SCP: The Breach

Welcome to SCP: The Breach! This is a multiplayer round type minigame inspired by the well known SCP game, SCP: Secret Laboratory. Class-D must escape the facility while the SCPs try to annihilate everyone before the nuke is detonated. 

In this scenario, the SCP facility was in its most stable condition until a sudden blackout had caused a major containment breach. Chaos and confusion had begun to take its toll to the facility. After the massive breach, the trapped Class-D are finally set free from their cells but they must now find their way to escape the facility as well as avoiding the threats that await for them, or else they will all parish by a timed nuke. 


Two roles can be played during the entire round, Class-D and SCPs:

  • Class D: The guinea pigs of the facility and survivors of the massive containment breach. Their goal is to escape the chosen zone before time is up. 
  • SCPs: The anomalies that break the laws of our universe. Its goal is to kill every survivor before time is up or if they try to escape the chosen zone.


The game itself will offer players to choose a zone to play in the near future. For now, players can only play in LCZ (Light Containment Zone). 

  • LCZ: The “easy” zone if you know what you’re doing. It has many rooms to explore as well as a room with a functional SCP-914. Be careful, SCP-173 roams around the halls of the LCZ. Also, tesla gates. 
  • HCZ: Unknown
  • Entrance Zone: Unknown


  • SCP-914 (Only LCZ): A machine that can “upgrade” items. This is essential if Class-D want an easier time to escape. 
  • Keycards: The most useful item in the game. It’ll grant access to locked doors which may lead to better routes or better items inside the locked rooms. 
  • Timer: A scoreboard will show how much time everyone has before the nuke detonates. You only have 10 minutes to fulfill your goal. No pressure. 

That’s it for now. If you guys have any suggestions on how to improve the map or just want me to try and squish some bugs, notify me in the comments or on my Twitter. 


Map will have both Zip and McWorld files. Textures will also have Zip and McPack files incase the provided texture pack does not work when loading the map.


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

4.12 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Texture pack wont work for me on xbox but the map works fine.

  2. MrArcher45 says:

    You should add other roles, and here’s how I think some scps will work 939: pumpkin mask with a map with blindness
    106: Slowness diamond armor and for now just have a iron sword, has ender pearls
    Human roles:
    NTF: Bow, Power 1, Inf ammo
    CI: Bow Power 3, Inf Ammo [Chaos have better guns anyway]
    Scientist: Instant lvl 2 keycard

  3. TheTipArrowNations says:

    You should add more roles like MTF NTF SCIENTISTS and CI and that would make it fun…

  4. Tnt tec says:

    Looks good and is good you should download it

  5. czzduro says:

    its rel good

  6. Anonymous says:

    lets so good

  7. Quite a cool map. Basically a simplified version of mine but is multiplayer. Keep working on it, this map has good potential!

  8. Dude says:

    You need to delete the file and redownload it or restart the game

  9. Angious2004 says:

    Great idea to use the barrels as drawers, I will use it in my addon, of course with my own texture 😉

  10. Angious2004 says:

    It’s very cool, keep working on it!
    I recommend changing the lighting sound to the Tesla gate sound in the textures. You can also make the nuke alarm sound when the warheads are going to detonate.

  11. Ninja of MCPE says:

    Are there sliding doors in this map?

  12. Isaac01 says:

    Hi so I can’t download the texture pack it keeps saying that there is a duplicate

    • Angious2004 says:

      It’s because the map already has the textures installed.

    • Anonymous says:

      This has happened this happen before. This is usually because other texture packs in the game files. Either move those texture files to a separate folder (if you want to keep them) or delete them in the game settings and try again.

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