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Version v1.12.1.42
Status Online
Players 11/999
Server Protocol Other

4B4T is an anarchy server in Minecraft Bedrock. There are no rules to stop you from doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Play it like you own the land.

4b4t.online is a Minecraft Anarchy Server for the Bedrock Engine. That’s as simple as it gets.

From the moment you join, you are placed in a deep hole surrounded by ruins and giant walls. On top of it is the spawn roof where many battles have took place. Withers are firing skulls at every corner of spawn, animals are constantly in the cycle of life and death. When you join, you gotta have a plan to escape it all. 

This isn’t a peaceful world. It’s difficulty is set to ‘Hard’. Are you willing to take the challenge? 

4b4t.online first launched on September 9 2018, We’ve surpassed 1 year Anniversary!! 🎉❇️

Game Version: 1.12.1 Bedrock

[Disclaimer] If you previously had connection issues, please update the game.

Discord Invite Link: https://invite.gg/4b4t

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/4b4tbe

Vote Link: https://minecraftpocket-servers.com/server/88735/vote

5 Votes will let you submit an motd.

Once you’ve reached 5 votes, submit your motd in the motd requests channel in the discord server.

Changelog View more


• Added a Discord Invitation Link in the public main description

• Added Invitation Link to the official Subreddit Page for 4B4T.ONLINE

• Patched All Vanilla Dupes

• Patched Item Give Exploit

• Patched "Illegal" Enchants

All enchants above vanilla level will dissappear

• Offhand is temporarily disabled (in recent feedback, it was noted that the offhand could freeze the game)

• Added a Voting Link for the server.

5 votes will let u submit an motd.

• Updated Server to Game Version 1.12.1

• Added Instructions to fix join bug

• 4B4T's 1 Year Anniversary has arrived‼️

To celebrate, the OG Textures of MCPE from early Alpha versions have replaced the current existing ones, enjoy the day.

• Surpassed 1 Year Anniversary!

• Updated Description

• Updated Discord Invite

• Added info about voting

• Added info on how to submit an motd for the server.

Supported Minecraft versions



Map: world

21 Responses

3.85 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. bruh says:

    lol this is the copy of 2b2t

  2. riester says:

    10/10 best anarchy server on bedrock

  3. Commandguy100 says:

    Lel this is do great have been playing for almost a month and i have found alot of weird structures and super random enchanted gear. People are exuely pretty helpful on here

  4. hhhhh says:

    Everytime i join i crash

  5. A Guy Who Want Players To Be Safe says:

    If U Playing The Other 2B2T Server
    (The Bad One)
    Sorry Thought This Was The Bad One
    (Forgive Me)

  6. A Guy Who Want Players To Be Safe says:

    Child Safety For Young Users:
    This Server Contains…
    Bad Language
    Extremely Mean Players
    Mention Of Drugs (And Alchol)

    No Users Of 7-16 Years Old Should Play This

  7. Console Gamer says:

    Could have at least come up with a more original name lmao

  8. Get nae nae'd says:


  9. DominusVurse says:

    Great server. Anticheat might need adjusted just a little bit but I love it.

  10. TheRaider11 says:

    My favourite one of them all 😀

  11. Anonymous says:

    10/10. Probably the best anarchy server for bedrock out there at the moment

  12. Commandguy100 says:

    Nice 😀

  13. hmmmm says:


  14. FuziorIX says:

    Tricky to survive, but fun experience

  15. PaulVader says:

    I’ve been playing since September 2018, its a really interesting server! At last the dupe is patched.

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