SCP: Site 60

SCP: site 60 is a map inspired by the horror game SCP Containment Breach. This map is versatile as it can be used as a mod showcase for YouTube, a role playing world or just to explore. This map relies on 4 mods and 2 texture packs. This map will hopefully be updated weekly with small changes like a containment room redesign or small details added.

NOTE: the mods are not mine and I had nothing to do with them and the same goes for the texture packs!
scp js edition: scp js edition
scp foundation addon: scp foundation
scp vehicles: scp vehicles
2004 scp: 2004 scp

in scp-079’s room, there is a lot of empty space. comment on what I could build in this space.

for update streams visit me on twitch


Changelog View more

added scp-131/the eyepods

added scp-2295/the patchwork bear

added a link for my twitch. visit for live streams of updating scp: site 60 and other things


and by it i mean the fact blocks are missing.

you must have scp js edition v2 for the world to load correctly

(oh and urr...sorry julius scizzors for adding your link to my world download site, but it is the only way for it to work)

added the old version back because the most recent version may have some performance issues

converted to scp js edition

added scp 553-crystalline butterflies

next update will include the entrance zone

changed containment rooms of:




added scp-063-worlds greatest tothbrush (it's meant to be spelt that way)

added scp 178/3D glasses

added scp 457/the burning man

small details added

added scp-178/the 3d glasses

added scp 457/the burning man

scp js edition v2 is going to be implemented soon


recommended for windows and xbox. using phone or other mobile devices will make lag.

this world may not work on beta

scp js edition v2 REQUIRED


Supported Minecraft versions


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82 Responses

3.63 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Guest-5567700028 says:

    can you play this with more than 2 people?

    • cyb3r says:

      Yes. This isn’t a containment breach map. This is just a creation for you to explore and/or make a yt mod showcase or really anything you want

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello cyb3r,
    I’m hermit from China,Can I reprint your addons?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  3. dude i have idea: wait untill the scp js v4 and then upload

  4. Guest-3522427975 says:

    This map is garbage I thought it was going to be good but it turns out everything is broken and destroyed Even why I did the JS version it didn’t work I highly do not recommend downloading this map

  5. Guest-9349739688 says:

    I have the addon its still BROKEN

  6. GAMER-SF says:


  7. Guest-8202004325 says:

    Good job looks amazing!!

  8. Guest-6285634246 says:

    Nice map! When i open this world i get omni for free!

  9. Guest-9912119324 says:

    Hello this addon this buggy,if you want download site,download site 19 2004 by angios2004

    • cyb3r says:

      I recommend getting site 19 if this map doesn’t work due to the mods

      • Guest-2690959680 says:

        Hey dude will you make a YouTube account? If you will please link it here cause I can’t get much stuff like this map or addons on mcpedl, if you have a YouTube account make a video about the map and put the link please

        • cyb3r says:

          i have a twitch if that counts?
          my account’s name is cyb3r_________
          (i had to add all of the underscores because it said that any other name wouldnt work)

  10. Guest-9572519723 says:

    So good world!

  11. Guest-7838538889 says:

    I download it and I only saw floating lights and no walls no scp’s and no floor please fix this

  12. Guest-9074182216 says:

    The map does not work. I downloaded it and opened it just to see a bunch of floating lights and command blocks. No floors, scps, or walls.

  13. Guest-8309711638 says:

    The map itself is really well done but my only complaint is the doors ,I can’t open them and I have tried to destroy them? I don’t know if this is a bug or if there is a way to fix this? But overall a pretty good map

  14. Guest-6671383444 says:

    this is no good the place has No SCP no walls there is like nothing.

  15. Guest-7649086076 says:

    does this mod work on Xbox?

  16. Guest-8936678636 says:

    Help when I click on the icon it says importing then says import failed

  17. Guest-2449299815 says:

    Uhh… Something Happened When I Imported It , It Worked…But…All The Walls Of The Site Isn’t There

  18. Guest-1134318355 says:

    Can you update this because their new updates to Scp js and of you don’t leave the new update a lot of the block is almost gone

  19. Guest-8186189748 says:

    Not gonna judge though

  20. Guest-9282998348 says:

    There is no Site-60 in the SCP universe, so you might wanna change the name

  21. Guest-8644409866 says:

    ive noticed one of the behaviour packs is claimed missing. could u try and fix that ?

  22. Guest-8227180565 says:

    Each time I try to download it it keeps saying it failed 😤

  23. Guest-1071403429 says:

    Umm can you turn off the experimental gameplay so we can play the game because some blocks are missing…

  24. Guest-1627758484 says:

    What file format should it be (xbox one)? And when i try to extract it, it gets stuck at 42% which is door2open3, i have enough space is there anyway to fix this, its been over an hour (please help)

    What iv seen on YouTube looks amazing though!

  25. Guest-3787834950 says:

    It looks good, but my iPad always kicks me out when I’m in the loading screen

  26. Guest-2957571307 says:

    Im excited for the full version of the map hope you can finish at as soon as possible

  27. Guest-9808717442 says:

    很好,加油(ง •̀_•́)ง
    Very good, come on(ง •̀_•́)ง

  28. Guest-7964083488 says:

    Blocks missing, I tried to re-download the world and still didn’t work. Tried on different devices as well. Experimental gameplay is turned on, I’m not sure if that has to be turned off or not

  29. Anonymous says:

    Looked great, but when I load the world most blocks are missing. I’ve tried everything to get the blocks to be there, but they just wont appear.

  30. Bryan36 says:

    Guy/Girl now i have a problem when i launch my MineCraft i CAN’T see any blocks Why ?

  31. Bryan36 says:

    Good Work

  32. Guest-8986802434 says:

    Yk Julius released js v2? You should use that for the map

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