Sculpture Blocks Addon BETA

With the new release of the new minecraft beta version a very interesting feature was brought to us. This addon shows one of that interesting feature, customizable custom block models.

This addon adds 4 new block sculptures into your game, human, pig, cow, chicken, and sheep sculptures. 

These sculpture blocks can be use as a design in your world.

For now the sculpture blocks is only accessible through commands or creative mode.

The numbered names are stone brick material instead of stone

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Can only be played on v1.16.100.56 BETA version of minecraft bedrock

Credits To: @kbg_digital for helping me figure out custom block geos.

Changelog View more
  • The sculpture blocks are now rotatable base where you're looking at when it placing down.
  • Added a stone brick variant for the sculptures/status.
  • Fix broken file for the addon.


  • Experimental Mode must be turned on inside the world
  • Play on the v1.16.100.56 BETA version of minecraft bedrock.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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10 Responses

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  1. JaneQ says:

    OMG Please write down command to use this addon 🙂 /give @p or @s or /summon or /function. Idiot!!!!!

  2. Minecrafterz says:

    They should be able to rotate and not facing only at one side. It’s now possible if you use “minecraft:placement_filter” component.

  3. Amon28 says:

    In the latest version the file import should now be fixed

  4. Even in the beta version of Minecraft only the resource pack installs.

  5. for the people that are saying the mod doesent work or says it cant import is because its made for a beta version of minecraft if you want it google it its not the creators fault okay?

  6. Pj12345678909876754321 says:

    It says “not a valid zip archive”

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