SCP: JS Edition v1 (1.13+)

Did you wish there was something like the SCP: Lockdown mod but on Bedrock Edition?  Now there is! It adds 16 SCPs and other SCP Foundation related stuff for you to enjoy!
(Note: This is NOT a port of SCP: Lockdown, it’s my own thing)

This as a demo version of the add-on, a sneak peek of what I can do, much more will be added in the future! Any suggestions, feedback and bug reports are much appreciated! Leave them in my discord server here:

> Discord

Please consider supporting me on Patreon, and gain early access to updates and other projects!

> Patreon

– Some features may not work properly on Multiplayer.
– Experimental gameplay must be turned on for the add-on to work.
– Add-ons are broken and inconsistent on mobile devices.


All credits go to the creator(s) of SCP: Containment Breach game, and creators of other Minecraft Bedrock SCP add-ons.

Everything contained within this add-on is based on the SCP: Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license:



If you used any of my content (Maps, tutorials, resource packs, ETC.), for any of your own content, you MUST show me some respect and credit me by linking to my YouTube channel. You are NOT ALLOWED to re-upload this anywhere else or share the links directly.

> https://youtube.com/c/JuliusScizzor

Optional Features

The add-on is set to “optimization on” by default. Type /function optimizeoff to turn it off or /function optimizeon to turn it on

Pocket Dimension: (WARNING: Buggy)

Type /function pdon to turn on or /function pdoff to turn off


– SCP-076-2: Attacks humans and the player. Turns into SCP-076-1 when killed and turns back into SCP-076-2 after 60 – 120 seconds.

  • Health: 1000
  • Damage: 9999
  • Movement: 0.5

– SCP-106: Can walk through any block. Immune to projectiles. Use femur breaker to distract and kill

  • Health: 500
  • Damage: 106
  • Movement: 0.27

– SCP-173-JS: Cannot move when in direct eye contact with by the player. Blink activates when 30 blocks near it. Attacks most humanoid entities.

  • Health: 10000
  • Damage: 1730
  • Movement: 0.92

– SCP-207: Gives wither 2 for 6 seconds and speed 3 for 15 seconds

– SCP-294: 6 Cups, cost 2 quarters per cup. Gives different effects so choose wisely!

– SCP-427: Hold to activate, gives regeneration 1 when held. Be careful not to hold for too long!

– SCP-420-JS:

WARNING: Very destructive

Keeps summoning ender crystals on you when held. Gives max resistance when held.

Tip: Use with elytra 🙂

– SCP-457. Attacks everything and destroys wood. Weak to water and has 2 texture variants.

  • Health: 80
  • Damage: 20
  • Movement: 0.23

– SCP-650: Teleports behind you when not observing it. Stop following me

– SCP-714: Gives resistance 4 and slowness 3 when held.

– SCP-914:

Can be useful in refining items. Be careful not to go too close when refining! Shift click to change modes.

> Rough:

             Playingcard – Nothing

             Diamond – Coal Block

> Coarse:

             Playingcard – Nothing

> 1:1:     

             Playingcard – Keycard 1

             Broom – Wooden Sword

             Diamond Sword – Trident

> Fine:

             Gas Mask – Super Gas Mask

             All keycard upgrades

             Emerald – Keycard 1

> Very Fine:

             Apple – Enchanted Golden Apple

             Iron Ingot – Iron Block

             Keycard 1 – Keycard 6 (Low Chance)

– SCP-966: Invisible unless you’re wearing Night Vision Goggles

  • Health: 60
  • Movement: 0.15
  • Damage: 1

– SCP-1025: Gives wither when held. Don’t read it!

– SCP-1507: Attack humans and the player. “Adults” crack the more damage they take.

  • Health: 20 + 5 hits
  • Movement: 0.26
  • Damage: 7

– SCP-3000: Wait why am I here again

  • Health: !$2(*@
  • Movement: 0.0000000000000000ERROR
  • Damage: (!91*#

Rebooting Systems






Foundation Stuff

All humans (except MTF) sleep during the night.

– MTF Unit Eta-10 (See No Evil): MTF unit that spawns in groups of 3. Attack Class D personnel and cognitohazardous SCPs

  • Health: 40
  • Movement: 0.25
  • Damage: 7 per bullet
  • Range: 32 blocks

– Scientists: Different Level variants, 1 – 4. Each leveled scientist has different trades.  

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5
  • Worktable: Lectern (and Bookshelf)

– Janitor: Has some trades, gets rid of monsters and dirt in SCP facilities. 

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5
  • Damage: 20

– Doctor: Trades medkits

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5
  • Damage: 20

– Class D Personnel: Have a problem? Throw a Class D at it!

  • HP: 20
  • Movement: 0.5

– Facility Doors (No keycard levels yet)
It is recommended to space them at least 2 blocks apart

– Facility Blocks

Custom blocks with custom recipes! A list of all recipes can be found here:
> List of recipes

– Naturally Spawning SCP Facilities!
Facility blocks spawn around the world (must be in new chunks), breaking them will spawn a small room with an SCP item in it or an SCP facility.

There is only one big facility type for now. More will be added in the future.

Other Features

    – Gas Mask: Increases movement speed and removes poison effect
    – Super Gas Mask: Further increases movement speed and removes poison effect
    – Night Vision Goggles: Gives night vision effect and allows you to see SCP-966
    – Ballistic Vest: Gives extra 10 hearts of health at the cost of some movement speed.
    – Sprint Bar: Works like a normal SCP: CB sprint bar


    • Toggleable blink isn’t working.
    • You can only equip items ONE AT A TIME, otherwise they will override each other.
    • Gas Mask armor model is bugged

    Watch the trailer(s)!


    Changelog View more

    Balance Changes, Small Bug Fixes, Survival Mode Improvements

    Thanks to all those who took time to report bugs. Really appreciate it!

    - SCP-106 Nerfs:

    • Reduced health (1006 > 500)
    • Increased movement speed very slightly
    • Reduced spawn rate

    - Reduced computer and camera hitboxes

    - Reduced chance of doors being in wrong position in SCP Facilities

    - New way of spawning structures (credits to dakonblackrose)

    • Facility blocks spawn around the world (unloaded chunks)
    • When broken, can spawn a room with an SCP, or a facility .

    - SCP-457, SCP-966, SCP-1507 and See No Evil squads can spawn (quite rarely) naturally

    - Facilities now don't clear a huge rectangle when spawned

    - Femur Breaker balances:

    • Reduced health (6000 > 2000)
    • Increased recipe value (Get 3 per crafting instead of 1)

    - Added a little more loot to the SCP facility

    - /function startaddon now automatically runs every 5000 ticks


    FOR iOS:

    I will be making a tutorial video on how to fix add-ons not importing on iOS. But here it is in the form of text: (this also works for .mcworld

    1) Go to files app, navigate to downloads. You should see the name of the pack there.

    2) Copy this file over to Documents by Readdle app

    3) Rename the .mcaddon to .zip. Press use .zip

    4) Rename it back to .mcaddon Press use .mcaddon

    5) Now open it, press more and press copy to minecraft. It should work now


    Supported Minecraft versions


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    Installation Guides

    AndroidiOSWindows 10

    157 Responses

    4.46 / 5 (94 votes)
    1. Scp lover says:

      Please mAke scp js edition v2 on 12/8/19 today or tomorrrow

    2. LackedCoronet45 says:

      Hi JuliusScizzor. I want to fix the door lugs , We want you to reduce range where door sound reaches , We want you to correct position of gas mask when we put on gas mask , Please modify the texture of see no evil commander to be cool , Make sure you do n’t hit bullets with evil commanders. Can you do it?

    3. LackedCoronet45 says:

      Add SCP-096.

    4. [REDACTED] says:

      I’m just saying you should colab with BENDYTHEDEMON18 on the scp addon to make it into a complete on but that’s just me

    5. [REDACTED] says:

      P.S scp 914 for some reason doesn’t work also I blink even if scp 173 isn’t near I tried /function blinkoff but there wasn’t any blinkoff or blinkon I love the addon I badly wanted scp 682 and scp 096 you could always take from bendythedemon18 by asking of course

    6. [REDACTED] says:

      Hello I’d like to report a glitch with the gas mask it pretty much flying above me and scp 3000…….. I got scarred for life, the “destroy” or the red X it doesn’t work my game never crashed the whole addon works perfectly the pd the blinking the running system

    7. Костя сендер says:

      Мне нужен scp 682 срочно

    8. Andres says:

      Ir doesnt works on iPhone SE
      Can you Put it in the mcaddon App?

    9. TooCoolForSchool says:


    10. SCP: JS suggester says:

      Beta-7 plz and add Scp-354 cuz no add-on for ios and Android have scp354 oh and can you some blood effects or more items or Blast doors or SCP035 or you can add ohh so in every site they have guards but I looked at the comments it said he is Not using things that bendy demon18 is using so whit only SD r guards ok app when eta 10 need back up beta-7 come in when they need back up ALPEA-1 it is up to them that is it and now I’m going play your ad on now oh can you add RRT

    11. Nick says:

      I love the mod but I got bored useing same scp’s can add beta-7 and scp354 oh and it works on android some for you ppl don’t read the instructions

    12. MobyFire says:

      Hey Julius Scizzor why can’t the MTF’s Attack the Hostile Mobs and SCPs? they just only walking around and wait for the SCPs to Attack them.

    13. Great_addon says:

      I know this is a demo but I will tell you some bugs for people reading this. These bugs may not occur on all devices and are just some that I experienced while using. Some bugs are: Scp 914 will get stuck on very fine and cannot upgrade certain card levels, The Femur Breaker’s animation for someone using it doesn’t work right and the person in it will T-pose while facing the player, SCP-
      966 is visible without night vision goggles. Another thing that isn’t really a glitch is that as someone who uses swap jump and sneak, the sneaking button as a jump icon. Other than a few glitches, the add on is great! I hope that in future updates there will be more functionality. Great add on, definitely get.

    14. UrBoiFromSite19 says:

      If we make a YouTube video with your content can’t we just credit you in it? Please tell why if not.

    15. Petra Fikiris says:

      Quite frustrating. Crashes on iPad Pro 2nd gen, works on iPad Pro 3rd gen. Very buggy. It’s a demo only atm. If you want to play on a bigger variety of devices with less bugs right now try Julius’ friends Bendy the Demon add-on. Behaviour there is fun and gameplay smooth. I expect great things in the future here and look forward to development. Good luck!

      • I am trying my best to make it work across more devices. I think right now it’s mostly 1.13 destroying the game, but I think the crashes should be also caused by the functions constantly ran by the player.

        Hopefully 1.14 optimizes it a lot better, I am already working on some optimization improvements

    16. Kirito90000 says:

      For some reason scp-294 (the coffee machine) doesn’t work no matter how many quarters i put in it won’t let me get any drinks and please make a way to kill the unkillable entitys (like the doors) beside the /kill , and keep up the great work i love this addon!
      Excited to see the key card doors😀

    17. Fantom says:

      dude mod class but pz do it another 1.12 just wanted to play on this version

    18. Maxilito1546 says:

      It seems great but it keeps crashing before I can properly use it so plz can u look into that

    19. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

      Julius add SCP 682 hard to destroy reptile

    20. Anonymous says:

      Esta muy bien el addon pero lo utilize en la versión 1.14 y tiene unos cuantos bugs los arreglarlas

    21. Red red king says:

      best scp addon in my opinion Pls add Scp 354

    22. [REDACTED] says:

      How do you kill that cursor shadow please? It keeps on activating my Tesla gates in Heavy Containment Zone.

    23. Sniperx says:

      The fire man scp does not burn the trees and it attacks scp-966 for some reason. And sometimes l would have to take the night vision goggles off and on to see scp-966. And scp-714 does not work well, l spawned one and l turned my back and it was gone, but sometimes l would see it gliching in midair. And can you please fix scp-106 attack, because when l get near him in creative he still takes me to his pd. And keep up the great work, and this is my most favorite mod, very awesome and l know that this mod in time could or will be better than the scp lockdown mod. 😁

    24. FACILITY! says:

      Whenever I Spawn The Foundation All The Walls Floors And Other Items Are Gone! How do I fix this?

    25. ArthritisGuy says:

      Crashes when I use it😩

    26. meep says:

      scp-354 pls

    27. Oogie Booige Soogie Hoogie says:

      When’s the next update?

    28. Anonymous says:

      Great but the /function startaddon doesn’t always work.

    29. Slopplop says:

      This is great but how do I use the warhwad

    30. senzawa says:

      Honestly the best mod ever. Dude NEVER STOP YOU ARE VERY GOOD! also there is a lot of comments about that minecraft keeps crashing, This mod is pretty intense (your phone will NOT be able to take this mod)
      Thank you for not using adfly and for makinng the best mod on this platform.

    31. Dmanusa12 says:

      The gas mask and the super gas mask doesn’t fit on the player right over all it’s well made

    32. HaloTheBoi says:

      Really good! Your right tho, lot of bugs. But, after a little while, its easy to cope with.
      And please add SCPs: 1424 (Nothing happens if your wearing gas mask) and SCP-268 (Gives player invisibility and wither 1 when being worn)

    33. Sniperx says:

      Hey Julius scizzor are there any blocks that can contain scp-106, and how do you activate his rust trail. And where do you place the items to refine or fine the items in scp-919. And finally how do you kill scp-173-js without using the kill command.

    34. Jackaka says:

      I’m attempting to download this on a pc and the behavior pack wont download. Fix this please

    35. LLLLLLLL says:

      There Are Bugs With The SCP Items Whenever I Try To Find Them They Are Not There How Do I Fix This? Also AWESOME Addon! And bendy’s and ang’s addons

    36. Aydin says:


    37. SCP-173 says:

      Broken still cannot download it just add it to Addons!

      • Husky says:

        Describe the issue using proper grammar so we can understand you, Apply Both Behavior And Resource Packs In the description it describes its laggy and not downloadable on IoS,

    38. Dank_Meme says:

      Julius Scizzor, could you please fix the addon. I’m in iOS. So what happened is that when I first got the addon, I made a new world and summoned the facility by using the /function facility1 command. I then expanded the facility and put so much effort. I made all scp chambers and all the rooms and zones. After making the scp 106 chamber, I spotted some weird shadows of an invisible mob. While I was building I accidentally stood on it and I fell right through the world and it broke half of the facility. Please fix this Julius. I’m pretty frustrated that I put all my effort in and it broke. But other then that the addon is really cool. PLEASE FIX 😢

      • I know about this issue. It was the pocket dimension entities to remove the pocket dimension not getting killed before they reached the ground. I think I already fixed it in v1.1 but if it happened for you in v1.1 I will take another look at it. I am already working on v2.

        Thanks for being patient, unlike many others who don’t appreciate any of the effort put into this. Much more cool stuff is planned 🙂

        • Kris says:

          It looks like a amazing addon but I am having trouble looking for a app the helps me open the file if you have any suggestions please tell me.

      • Sniperx says:

        The very same happened to me. I just building rooms to add on to the facility, and all of a sudden a lot of blocks that l placed and other blocks just disappeared. And l also noticed the shadows, they seem to be mobs because sometime the shadows would turn into a puff of smoke when l hit them long enough.

    39. Dervon Clydell Austin says:

      ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴀᴅᴅ ɪɴ sᴄᴘ-𝟹𝟻𝟺 * ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴅ ᴘᴏᴏʟ *

    40. Denis The says:

      The natural facility broke,please fix it thank!

    41. Nie says:

      Best addon what I ever seen but can you add scp 939

      • Ben h the best says:

        He’s not planning to add what bendy the demon18 has added into his addon but I remember use the addon with bendythedemon18s addon

    42. DAN says:

      I cannot play this io andoid?

      • Dank O Reservance says:


        • Petra Fikiris says:

          You don’t know the requirements for Android so don’t comment unnecessary insults as you are clearly not qualified to answer the question. Unfortunately I use iPadOS but I can confirm it needs a new iPad Pro running latest iOS. Good luck for the fellas on Android. It will most likely need also a top notch device. (That’s how you answer a question dear)

          • I am happy that there are people who actually read my descriptions, and know how to answer questions. Right now there is a bug mainly on Android that breaks animation controllers in add-ons, which is why a lot of stuff isnt working for android players

      • Husky says:

        Read The Description Of The Addon “– Add-ons are broken and inconsistent on mobile devices.”

    43. Anonymous says:

      Ты можешь в своих видео говорить по русски?

    44. JustSomeUnit says:

      Ya destroyed the addon lad
      It keeps closing minecraft

    45. YEET says:

      Pls fix the link I really want to try scp 3000 pls

    46. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

      Julius Tell me Pliss Fix For Mobile ☹

    47. JustinHacker43 says:

      For Those Who Crashing And Crashing. I Have A Idea To Fix That , You Need To Download Void Template , And Use The Scp Addon On It , And That Will Fix Crashing , Thank You.

    48. Wigglersfan says:

      Amazing addon. But how do you detonate the warhead?

    49. lmgboy says:

      its all cool but idk why but it says cant import addon its says name of addon unknkw fix it please

    50. MCMetDesert says:

      Please, fix crashing

    51. Gillo Gilla says:

      How do you remove the eye bar after giving birth to scp 173 js?

    52. HI says:

      Hey um. I love the addon. It is one of the best addon I know. But one thing whenever the facility is generated my Minecraft crashed. I do not know if it is the addon causing this or the 1.13 update.

    53. ••|•••••|••|• says:

      Hey great add on. One of the best if not the best for SCP. Can anyone tell me how to fix a door problem. They’re like pressure plates in that they only face the one way which means I can’t put them everywhere I need them. Can anyone help. Also pls add 049. Have a good day.

    54. Axialskel says:

      Awesome Mod I ever Got!! But can u make it to gameplay? Like ur old map?

    55. Joshua says:


    56. FixTheDisc says:

      Discord invite doesn’t work

    57. Bronco Dalton says:

      You need to fix the Behavior because its keep saying “Failed to import”

    58. IRequireAssistance says:

      I can’t figure out how to use SCP-914. Is it supposed to have no collision or is it W.I.P? Also, it gets stuck on rough

    59. bettyherrin says:

      Same thing with me dude

    60. Kingcreeperblue says:

      This is the best SCP add-on ever.

    61. Nabd says:

      Can someone give me a seed and coordinates where the scp foundation is? Thanks!

    62. BoxCatMC says:

      Can you add scp – 1048

    63. SCP-DAVE-J says:

      Discord link doesn’t work

    64. Nikson says:

      Lacks mob animations but looks greats

    65. Angious2004 says:

      Great! Keep the good work and I hope it doesn’t get stolen, you put a lot of effort on this.

    66. OG_45 says:

      Try to add this addon on your map with Bendy’s SCP addon and this addon, it will even more cool 🙋

    67. 한국사람 says:

      Jumping, crouching or attacking will cause Minecraft to exit. (Google)

      • :) says:

        I know the addon was cool and good,buut it won’t work to me though,I shove the into mcpe files,won’t work,can anyone any have ideas? 1.13 beta/android though..

    68. SCP-Fan says:

      Could you add it to the app called Addons cause I have iOS 13 so I cannot download anything only on the Addons app I can that would be an improvement! And gets more sales and makes more people happy please read this, also the addon looks very great and detailed! You should get more sales and the other SCP mod too!

    69. IcEWaRRiOr says:


    70. naib? says:

      Not working

    71. JustSomeUnit says:

      Bro add a Foundation Security
      Add 049 and 049-2,008 088-2
      Add Chaos insurgency,Serpeants hand
      Add Mobile task force Esplion-11 Nine tailed Fox
      Add a Tesla gate 3 blocks wide

    72. Mefe says:

      Its so epic!!!!

    73. Den says:

      Крутой мод но есть одно но …
      Он вылетает! Я пробовал ставить на английский язык и получилось но только на 1 раз!
      Исправьте и поставлю 5 звёзд а так 3 🙂
      А так мод очень крутой!!

    74. Yazuko gaming says:

      Wow nice

    75. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

      Pliss make New SCP Map For Mobile Version 0.1 and 0.7

    76. Wheres my shoes says:


    77. Godzillasaurus says:

      Please fix it When I move it crashes

    78. Guoup says:

      My PE 1.13.0 is not used

    79. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:


    80. MLGCaterpie says:

      Now a good SCP mod

    81. Jim says:

      Please I beg you to upload this to addons

    82. Edo says:

      In waiting the map

    83. Ivan Castillo says:

      is there a map download or maybe a seed that has the facility?

    84. Anonymate says:

      Easily one of the best add ons I’ve ever gotten. One thing though, how to you refine objects in SCP-914? There is no place to put objects.

    85. Red says:

      Please make one for 1.14

    86. Gabgamer deleom says:

      When i open my inventory its always crashing

    87. namvn says:

      you can add scp 087, it verry good

    88. Starius says:

      Awesome addon just 1 question is SCP-682 planned to be added in this addon later in the future?

    89. ZeoCharge says:

      Great mod! I would love to see more updates in the future! Keep it up! 🙂

    90. Endless says:

      Omg, the best SCP add-on

    91. SCP-Fan says:

      Could you add it to Addons because whenever I try to get it it is invalid but in Addons it works perfectly fine, coulda please!

    92. Greepy says:


    93. S says:

      although i have done what it says on the website always crash

    94. Notggsteamer1 says:

      Awesome love it Julius

    95. Nugget Plays says:

      I love the images and stuff like that but here are a few suggestions, add SCP 682, 96, 2, 1018, and finally SCP 49 or AKA Plague Doctor

    96. Joshua says:




    97. Eddie4gamer says:


    98. Ed Roman says:

      Thanks for making this!

    99. Cant do it says:

      Cant download

    100. Alexplays says:

      Somethings wrong in this Addon It crashes When I look in Any directions
      It Crashes And when I spawn an scp it crashes Please Fix The Addon.

    101. BoxCatMC says:

      You did such a good job, I love this addon!

    102. Abner says:

      Hola, me gustaria que se pudiera usar el addon sin que tenga que activar el modo experimental, por cierto el addon esta buenísimo

    103. Dank Oi Reservance says:


    104. Pedro says:

      No tendrás algún mapa de SCP por ahí?

    105. Daking says:

      Thanks for your awesomeness

    106. I love this guy says:

      Thanks for you awesomeness

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