ScrambleCraft Addon

This addon shuffles all of the crafting recipes, furnace recipes, biome blocks, mob spawning, and mob loot. This addon adds 0 blocks, items, or entities, but manages to make the minecraft experience fresh and unique.

This addon was inspired by the java edition version of ScrambleCraft. If you want each individual randomizer you can find all 5 of them on my profile to download. This addon will make your minecraft worlds more difficult and interesting. The furnace randomizer only lets you smelt items that the recipe randomizer has randomized and they work in a smoker, furnace, and blast furnace.


Download the behavior pack for the addon to work correctly. When creating your world use experimental mode or the addon will not work! I use adfly to earn money from making these addons. If you dont know how to use adfly either don't download the addon or watch a tutorial!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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25 Responses

2.66 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Sisisi says:

    It doesnt work,its just stone everywhere whenever u go its stone,when u create another world,its stone

  2. Frank Smith says:

    This mod bad

  3. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey i just want to know if u r fine with me using your addon for a YouTube series and with another addon with it and my yt channel is Bdude1994 cool

  4. Anonymous says:

    Use mediafire

  5. Jake says:

    Will there be a scrambling?

  6. yeyeye says:

    this isn’t working any ideas

  7. a user says:

    is there a way we could generate new randomized seeds?

  8. Please Help says:

    It keeps redirecting me to different sites can someone help?

  9. Revan_XVII says:

    These mods are amazing! I’ve been tinkering around with my own edit of the loot table randomizer. I’m working on editing the furnace and biome randomizers too but right now I’m just gonna enjoy the mob drops. I can’t thank you enough for creating these mods emotionless! 🙂 10/5 stars!

  10. iEmotionless says:

    if you want to decrease lag then set tick speed to 0 and lower render distance

  11. ihategravel says:

    Enough with the randomizer addons! We dont need anymore!

  12. EeeBee says:

    Can you add a download for the program so we can use different seeds? Good addon BTW

  13. ken20 says:

    how about a structure randomizer addon?

  14. Brandon Bokhorst says:

    ah, just like i like my eggs,

    Oak fence gate.

  15. Panda says:

    There is way to much lag because there is are to much money spawning

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