SCP: JS Edition v3 All Features Showcase

This world basically shows every feature in SCP: JS Edition v3, thanks to me and some really nice members of the community! You can also find 10 Secrets, good luck! 😀 

This world has 4 categories: SCPs, Items/Weapons, Humans & Machines. 

Explore the 4 sections! Have a look at SCPs and our custom containment chambers, look at and experiment with the machines, see all the humans in one hallway & test out the weapons at the shooting range!

The whole map is custom-built by me and some amazing members of my community!
Join my discord server if you want to be involved with future projects like these:
Discord Server

FIND THE SECRETS!Watch this video for more details, challenge ends on 27th May


Supported Minecraft versions


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35 Responses

4.59 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Guest-2731299886 says:

    How do I get the addon it’s self? Like without the world

  2. Guest-8442636917 says:

    hey is the crashing bug fixed i really want to get this addon

  3. Guest-2865736778 says:

    Scp096 js is annoying but cool same time

  4. Guest-3013194350 says:

    I’m glad to see someone else in the scp mod community for once 😃

  5. Guest-4096392348 says:

    i downloaded it but the walls were gone

  6. Guest-9337093479 says:

    Does nothing but crash the world, pls fix because I loved this addon before it started doing this

  7. Guest-6243083875 says:

    Pls help me, there’s an bug where any world I load with your addon (including your showcase world) crashes my game, even without my editing (yep I edited your addon..). Pls try to fix this, I cant open some of my worlds any more and I just want to enter your contest, just pls try to fix this, it would really REALLY help

  8. LC Studios says:

    SCP: Bedrock Breaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhchhaaaaaa
    I’m happy if I can do it tomorrow!

  9. Guest-8755079126 says:


  10. Guest-7557049636 says:

    I can’t open the file. F

  11. Bryan36 says:

    JS please help me the map Won’t import !

  12. Guest-1293661042 says:

    It says: level import failed pls fix it!

  13. i cant opren it in 1.14.60 like the other guy…..

  14. Guest-1270335433 says:

    Nooo it won’t open in mcpe 1.14.60 :(((

  15. Guest-8945540093 says:

    Julius Scizzor is SCP-343’s son. You are the messiah!

  16. blood eye says:

    it likes i downloaded a Minecraft app again

  17. Guest-7939012117 says:

    #JuliusScizzor It’s comment!

  18. Guest-3416284352 says:

    Finally! The map!

  19. Guest-2845974841 says:

    This was amazing, the only problem is that a white line keeps appearing on the right side of my screen, is this intended?

  20. Guest-1061120096 says:

    Kinda sad that the issue with your scp addon never got fixed

  21. LC Studios says:

    Very good! I enjoyed SCP: JS Edition more!

  22. Guest-7739637189 says:

    I DID IT!

  23. Guest-4430629593 says:

    I think Ill find them

  24. Guest-3669918198 says:


  25. Guest-4810747154 says:

    Wow that’s cool Julius I believe that you and bendy will be on collab keep it up!

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