SCP: ParadoX v2.5.1b (Temporary Last Update)

The foundation has collapsed.
SCPs has escaped.
The world is in danger now.
Start lockdown facilities.

SCP: ParadoX is an SCP Foundation add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

and some textures and models created like SCP Lockdown mod. (I’m not stealing)

Add-on Information

Recipes ( (

LC Studios Discord server (

LC Studios Discord server (New!) (

Some SCPs in add-on


Lure you with the voice of the villagers and prey on you.


A zombie plague. With a syringe you will be a zombie after a minute.


Can access all level doors.


A panacea pill.

Heals you most wounds in a short amount of time.


The shy guy will kill you if looked at his face.


Turns all approaching humans into SCP-049-2.


There are 3 sizes and very powerful.


A dark stairwell. SCP-087-1 is live inside stairs


Burn the earth and kill animals and humans.


Moves only when you take your eyes off.


Takes human ears and creates SCP-1048-A.


Can slip through walls, chase and kill you


It’s standard monster on this add-on and it looks very unpleasant.


It’s a cursed cockroach. (very creepy)


“The Eye Pods” they are cute and friendly also follow you if you have apple


It’s very hostile. Kill you with a big body


Gives a wither effect to all nearby mobs


Healing you and it always happy


You can only see them with Night Vision Goggles


Spawn randomized SCPs when target is near

Machines/Doors/Other Entities


– How to remove door

use door remover tool or break block below the door

Door Controllers

Alert Machine

Minigun Turret


Nine-Tailed Fox

He has P90

See No Evil

He has G36C


He has G36C and P90. And  he have two candle and M249 on his head

Chaos Insurgency (not mtf)

Very powerful compared to regular MTFs


Facility 1

Facility 2


SCP-093 Desert



Also you can remove doors and card reader with using 1023-ARC



Must be turn on all experiments


Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t stolen textures and models from SCP lockdown mod. I just made a very very similar to SCP lockdown mod textures and models.
Some people say “plz change texture”
But I don’t change textures and models.
And no more *BIG* update on this add-on.


Also no need for cooperation.

Credits / License

SCP Lockdown Mod ( (They are allowed to me imitate the texture)

SCP – Containment Breach Game (


Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 ( (CC BY-SA 3.0) and all concepts originate from and its authors. SCP: ParadoX, being derived from this content, is hereby also released under CC BY-SA 3.0.


Must be write credit and leave link!

If you use the add-on for something and upload it, must write a credit or leave a link of this page or here ( or my YouTube channel

Changelog View more


Very small update (2)

  • Fixed some problems

No big updates coming for a while


Very minor update.

  • Fixed corridor door

And it's last update. (Temporarily. Or maybe update coming in the future)
I will not answer to update requests.

v2.5.1 (temporary last update)

  • Supported Tesla Gate Add-on
  • Added Anomalous Duck
  • SCP-096 open jaws now
  • Fixed some errors
  • Added more SCPs
  • Added Night Vision Goggles
  • Added minigun turret
  • Added MTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down"
  • Fixed some lags
  • Changed UUID
  • Changed logo
  • Changed featured image


v2.1 (Small fixes and new features)

  • Added SCP-458
  • Changed some character abilities
  • Changed card reader closing time
  • Changed featured image

Also sorry, I mistake on the pack name

  • Added more entities
  • Added 10+ SCPs
  • Added more labels
  • Added 2 SCP document and token
  • Added new blocks
  • Added remote controller for door

  • Changed some textures
  • Fixed door remover problem
  • Changed some entity abilities
  • Improved spawn rules
  • Changed steel ingot recipe
  • Added SCP-999
  • Added new MTF ("LackedCoronet45")
  • Changed some MTF abilities


MCADDON (Windows 10)

  • Download file with mcaddon archive
  • Double click
  • Done

Other Devices


iOS (iPad, iPhone)


Supported Minecraft versions


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103 Responses

4.54 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. Hello lc i really like this addon!
    i have some suggestions for future updates:
    1. id like to see bananazilla
    2. add the possessive mask please
    basically i just want more scps but take the time you need to update this addon!

  2. hellojk says:

    HI! i really love this addon!! could you by chance make a horror addon? maybe could you do a poltergeist 2015 re make addon? if you can that w ould be awesome!!

  3. Purpleking says:

    Also with the scp-096 opening his jaw make it where it does that after the rage stage I guess when he’s chasing you he should do it Not when he’s geting ready to chase you after geting ready to chase you also make it when he walks when Not in rage he walks like normal also the arms are post to be closer to his body so it don’t go through wall

  4. Swallow01 says:

    This is such a great addon! Could you make it comparable with Julius Scizzors addon that would be such a cool combo!

  5. 😀 you finally fixed the facing tool!
    unfortunately, the door remover is still useless as ever, I guess I’ll still have to use /kill @e[r=1] to kill the furniture/door I’m next to.

  6. Purpleking says:

    All I ask for is for scp-106 to get his own facility foundation and he get his pocket dimension you could just add the pocket dimension but just add the dimension in the new update comeing I think soon

  7. Leopro says:

    Somebody can help me whit the facilities how i can spawn ir??

  8. Purpleking says:

    Can you make the red pool entity’s actually spawn Not only random scps what uh about the actually entity’s that come out of it like the kraken thing also make the old man scp-106 dimension when you get hit

  9. ok, so you’re just letting one of the biggest bugs of the addon pass by? the keycard readers, buttons, cameras and such are always spawning at the wrong angle and there’s no way to change it (facing tool is awful, does nothing and you can’t remove it) except killing it with /kill and placing it again and again until it works, which it almost never does.
    please fix, this bug has been present for ages and you still haven’t at least made the facing tool work.

  10. Bendy the commander says:

    Its broken i turn on experimental and the addon i garenate the world is there is not addon in the world(i make 4 worlds and its not working) pls fix it

  11. Dj Alex Crash says:

    Mod is good, but can the turret make in a separate fashion?

  12. ID9999 says:

    if somone wants to play lockdown addon with guns just download blockops and combine both addons (put blockops at first and lockdown second) than you have both (:

  13. inhi says:

    Franchement pas mal, mais le seul point négatif c’est que SCP-029 n’a pas de cheveux

  14. TracAsh says:

    The add-on is awesome, but tesla gates spam after they have been activated once or twice

  15. SarPlayzEXE says:

    I really like this mod but there are some problems that I would like fixed if that’s fine (I use the mods on an Xbox one so Idk if that’s the issue)
    -096 is only enraged when attacked
    -facing tool doesn’t work if there’s an addon with higher importance
    -173 won’t move even without being looked at and only attacks if you’re too close
    -173 once started moving freely even when looked at
    -the door remover is broken and gives other people door removers and facing tools
    and if you want to add these things:
    -Omni keycard
    -ability to open doors with Redstone
    -096 can destroy doors when angered
    -096 make it so 096 doesn’t break glass when docile

  16. Guyt says:

    Listen, I love u and really want this addon, but it says failed to import not a valid zip archive

  17. Herobrine5535 says:

    Um can u update that addon Cuz the personnels like guards not attacking scp 173. Especially the mtfs and chaos insurgency 🙁

  18. Undertalesansfanboy says:

    Hey uhh i don’t have the rotal tool for making the door go to the others way and i don’t see any scp-008 tool in the command can you please fix that

  19. UndertaleFan157 says:

    This is pretty cool and I love it. I would like even more it if you added another facility which is more for looking at the SCPs and has a lot of containment cells.

  20. FrostedJoker987 says:

    Dude please for the next big update add SCP 354 and the scps inside that would be the BEST. Only a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

  21. but can you fix the buttons bugs and stuff not just other bugs

  22. C Annis says:

    Can you maybe add an O5 Keycard or Omni Keycard in the next future update?

  23. Purpleking says:

    Make scp-106 the old man pocket dimension in the next update with his document

  24. Usernameee says:

    can you put the stats of each of them

  25. Astral_Alex says:

    Some models kinda looked like from the Java one, but still great job, keep it up.

  26. JuzKidin1 says:

    Nice mod. since ther is 2 scp addons that are popular on mcpe i think you will be the 3rd.

  27. Collega di mcpe dl says:

    Io amooooo questa mod solo che devi aggiungere tutti gli scp-354 fosse davvero bello,ma tra l’altro e bellissimaaaaaa sono stato anni per trovare mod simili a quella di SCP lockdown e per fortuna,hai creato questa mod super fantastica!!

    • Lockdownmod says:

      He said
      o amooooo this mod just you have to add all the scp-354 was really nice, but among other things and beautiful aaaaa I have been years to find mods similar to that of SCP lockdown and luckily, you have created this super fantastic mod !!

  28. SCP Playz says:

    Wow just wow this is the first SCP Lockdown Addon On Android Not Really Scp Lockdown But This Is Good 5 Starts! Boiii!!!!

  29. Mert efe says:

    Please SCP and item Orjinal texture add your Please

  30. Mert efe says:

    Please use orginal texture (:

  31. Enderman Player says:

    ln short, the real tissue pact user

  32. Enderman Player says:


  33. Enderman Player says:


  34. Enderman Player says:

    Steal steal steal

  35. Enderman Player says:

    PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS Steal texture packs

  36. 3DGunsadviser says:

    I recommend adding guns like scp lockdown mod has

  37. Enderman Player says:

    scp 096 texture pack cool

  38. Mert efe says:

    Where scp 999

    • Scp45824 says:

      Okay so you need to add more facilities and I showcased out the mod it was pretty cool at first but the models were pretty messed up so I need you to scroll down on YouTube look at the SCP lockdown Foundation are peas and steal some of their model and don’t report me to the police after this but you need to steal everything they have cuz I am not waiting for any update of baked thing and also added so scp-096 is the same thing as a computer won’t download and copy everything I am hoping you do this cuz this is a good add-on and I do not want anyone to express their feelings out to the world I want myself to get the SUV lockdown mod in my hand I just want the ICP lockdown mod so much because I’m a big fan of lockdown mod materials and everything so this is what I need you to do go search up some locked on my videos and please I am begging you please copy there add-on I really need this

  39. Scpboi says:

    Ok LC Nice Add-on. I Especially love the Labels! But can you add on more labels Please. Such as scp-106s labels?

  40. World OF Minecraft says:

    How do I get this it says duplicate pack detected which addon does this addon replace?

  41. RuzzelAdrian says:

    Amazing Addon

  42. I got permission from one of the lockdown development members in today.
    The next page update will include more detailed credits and proof of permission

  43. Foxmaster7943 says:

    I cant get the lables somehow, what could be up with that?

  44. basically the same as SCP Lockdown, looks cool

  45. Laze21 says:

    Does the scp foundation natrually spawn?

  46. I wish you will add every item, SCP and blocks from the lockdown mod into this Add-on! 😘🙏

  47. Fusion Nights says:

    This a really good addon! I have been looking for a SCP mod that is like SCP lockdown but isn’t at the same time so this is perfect! Well done.

  48. Fusion Nights says:

    C O O L

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