Spawn At Swamp, Plains and Monster Spawner Seed

You spawn in a plains biome facing a swamp. Go ahead to the tiny island which is closest to you (in front and to the left) and then enter into the cave entrance with iron ore on the surface. You will see some cobblestone once inside the cave.

Dig through to reveal a hidden zombie spawner. Take out the zombies or even better, light the room with torches, and then get loot from the chests. There is a fair bit of food to keep you focusing in important stuff ofr the first few nights in your Minecraft world if you choose this seed.

This is the spawner you will find. It is hidden and you can only see the corner of the cobblestone so you have to be careful. If you enable sound you can hear the zombies as a guide once in the cave. You might want to be quick, as the zombies spawn rather quickly in this spawner…

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-Title fixed

-Part in description fixed(from tons of food to a fair bit of food)

-Made description more effective

-Fixed some punctuation

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  1. Spectrum Phantom says:

    Is it supposed to have a space in the seed?

  2. lol says:

    rather than putting it torch, just use it as farming

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