See-through and More!

This texture pack allows you to see through all weapons. This lets you see things you could not see while holding a weapon in your hand without this texture pack. Some other small changes were made like changes to the enderman egg and two paintings. This texture pack stands out from any other one. Although this may not seem very useful, it is actually very useful. If there is a small mob or a hole in the ground, it will not be blocked by your weapon, allowing you to see it. When firing a weapon like a crossbow, it covers up most of your vision. However, you can now see way better, making your aim more effective. The extra two purple dots on the enderman egg enables you to be able to recognize that it is an enderman egg quicker (for less experienced players.) If you are a fan of Mario, then you will enjoy the custom Mario painting added to this texture pack! Thank you for your time.

Use this texture pack to become OP  in pvp! Be the coolest and best pvp player on the block with this texture pack! (Just don’t let them know 😆) This will help you be more aware of your surroundings and help you become a master at PVP (Player Vs Player)

Changelog View more

Made display text for installation look better! Hope you enjoy! I also added more to the description!

Added this submission to the app! (Hopefully that's what it does!) Enjoy!

Got rid of the black bar on the side of a few of the images. Enjoy!

Added support for RTX Beta and a better thumbnail image! Enjoy!

Iron and stone items now have a different texture from each other so you can tell the difference! Enjoy!

Fixed a spelling mistake in the introduction. Hope you enjoy!

Sorry, I forgot to change the title and submitted it. I fixed the title now. Enjoy!

Added some more images of me holding the weapon in first person. Enjoy!

Idk what to put for this Xd yeet yeet yeet

Turned the zip file into a mcpack file. Hope you enjoy!

Added four more images to the description. Hope you enjoy!

Added more to the introduction, description, and installation description. Enjoy!


Enjoy! Hopefully this helps you a lot in your Minecraft world!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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14 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-8129786371 says:

    pretty useless considring you would be moving your camera so you would still see the diamonds … how many times have a zombie actully been dangarous? …you can just walk and youll be fine

  2. Guest-2521876493 says:

    Amazig texture pack. Very useful

  3. Thank you for your feedback! The trident is sadly unfixable with the software I am using. However, I can gladly make the iron and stone pickaxes looks more different.

  4. Guest-6358077765 says:

    a great idea

  5. vStormXz says:

    Are short swords better or the swords that u can see through?

  6. c00kiebit says:

    This texture pack is in my opinion, better for pvp than the other texture packs that shorten the blade of the sword. I’ve imagined a texture pack like this and its pretty cool. I wish this was made sooner but I’m still happy it exists. My only complaints is that the trident isn’t see through (maybe the game treats it differently) but hope its fixed soon. Another complaint is there isn’t a clear difference between stone and iron tools other than the name. Not a complaint but a suggestion: make the shield transparent (if its easy enough). Still happy with this texture pack and will recommend it to others

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