gabgamer deleom says:

          When i open my inventory its always crashing

        444. namvn says:

          you can add scp 087, it verry good

        445. Starius says:

          Awesome addon just 1 question is SCP-682 planned to be added in this addon later in the future?

        446. ZeoCharge says:

          Great mod! I would love to see more updates in the future! Keep it up! 🙂

        447. Endless says:

          Omg, the best SCP add-on

        448. SCP-Fan says:

          Could you add it to Addons because whenever I try to get it it is invalid but in Addons it works perfectly fine, coulda please!

        449. S says:

          although i have done what it says on the website always crash

        450. Notggsteamer1 says:

          Awesome love it Julius

        451. Nugget Plays says:

          I love the images and stuff like that but here are a few suggestions, add SCP 682, 96, 2, 1018, and finally SCP 49 or AKA Plague Doctor

        452. Joshua says:




        453. Ed Roman says:

          Thanks for making this!