Self-Building Command Block Mansion [Redstone]

This is a great creation to use in case you want an easy way to hide your house from possible intruders while you are out fighting monsters or down in the mines looking for diamonds. You don’t need to be a technical genius to do it either since all you’ll need to do is to press two different buttons to build or collapse the house.

Creator: Assassiner 003, Twitter Account, YouTube
Updated: 29 April, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

There are two different buttons at spawn which can be used to either build the house or to collapse it. It takes somewhere around 10 seconds for the entire house to be built.

You can view a GIF animation of the self-building house by clicking here.


  • Glass roof is animated
  • The messages are different
  • Hide/show enchanting station
  • Added a crafting table, quick PvP kit
  • Fixed missing walls
  • And some other fixes!


Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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73 Responses

4.29 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Please link the actual download and not adfly

  2. Shawn says:

    I am unable to download the world, as the link is essentially broken.

  3. ELITEGAMEZ321 says:

    Nice build bro

  4. Bramesh says:

    It’s not even a mansion it’s a House. It doesn’t even look big. I can build a bigger Mansion

  5. Bryce says:

    I check this out and it’s so good and cool good job

  6. Scared Steve says:

    Please can you please fix the missing ‘open and close’ buttons on the outside door and the garage

  7. Laila says:

    Its really fun but why is it called a mansion when its like a small house

  8. Luke says:

    This can’t be called a mansion when it is that small

  9. Anonymous says:

    Make a robot with blocks

  10. Anonymous says:

    Obviously it’s Notch

  11. noobmcbe says:


  12. Catsy says:

    There’s no bedroom?

  13. Tracy Lee Olson says:

    I would love to be able to use the command block on other worlds. that would be AWESOME 🙂

  14. Kent Jeff says:

    I hate it when Adfly comes out when I download the map GRRRr!

  15. DuckHead101 says:

    When I download world, it just shows an EMPTY spruce forest, it has nothing

  16. Silly says:

    Every time I press download it takes me to a website saying I’ve won an iPhone but I don’t want an iPhone I want a self building Minecraft house ):-(

  17. Kirill says:

    I translated this map into Russian, is it possible to put it in the public domain?

  18. Sean says:

    Awesome map still can improve tho 😉

  19. VampireGirl101 says:

    I love this map so much! The one problem I have with it is its lack of stuff that all real houses have. I’m hoping that in the near future a seconded story will be added with things like a bedroom, or a TV. Please make a second floor!

  20. Anonymous 22308 says:

    Hey bro really awesome map but is there a way to make the house bigger

  21. Anonymous 22308 says:

    Thanks bro really awesome map but is there a way to make the house bigger

  22. XxlaiderninjaxX says:

    wow thats so awasome ill gibe a shout out to you map creater

  23. Thomas says:

    How do you open the garage

  24. Bendy The Demon MineCraft says:

    Um….. I played it and it lags really bad. It crashes my MineCraft. Please Fix

  25. --Modu-- says:

    I really wanted to get this for one of my review videos. I could’nt because of Adfly. Still, props to creator for this awesome creation!

  26. Heather says:

    Ugh this didn’t work for me! Same as others. Please fix this if you even WANT people to like what YOU built!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Its not work when I download Mcworld ( I forgot to say I’m on iOS ) it’s took me to App Store and download an app pls fix it I can’t download mcworld

  28. Turtle says:

    This is awesome! I love it but can you please add a door to the potion area and a bed plz? Every time I add those things when I collapse and rebuild the house, the features are gone. Aside from that, THIS MAP IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hillbilly says:

    OMG is this modded

  30. Anhadbir says:

    Amazing house no lag at all. It would be better if you add a bed in the house. But still one of the best command block houses.

  31. Emilio says:

    I love it

  32. Willow says:

    How are you supposed to get into the garage with the potion effects in it without breaking some blocks? Other than that it’s a very picturesque map!

  33. Ie taylor says:

    I wish I had the command thanks this map is amazing

  34. iBiteApple says:

    Dude you should add beds

  35. Lol says:

    Hey there
    A video has been made
    Have a nice day

  36. Txdeana says:

    I finally got close enough to read the labels. Coal is automatic night, Puffer is automatic day, Flower clears the weather if its raining, etc.

  37. Txdeana says:

    I love the house and has become my fave house to use in a survival game. I love the kill perimeter button! Can I ask what does the following buttons do on the main wall: puffer fish, poppy, and coal? Does the puffer give water breathing? Thanks

  38. Ohli says:

    What does the flower button do?

  39. CayMagic says:

    Wont work for me. Took me to and said I won some kind phone

  40. Anonymous says:

    i cant download it it keeps saying “this page contains malware” please help me

  41. Yfg says:

    What can i do after download the file?

  42. Yfg says:

    What can i do after download the f

  43. Oyin says:

    How do you Install it

  44. Dayl says:

    It is so cool!!!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hey i go their it was so cool

  46. RageSkill18 says:

    Is this Working In Minecraft Pe 1.0.5?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Holy moly its blowing my mind



  49. Teus says:

    Notch is the creator of Minecraft

  50. JMasterT13 says:

    Epic make more buildings that do the same thing maybe something like a castle

  51. Anonymous says:

    hi cool btw first!

  52. Blazify says:

    Awsome map, love cmd block maps

  53. Anki1231 says:

    This is the most epic command block mansion I’ve seen

  54. Somebody says:

    Whenever I try to go on the world, it said a newer version of this game has been uploaded, or something like that. Do you know what’s wrong?

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