SCP Vehicles Addon

This addon is ambiented in the SCP Foundation universe, but you can use the vehicles as standard military vessels. It is meant to be used along side other SCP addons. If you are building an SCP facility or a military base this addon is perfect for you.


This addon includes four different Foundation vehicles, two of them being attack crafts and the other two cargo/transport vehicles.



Attack Helicopter: It attacks hostile mobs, it can be mounted by two players/MTF and it has 5 inventory slots. It has an automatic variation that doesn’t need to be controlled.

Cargo Helicopter: It can be mounted by 6 players/MTF and it has 27 inventory slots.

Tactical Cargo Truck: It can be mounted by 10 players/MTF and it has 27 inventory slots.



Just open the archive, if it does not open copy it to the com.mojang folder and open it there. Minecraft will open and import the behavior and resources.   

IMPORTANT: Every time you download a new version of the addon you do this before installing it:    

First go to games, com.mojang, resource_packs and delete the resources for the addon.    

Next go to games, com.mojang, behavior_packs and delete the behaviors for the addon.    

Then go to games, com.mojang, minecraftWorlds, the folder of your world and then you delete the folders behavior_packs and resource_packs.    

Finally you reinstall the new version.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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81 Responses

4.41 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Guest-5670735725 says:

    Can you give the helicopters the fly function.

  2. Guest-7184010068 says:

    Hello creactor!!!
    can you say? can you say where im can download????
    if you know pls say!!!!
    im cant find its and im use its on Android and work!!!
    but where im can download this???

  3. your friend julius scizzor said you will uptade it with the jet……..will you uptade it?

  4. cool addon can you add: f-16 and f-35? or tanks? and the problem is: the vegicles are VERY big!

  5. Guest-3695407201 says:

    where is egg

  6. Guest-8049816267 says:

    How do you make the Mobile Task Forces from Julious’s SCP Addon Mount to the Helicopters/Cargo Truck? I can’t somehow seem to make them mount in it

  7. Guest-5791005961 says:

    I downloaded the file and opened it (it brought me to MCPE) but it said it failed to load it because it was “not a valid zip archive” ugh. i really wanted to play this

  8. Guest-6978105482 says:

    Quick suggestion, could you please collaborate with Bendy the demon18, so that his SCP foundation addon works with this addon? I think that would be awesome

    • Gunovski says:

      I think the same as this guy. Mix your addons. Find whats good from each of your addons and make something better out of the combination. Not saying any of them are bad but combining them would be cool. For example guns from bendythedemon blocks keycards and doors from Julius scizzor.

  9. [REDACTED] says:

    hey dude i don’t know why? but when ever i get into a non automatic helicopter and try to fly it my game crashes other than that, good addon 4 out of 5

  10. Dr Doberman says:

    This is awesome, I always said we need More aircrafts. The design is perfect, but of you could make it go further and not jump like a horse that would be great.

  11. UNKNOWN says:

    Definetley that good even saw the mounting the vehicles except they cant control it but ITS DEFINETLY GOOD DOWNLOAD IT

  12. Anonymous says:

    How do you seperate it into the resource and behaviour pack?

  13. Joseph .B. says:

    Now I go to update with this files my previous version so thanks aaaaaa… O yeah and many thanks for uncharted my experienced to play Minecraft

  14. Boris says:

    This is good and all but how on earth do you summon these vehicles? Unless I’m really blind or something is broken, I can’t find anyway to make these things appear. There should at least be a sentence describing how to use the mod

  15. Anonymous says:

    Add an Armoured Fighting Vehicle.

  16. Stan ligero says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask if the addon is free to use because I am creating an adventure map and I am using your addon.
    also if it is of free commercial use, I will name you in the credits.
    thank you very much!

  17. PvP warclub says:

    Or a APC tank

  18. PvP warclub says:

    Can u add a tank next please we need more tank models

  19. The Man WIll ASK u a question says:

    Soo cool, but my mob is bad, even I make a cool texture but the animation doesn’t work. How u can animation it :((( pls help my problem FIVE STARRRRRRRR

  20. Megalodon says:

    What app can make or creat addons??

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can it be controlled by mtf?

  22. 049masterwar says:

    This mixed with Bendy, Jullius and you, I can maje the entre site 19

  23. Debranewton27 Newton says:

    Can you add the tanks from SCP-096-1-A

    And make the tanks automatic

  24. Tom says:

    Hi you should work on a police car as there is only one (dodge charger) and me as a major realm owner with mods i would love to use it!

  25. Wafiy72best says:

    Hi to everyone well notch is the original creator of minecraft

  26. KURTGAMERYT says:

    pretty cool!!!

  27. Iceburg says:

    Hey uh, my see how evil won’t enter the helicopters or cargo trucks, please fix!

  28. dmanusa12 says:

    could you make the vehicles craftable?

  29. packedgoku says:

    does the chopper really fly

  30. Husky says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet, I knew this one was coming from when It was mentioned in SCP: JS saying this mod was compatible with it, long before you added this mod.

  31. Sebastian says:

    Amazing job you have saved me XD

  32. Vorona says:

    Does not work, no commands that spawn them

  33. Justin Hidalgo says:

    Good addon on the visual side, my only problem is with the controls with the helicopter maybe do it so if you look up it goes up and look down well you go down.(sorry if there are two comments I don’t understand this reply function never used it before)

  34. Justin Hidalgo says:

    Great but the helicopters needs some improvement on the flying live the look and the truck but please fix flying

  35. A normal person2 says:

    Great job? Textures on the attack helicopter are a bit buggy though

  36. A normal person2 says:

    Edit my other comment got deleted…… I think

  37. An normal person.... says:

    Also i notice that the attack helicopters textures are a bit buggy

  38. SCP-049 says:

    I value and appreciate this beautiful creation. Than you. We can always count on you fellow SCP Comrade. Have a nice day.

  39. mlg says:

    how do you control them?

  40. davidZHANG2671 says:


  41. Popetastic001 says:

    Yo can you make a map for scp 3008

  42. Lol says:

    Is it also compatible with BendyTheDemon’s SCP addon too?

  43. Anonymous says:

    How do you get out of the vehicle?

  44. 102582947 says:

    You should add in a boss

    Attack Helicopter

  45. TheWarMachine87 says:

    Do you have an estimate on when your site 19 map will be done? Also great addon!

  46. A normal person... says:

    Its really cool and good!? Keep up the good work!

  47. Ooooooof says:

    This is useful for mobs coming near your minecraft house! 😀 Great add-on!

  48. Will says:

    Are there more vehicles possible???

  49. iiSurgey says:

    Dang man,this is a really good Addon.I would suggest adding (and I know this doesn’t really fit the category)Maybe scp 682?Its fine either way though,I can see all the effort and code you put into this and I am very thankful,many other creators would of just replaced a mob and make it a car.

  50. Black_Fire says:

    How to fly???

  51. Dj playz yt says:

    Why doesnt the mtf get in any of the vehicles? Help

  52. Tristan says:

    First Awesome

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