Security 2 Mod

Security 2 adds several blocks and items which can be used to make your creations more secure. For example, you can set up keypads to make certain areas only accessible by players with a certain clearance level (also known as the ones who got the right key cards). Our examples further down are quite basic usage areas so feel free to use the blocks in any way you find possible.

Oh yes, and it works for 0.14+ (and below)!

Creator: Dr Lazuli, Twitter Account

Keypad Block

The Keypad Block transmits a redstone signal when triggered. A common usage is to set it up next to an iron door. Then tap on the Keypad Block to set a passcode (one number). In this case I had it set it to 5.

Now to open the door tap on the Keypad Block and enter the passcode (in this case 5) and it will open the door. To close the door repeat the process.

  • Keypad Block (236) – 7 iron ingots + 1 redstone + 1 paper


Key Card Block

This block transmits a redstone signal if it’s triggered. It can only be triggered by someone who use a Key Card which have the same passcode which the Key Card Block is set to use.

Tap on the Key Card Block to set the passcode. In this case I set it to 8. Next you need to get your hands on a Key Card and then use it to tap on the ground to set the passcode to 8.

As long as a Key Card with the same passcode is used to open the door you will be granted access and it will open.

  • Key Card (620) – 3 iron ingots + 1 redstone + 5 papers
  • Key Card Block (237) – 7 iron ingots + 1 emerald + 1 paper


Barrier Blocks

The Barrier Block Activator can disable/enable barrier blocks.

  • Barrier Block Activator (238) – 6 iron ingots + 1 glowstone dust + 1 redstone + 1 glass block
  • Barrier Block (239) – 8 obsidians + 1 redstone
  • Barrier Block Zero (240) – 6 iron ingots


Chest Lock

Place a Chest Lock block next to a chest. Tap on the block to lock or unlock the chest. The chest can only be opened as long as the Chest Lock is disabled.

  • Chest Lock (241) – 4 iron ingots + 1 redstone + 4 gold ingots


Reset Card

The Reset Card can be used for resetting Key Card blocks and other blocks.

  • Reset Card (621) – 3 iron ingots + 1 redstone + 1 gunpowders + 4 papers


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  1. Laurence says:

    Dear Creator,
    If you see this comment now pls change the download website for us. If not I most say that this add-on is just a scam! It just trolled us as a player.

  2. Stevie says:

    I can’t even download make it media fire for downloads

  3. David says:

    This is the best map ever!!!!!!!!


  4. Sc am detector says:

    Thanks for da scam. I dont reccomend getting it.

  5. Levi jones says:

    This is terrible! It just goes to a random website!😤

  6. Ropez Ropez says:

    Why Did You Made The Link Send Us To A Random Website That Is Useless!!!!!!! Worst Scam Ever!!!

  7. some one who wants to use this add-on says:

    please make a windows 10 looks so awesome

  8. Garyson says:

    BAD LINK He Knows

  9. Anonymous says:

    Don’t work change link pls

  10. Oooo says:

    Does it work for mcpe v. Link???

  11. Kilfka says:

    Wrks 4 1.7.1

  12. ItsPolarCraft says:

    Is This Conpatable For Windows Ten Edition

  13. Violet says:

    Hiii great job!

  14. SlimeQueen24 says:

    Please make it for windows 10.

  15. RedstonePro says:

    Uhhhh having problems to you’re link i am always redirect to ww1.filecred.com instead of /http://filecred.com/A50EG56C Plssss can you make a new link like mediafire or somthing plzzzzz

  16. Bailey says:

    Can I download on ios

  17. Mike says:

    Help when I press the download button it sends me to file cred.

  18. Rockstar__Elite says:

    Link not working it says page didn’t sent any data

  19. Harrison says:

    Hi editor can you make iOS please that will be good

  20. :)iliekicecream says:

    Why come is doesn’t work for iOS?

  21. Absolus says:

    Mediafire link plez

  22. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make one for IOS?

  23. FoxytheDJ12 says:

    And I can’t paste it sorry

  24. FoxytheDJ12 says:

    Error: says that safari can’t open the page bc server can’t be found

  25. FoxytheDJ12 says:

    Ehhhh I’m not looking for this but……. looks AWESOME

  26. xavier says:

    and does it work on 1.2.7

  27. xavier says:

    link is broken plz put it on mediafire.com

  28. Normal says:

    The mod is great but the download link is broken.

  29. Rashed says:

    Pls make it to any device I’m on tablet

  30. shahan says:

    Its not coming in the resource packs please fix it

  31. Pizza says:

    How do you get it to minecraft?

  32. Ceptitze says:

    Does it work for 1.2.3?

  33. Person says:

    Please editor, can you make this iOS.

  34. Ian says:

    can you make this for windows 10

  35. Jshawgamingpro says:

    Does it work if your on iOS if it is set to classic

  36. Billy says:

    All of y’all suck lemons pickles and hotdogs

  37. Rose says:

    You are stupid why don’t you let people on iPad it doesn’t work

  38. Hello66 says:

    Best mod ever i had so much fun with it but why can’t you enter a number more than 1 digits?

  39. Ethan says:

    Pls create a addon of this it would be more easy and compatible

  40. La'Rhonda says:

    Can you make it on mediafire?

  41. Ethan says:

    Doe’s it work for Minecraft Win Edition, if it doe’s i’cant open the 2.7 zip

  42. Natte0708 says:

    Dear Editor plz reply,
    I was wondering u can make a download for IOS cuz a lot of people (some also use android duh)have IOS and there are mods that they want that are only andriod I wish IOS and android were equal some people like me have IOS and I want this mod badly so plz update it make it for IOS too


  43. AnonymousHackr 95 says:

    Hello Mr editor
    Does it work for toolbox for MCPE
    Or only for block launcher,. Really need a response☺😀

  44. Adyan Hussain says:

    Is this for iOS

  45. Manuel Stephen Bilog says:

    Does this work on 0.15.4/0.15.6?

  46. ParkChanSol says:

    I want share on MCPE KOREA
    May I share it?

  47. Anonymous says:

    I want share this mods in MCPE KOREA
    May I share it?

  48. Miguel says:

    IS for 0.15.x in iOS?

  49. Chazam says:

    Does it works for mcpe 14.3

  50. HowTheHeck says:

    Does It Works On 1.9.2?

  51. Amri says:

    How set the passcode

  52. Kenny Speth says:

    It won’t work because it is a zip file

  53. Misecrommi says:

    How can i set the password if the enter button doesn’t even work ?

  54. Je prado says:

    Can you please make a tutorial how to install it it’s not working in my mcpe

  55. scotch says:


  56. WizarDeadSmiley says:

    I have the latest blocklauncher but still doesnt and also my 0.14 is full version but still… not working
    What version it for?

  57. Drake says:

    Does it work in 0.13.0

    P.s does it work on Microsoft

  58. Brixton Schimmel says:


  59. Zisan says:

    but how it can work in 0.14 . cause blocklauncher for 0.14 doesnt support scripts . ???

  60. robin says:

    Whats work in 0.14 built ???

  61. WizarDeadSmiley says:

    Did it work for 0.14+?

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