3b3tmcpe – Anarchy

Server IP 3b3t.ddns.net:25506   Connect
Version v1.16.20
Status Online
Players 0/20
Server Protocol NukkitX

3b3tmcpe is a Minecraft bedrock edition anarchy server – this means there are no rules, and because of this freedom, you can use hack clients, and kill, greif and destroy. Make your mark on the server, it is only a few months old. What will you create or destroy?

3b3t is an anarchy server for Minecraft bedrock edition. There are many anarchy servers on mcpe, but 3b3t provides a true survival experience with no additional commands, such as tpa and sethome. The server utilizes nukkit as a software due to its powerful anti cheat measures and performance. Join today, and embark on your own journey to conquer the server, build a base, form a team, or do whatever your heart desires. 

The server utilizes nukkit as a server software. Nukkit has powerful anti cheat capabilities to prevent game breaking hacks from being used.

however, being as this is anarchy, most hacks including: fly, speed hacks, aimbots and more, do work.

this anarchy server is run by a single operator, and does not have multiple admins to prevent abuse on the server or unfairness. 

The Server is on a powerful machine to prevent lag and provide a smooth gameplay experience. 

This anarchy server will provide you the best survival experience on bedrock edition with no rules or limits.

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Updated the website to link to discord server with an invite code that is permanently available 

Added a custom description that is not posted on any other websites 

Your an incredibly difficult website to work with. This is pathetic. 

Added extensive information on servers software capabilities, info on how there is a single operator on this anarchy server, and how majority of hack clients are available. There is not much more information I can include, as my server is NOT a faction or minigame server, thus the limited information.

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: A Nukkit Powered Server

Map: https://nukkitx.com

Game Types

PvP Survival

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  1. wpnfcj says:

    Its innactive, only a few people online (max i have seen is 3). barely anyone plays it anymore. personal opiniton i would not play it anymore. i also randomly can conne t back to the server… OOF

  2. Rhombicosidodecahedron says:

    can i get creative mode?

  3. Yay, finally a server you can use hack clients in!

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