Published on February 10, 2019 (Updated on December 21, 2021) Vanilla survival

Server IP Connect
Version 1.18.0
Status Online
Players 1/16
Server Protocol Other

For join server in discord use: is a Minecraft Bedrock  vanilla server with custom developed plugins. Do what you would like to do normally in your single player world but with friends Cheats are set off (you can earn Achievements!). 


Bist du auf der Suche nach einer gemütlichen und freundlichen Community? Suchst du nach einem Server, der deine Fantasie und deine Kreativität beim Bauen nicht einschränkt, sondern fördert? Wo du durch ein kompetentes Team, spannende Spielevents und ausgewählte Plugins ein tolles Spielerlebnis haben kannst? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig!

Auf unseren Servern steht das kreative Bauen im Vordergrund! Damit meinen wir nicht das Bauen im Kreativ-Modus, sondern eher wir wollen sehen was ihr so in unserer Welt erschafft. Gründet ihr die nächste Große Stadt zusammen mit anderen Spielern der Community? Sucht ihr euch eine einsame Wiese und baut die größte Farm des Servers? Egal was ihr macht, hauptsache ihr habt Spaß!

Unseren Server kannst du mit der neusten Minecraft Versionen  betreten!

Mit der IP gelangt ihr ohne Umwege direkt auf unseren Survival Server! Dort bieten wir euch eine Hauptwelt, in der ihr in der freien Natur bauen könnt, so wie es euch gefällt. Gegen Griefing schützt euch unser Grundstück Plugin /claim-size 75, kostet aber ingameGeld. ingameGeld verdienen kannst du in den man Tiere tötet. Preise sind beim spawn gelistet. Außerdem gibt es Farmwelten in denen ihr alle nötigen Ressourcen holen könnt, die ihr zum Spielen und Bauen benötigt. Diese werden am ersten Tag jedes Monats resettet. Dazu gehören auch der Nether und das End.


Wenn du mehr erfahren möchtest, dann schau auf unserer Website vorbei, schließe dich unserem Discord-Server an oder komm einfach direkt auf unseren Server, die freundlichen und hilfsbereiten Mods und Admins werden dir alle Fragen beantworten.





/tpa "username"


/warp set "name"

/warp "name"


How to join server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on 

What version does use? server supports Minecraft game version: 1.18+

Server is crossplay, means allow java and bedrock.

Where is located?

The server is currently hosted in Germany.  is one of the best SMP servers for players who are interested for larger SMP Projects with other players while you don't have to trust them; the custom developed plugins for Vanilla/BDS allows you to have an experience in a vanilla server like no other! You do not have to worry about griefing: /chunk claim is a command which allows you to protect your builds chunks. This plugin was exclusively developed for the server. We have also many more awesome plugins which you can find below.

What makes better compared to other Bedrock SMP Servers?

active developers who fixes exploits/bugs, custom plugins, good hardware, free2play, active and friendly staff-admin-moderator team, 100% vanilla (like a realm), 0 lags (5 ghz single core cpu), Server in central EU located!

Dedicated hardware:

i9 8 cores @ 5 ghz

64GB Ram DDR4

240gb SSD NVME



Currently both servers ( & Shattered Stone SMP) costs around 90 Euros monthly to run. any donations are appreciated and will motivate me not to shutdown some day one of the servers:





Select version for changelog:

  • Updated domain
  • updated server to 1.18
  • updated url invite of discord server

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: bitroll\.io


Visit website

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3.19 / 5 (99 votes)
It said i need a password
It didnt let me join because I have a space in my username.
The discord link doesn't work, again.
How do I join?? :>
How my name "contains illegal characters"? Also i took the opportunity to look at reviews and meh..
time to make a nuke this has a toxic owner and is selfish.
If you ask me this is a great server, there's a community and the server has such an active staff. Played here since s2 and the server is still fun if they keep the old system.
From what I've seen in this server it's dying the owner is just toxic and people have given him a chance but he Will never change he just lies and is just money hungry the mc server just went down hill quickly.
this server isnt profitable since a while, kid. ;)
Hmm strange that people that were banned have to pay $20 just to get unbanned and at the same $38+ for a few perks and a shirt so you might want to check a few things first before saying "the server isn't profitable kid"
The server costed back then 70$ monthly u little kid
So the original owner gave you their server or something now jobman...i hope this is for the better since the original owner was nothing but narcissistic and money hungry
I’ve been playing on the server from the beginning I’ve been playing for idk how many years. Well it’s been forever I’ve just been reading the comments lol and there’s so much hatred well if u joined few years ago it was so much more fun just saying u should pay to go back in time so u could visit the good 😌 times it concerns me that a lot of u are putting a lot of hate in the comments just letting u know the servers good even tho I’ve quit I’m saying the servers so fucking Epic.
Ive been playing in this server for the past couple of months. These other comments I find to be dated or they're fake but I doubt it. The Admins on the server are very chill, they do their job on helping us when we need it. Out of all the admins I like xNelson19x the most, he is always helping other when we need it and he is online pretty often. The comments say that the admins are unprofessional or assholes which I have to disagree with. Whoever reading this should really give this server a chance!!
ok anyone who has donated to this server ask for a refund, the owner of this server is in fact from firsthand experience is very homophobic, discriminatory, and will instantly lie to avoid judgment from people, I had asked a simple question on why the owner labels people as rat/snitch on the discord servers and was met with pure hostility and rudeness the staff are never around when you need them the owner will ban you over non-existence servers and delete evidence against them if anyone makes a video on them and it gets attention the owner will buy a new IP to avoid server termination and hate. be warned of them...
Pls I want to join but I can’t
And if I try to join he say you don’t invited for server
Pls invite me to thia server my xbox name (HALLOW GAMER 55)
Pls invite me
Pls invite me