Screenshot Resource Pack

What do you think after going to the settings to hide the hands and return to take a screenshot now you can take a screenshot without going to the settings to do all this just download this resource pack and take screenshots without the inconvenience

All you have to do is press this camera button

After pressing the camera button, a screenshot will appear

You click on Share and the screenshot will be saved

The screenshot will be in a file named screenshot in the extension


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direct download Links have been updated and patched on the Media Fire site



Supported Minecraft versions


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30 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where can i Pm Or Dm You?

  2. Guest-7668929235 says:

    Where do I find the folder of the screenshots, I’m on windows 10

    • Guest-5516202788 says:

      find in windows search %localappdata% and then find packages folder and then find microsoft.minecraftuwp_ folder and then go to localstate folder and then go to folder games and then go to folder com.mojang and then go to screenshot folder

  3. Guest-7957510889 says:

    I think this feature can be done like the Minecraft China version

  4. Ember- says:

    He isnt stealing this is part of realms so stop spamming.

    • Ember- says:

      Also its part of the resource pack you can download as a template for creating resource packs. So mojang lets us do this.

  5. GamerBroklyn says:


  6. Guest-7559474550 says:

    T H I E F

  7. Glitchtnt says:

    Bruh u just stole it from other owner and you never credit him/her I download the screenshot from original owner not like u stealer

  8. Guest-1102547476 says:

    Does this work with the controller? Because I was just being curious before I download this pack

  9. ProGamer672 says:

    Amazing!!! Thank You!!! 🙂

  10. Guest-7860811559 says:

    Bruh you can just click F1 to hide hands

  11. SnowGolem2007 says:

    Stealing code from another texture pack from mcpedl.
    You’re stealing …

  12. ihategravel says:

    I’ve wanted something like this for a long time, I like how you made the screenshot button not replace the feedback button.

  13. Guest-7176569348 says:

    this isnt your addon this is someone elses provide some credits please

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