SCPCB: Minecraft Map Build

Have you ever wanted to build a accurate build of the real SCPCB seeds but they look bad or take too long to build or maybe you’re just lazy? This map has just done the favour for you! This map build is extremely accurate, it even includes the little bit of extra detail and the room estimation is on point. This map only includes LCZ. Further updates to this map will include new features like the lift to the storage room where 939 is and HCZ etc. If you are interested, please scroll down for details about this build. Images for the build have been provided for you for influence.

This map only includes LCZ (at the moment) because this is an early version of the full build. I will make updates to the map, adding new features. Here are some pictures from my build. This is also my first map so feel free to correct me and give tips. Some functions like tesla gates and the elevator to Storage room 6 (will soon have) have no uses yet. They are only decorations and will have a use soon. If you are interested of what seed this is, the seed is “mcpescpcbv1”. Some rooms have been ignored deliberately because they would cut into other rooms. Thanks for understanding!

This is one of the scenes you will see in the intro of the game. Sorry for the darkness. Also no guards and Class-D walk through in the scene.

This is the tesla gate (has no use for now and no scientist runs through). I could use some help on this section.

This is the room Infront of SCP-012’s cell. The SCP is harmless (not in the real game only this build). If you can work commands, please help.

This is the entrance of Light Testing Chamber 2B. (SCP-173 does not appear in this one but does in the real game)

This is Infront of SCP-173’s cell in the intro (SCP is also harmless but not in the real game). The guard is for decoration.

This is the four-way fork room (None of these rooms have sinkholes). If you can work commands, please tell me how.

———————————————-Hope you enjoy this accurately-made build! The next update (v1.1) will include Storage Room 6. Make sure you check out Julius Scizzor’s creations because that’s where I got inspiration from! Note: you can do whatever with this map: testing, role-playing and much more. If you want to make a video about this map, please credit me and Julius Scizzor. Also this is my first submission so feel free to tell me mistakes I have made so then the next build will be even better than before!

Changelog View more

·SCP-939 instances can kill you.

·Room 3 Storage contains only 2 to prevent being trapped in the elevator.

·zip file is broken; needs fixing but not on this update.

·Mcworld download has been fixed!

·Room 3 Storage is not far from being complete, not much to do left!

·Sounds are implemented into the map

·SCPs are harmless for now

·You can do anything with my work as long as you credit me.

·You are not allowed to upload this map on any other website.

·Sounds are included in this map

·No SCPs in the build can kill you (yet)

·Some rooms may have something missing (decoration, room etc)

·Most items have no function

·Added sounds

·Realistic build, like the real one.

·No use of add-ons

NOTE: Some devices may crash when launching the world because of the texture pack. You have been warned.


1. Press the "SCPCB: Minecraft Map Build.

2. Wait for redirection to the site

3. Press the "SCPCB: Minecraft Map Build v 1" button 

4. Wait for the installation.

5. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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46 Responses

4.48 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-2318014375 says:

    Please make a moving elevator, even a simple command.

  2. Guest-6090290480 says:

    this map is so accurate it made my bolt sniper jealous

  3. Nikson says:

    I can help with a few commands for 106 and help with sink holes

  4. scpFan says:

    Which one i need to download ? Zip or fixed ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Recommend fixed. The reason why it is called fix is because the file was broken. The creator just fixed the file and named it that to tell us that it is fixed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks for fixing this now i can see your work good job iamded also add addons to the map

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. vRagtag says:

    Hey! I’m really good with command blocks/ making custom addons. If you have anything In mind that you might need help with, my discord is vRagtag#3082. Keep up the good work 😄👍

  8. Ninecontainer9 says:

    This is really cool man! This man has a lot of potential. All though I do have an exact replica of SCP SL {Secret Laboratory} with sounds/textures from the actual game! If u ever do want to check it out message me at {ninecantairner9} saying your username from MCPEDL then I will be more then happy to actually talk to u {if u want} besides that I also now how to do basically like 90% of all commands in Minecraft so if u need help im the guy XD. anyways nice map. BYE BYE 🙂

  9. YourAverageJoe says:

    Props to you- maybe for some of the labels, unless this would be too much work, make separate maps for them. For the sink hole rooms, a little slow falling with blindness could work.

  10. iamded64 says:

    I have read your complaints, I will try and fix this problem with the .Mcworld file. After the small update it should not read “Level import failed” anymore. By tomorrow or the day after, the update will take place!

  11. H says:

    Help! It says failed to import how do I fix this?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’ll add juliusscizzor’s add-on to the game to make the game more amazing.
    Plus the doors are goin to be switched to the doors from juliusscizzor’s add-on.

  13. iamded64 says:

    Updates have now been delayed because of school. Ugh…

  14. Anonymous says:

    people who have this ‘level import failed’ use zip not mcworld because it worked for me

  15. Anonymous says:

    wow this map is like playing the real scpcb game bruh

  16. Joshua playz says:

    Thankz Brooooo……..

  17. Scpslplayer says:

    Level import failed this really be a big sad

  18. Scpslplayer says:

    /testfor @a [r = (danger area size)], if you connect this to a comparator you can make it so another command block activates if someone goes near 012, you could make it teleport them in front of it and then kill them or just make it kill them. This is a very basic plan I made for some kind of 012 so it isn’t very smooth.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Nice, I can’t wait to see the full product! Or next update. I think you are the first one to create an accurate build that allows us to see your work

  20. sub2popular387 says:

    Add scp Js and scp Bd edition

  21. Proisac08 says:

    Bruh im REALLY good at commands so can i hela you? Hos to move armor statue: /execute @e[type=text or name it and type this name] ~~~ tp ^ ^ ^0.1 you can use ”facing” if you want.
    If you not understand add me to friend(My minecraft account name: Proisac08 ). Julius Scizzor!, I’ve just figured the elevator out hos you created 🙂 (or maybe)

  22. gogoUltranan says:

    OOF level import failed please fix it >_<

  23. Gunovski says:

    The level import failed on windows 10 edition please help

  24. Gunovski says:

    The level import failed on windows 10

  25. Gunovski says:

    The level import failed

  26. Just suzz says:

    My map also coming soon

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