AlphaBlock Net

Server IP alphablocknet.us.to:2762   Add / Connect
Version v1.13.2
Status Online
Players 0/20
Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

AlphaBlock Net is a new survival faction server with tons of plugins for our users to use like everyone favorite command /cape! We try to make our server as similar to a bedrock world as possible for players who just want to play Minecraft Survival with all its features!

Our server is online 24-7 and is an MCPE survival server that is running pocketmine but aims to be like a normal bedrock server with working mobs and items!  Our server has a Factions, in game shop, capes and much more!  We make sure our players play fare and that no one hacks so we have the best anti cheat plugin running on our server! If our players experience any trouble or need help with something we are always there to help them and resolve their problem  everyday!  We take our players seriously and we our always trying to make our server better for our users so we take daily feedback from our users in game and reward them with items and commands!

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Updated the description and brief description as well as the photos

Updated the server info with more photos to show users more of the server!

The photos have been Updated as well as the brief introduction!

Updated Photos to recent Server Changes, updated supported, updated info, and added server’s official website!

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: AlphaBlock Net

Map: PocketMine-MP

33 Responses

4.07 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. SilverStone says:

    Is there a Discord Server? If there isn’t, can I start one?

  2. CoinTD says:

    I cant find the website to sign up for admin

  3. Jalaya Makenzie says:

    Lol, Admins Are Funny. BUT. They’re Op, One 1 Shotted me. OOOOOOFF

    • The Admins are D-Heads? says:

      Lmao, so basically they’re abusing their admin privileges? Thanks for warning me, don’t want to play it at all anymore.

  4. FrostyGod says:

    Guys server reset soon it will fix all these problems

  5. JRHJ510 says:

    ugh this server is full of rude people and rude admins which have op armor when the admins ask to pvp they 1 shot you

  6. Regalspy says:

    It is very fun and the admins keep up with the Holidays and make the
    Server very festive

  7. AndesiteTwist says:

    The server is fun and is going to start a new chapter
    I think that it will have a revival soon and you should join

  8. TheZolloHD says:

    this is one of the bets factions servers out there play it now

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Angel says:

    Tbh nobody go to this server i’m telling this server is no fun there are overpowerd players and the admins are almost never there and when there is one they don’t act good and take advantage of there power and the owner barley dosent help out the new player and the world is almost all destroyed and there’s really no point in playing this server if you are late in the game so please everyone out there don’t go to this pieslce of garbage server please and thank you

  11. Tinplex says:

    If you need any help you can join discord server ,if you want to report someone you can do /report or /reeport (the reports will straightly go to the owner) and if you need help on anything there are some players that are friendly to help you ingame 😀

  12. kitty cat says:


  13. Argoniangamer64 says:

    Great server! im on almost 24/7 except for football and school 🙁

  14. Gamingboy win says:

    what is the ip and port for server pls

  15. Redcarred2 says:

    PrimeMinus is the co founder of the server of course he is gonna leave a good review

  16. PrimeMinus says:

    Awesome server! AlphaBlock is a frequently updated server and has a great player base. Unfortunately not the sane as normal factions some things are not the same but it is a new factions server so join now before players get to good.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. FlashDash38 says:

    This server has lots of abusive admin
    And strong player who won’t let you go anywhere but spawn

  19. Redcarred2 says:

    I got banned for doing what the owner does but I’m an admin the owner is abusive and has good and bad days

  20. Anonymous says:

    What is the ip and port

  21. PrimeMinus says:

    The shop is a really nice idea but needs to have the prices improved. Also please make it easier to know what spawn eggs you are Purchasing

  22. Anti-cheat does not work well. Report system is also needed.

  23. 1337cyp0k says:

    TheRealPastieYT and Xeran0k are griefing. They killed me about 10 times and blew up my house.
    The server idea is really cool. But people here are too stupid.

  24. unuselessgamer says:

    can u make it more than 20 players its really important if the server got crowded

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