Survival Semi Vanilla Multiplayer

Server IP   Connect
Version v1.16.0
Status Online
Players 3/64
Server Protocol Other

Note: server is whitelisted. in order to be apply to connect to the server please join and apply here: is a Minecraft Bedrock  vanilla server with custom developed plugins. Do what you would like to do normally in your single player world but with friends Cheats are set off (you can earn Achievements!). 


Bist du auf der Suche nach einer gemütlichen und freundlichen Community? Suchst du nach einem Server, der deine Fantasie und deine Kreativität beim Bauen nicht einschränkt, sondern fördert? Wo du durch ein kompetentes Team, spannende Spielevents und ausgewählte Plugins ein tolles Spielerlebnis haben kannst? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig!

Auf unseren Servern steht das kreative Bauen im Vordergrund! Damit meinen wir nicht das Bauen im Kreativ-Modus, sondern eher wir wollen sehen was ihr so in unserer Welt erschafft. Gründet ihr die nächste Große Stadt zusammen mit anderen Spielern der Community? Sucht ihr euch eine einsame Wiese und baut die größte Farm des Servers? Egal was ihr macht, hauptsache ihr habt Spaß!

Unseren Server kannst du mit der neusten Minecraft Versionen  betreten!

Mit der IP gelangt ihr ohne Umwege direkt auf unseren Survival Server! Dort bieten wir euch eine Hauptwelt, in der ihr in der freien Natur bauen könnt, so wie es euch gefällt. Gegen Griefing schützt euch unser Grundstück Plugin /claim-size 75, kostet aber ingameGeld. ingameGeld verdienen kannst du in den man Tiere tötet. Preise sind beim spawn gelistet. Außerdem gibt es Farmwelten in denen ihr alle nötigen Ressourcen holen könnt, die ihr zum Spielen und Bauen benötigt. Diese werden am ersten Tag jedes Monats resettet. Dazu gehören auch der Nether und das End.

Wenn du mehr erfahren möchtest, dann schau auf unserer Website vorbei, schließe dich unserem Discord-Server an oder komm einfach direkt auf unseren Server, die freundlichen und hilfsbereiten Mods und Admins werden dir alle Fragen beantworten.



/claim-size 75

/tpa “username”


/warp set “name”

/warp “name”


How to join server?

Open the game Minecraft, click “Play” button then choose “Multiplayer” option from the menu. Click “Add Server” tab and input the text on “Server Address” then hit “Done”. Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on “Join Server” button to play on 

What version does use? server supports Minecraft game version: 1.14.60 

Where is located?

The server is currently hosted in Germany.  is one of the best SMP servers for players who are interested for larger SMP Projects with other players while you don’t have to trust them; the custom developed plugins for Vanilla/BDS allows you to have an experience in a vanilla server like no other! You do not have to worry about griefing: /chunk claim is a command which allows you to protect your builds chunks. This plugin was exclusively developed for the server. We have also many more awesome plugins which you can find below.

What makes better compared to other Bedrock SMP Servers?

active developers who fixes exploits/bugs, custom plugins, good hardware, free2play, active and friendly staff-admin-moderator team, 100% vanilla (like a realm), 0 lags (5 ghz single core cpu), Server in central EU located!

Dedicated hardware:

i9 8 cores @ 5 ghz

64GB Ram DDR4

240gb SSD NVME


Currently both servers ( & Shattered Stone SMP) costs around 90 Euros monthly to run. any donations are appreciated and will motivate me not to shutdown some day one of the servers:

Changelog View more

multi home support has been added

public warp-system has been added

/pay has been added

- updated server address

- updated description

- added additional description in German, due our player base :)

/cb - new citybuild server

/fw - new farm world

/smp - survival semi vanilla (crossplay with JE)

new hub

added /vote . just visit this url in your browser: after you voted do /vote again and you are gonna receive some free ingamemoney.

updated all plugins to the latest api

changed saving system for claimed chunks: now all claims are saved under your XUID which will allow you to change your gamertag without have to worry losing access to them

This is a public server with some patches. everyone is welcome to join, we want test some stuff and if the server runs good, we may add those patches/plugins on the main server.

you can report bugs here:

added anti nuker

added /chunk claim plugin

fixed server crashes

updated to 1.14

fixed invite link

added auto backup on restart


chestshop plugin! has the whitelist enabled. Due various reasons :)

If you want to apply, please join our discord:

And send in the #apply-here channel those informations:

- Your gamertag

- How long have you been playing minecraft

- A screenshot of your build

new shop ui

new: /land trustgui

new: earn money by farming chickens 

new banner/gif

new description 

updated discord invite link (old one was not working)

updated mcpedl page description for commands

translated the commands/plugins/Description to English (previously Chinese)

added 1.13 support


This server is basically like a realm but with more commands/functions

/chunk claim has been re-written. its now more stable better and it should improve the server performance (less lags)

updated finally the server to 1.13

also make sure to check out the new commands for /chunk help (ClaimChunk)

new server port (19135) (address the same)

new server port (19135) (address the same)

new: Multiple worlds has been added at spawn (0,0) Switch between worlds using the signs at spawn! There are multiple worlds: PVP on with Chunk claim, PVP OFF with chunk claim and even a world with no chunk claim, PVP on and KeepInv off!

added /chunk claim back. updated server description, fixed some other small bugs

I am really sorry to anyone who lost their inventory. I know how it feels when you spend time and you lose it. But it is also not nice if directly rate with low stars. I could easily recover them, just join the discord and report it.... changelog: fixed inventory deletion, fixed the random server crashes, removed multi version support. Please, if you played previously and you quit due the bugs above give it an other try. :) 

Instruction about the new area/land protection economy system. Glowing Obsidian are now used as Protection Blocks. Removed some old informations about /chunk claim. 

Added economy /mymoney

added chestshops

added description for the new features

added warp

added multi version support. any version between 1.2-1.12 works on the server!

added /spawn command

added a Economy and Chest Shop (buy items which u can't get in NukkitX servers) as example totems, Enchanted Books, End stuff/blocks. The Shop is in the end at 0 0 located

fixed teleport hacks

fixed that /sethome crashes the server 

fixed server description 

switched to an other NukkitX fork which was developed especially for survival servers

We Switched to NukkitX. Do not worry as we have an active Java edition player base, the old server that was hosted using Spigot with bedrock support (thanks to ProtocolSupportPE) runs now on port 25565. address the same ( 

The NukkitX server is pretty vanilla, as we pre generated terrain from java edition.

very nice new premium domain ""

updated the server description

updated some links that were not working

updated title


added multi home support

added warp support

added awarp support

added 1.12 client support

updated domain from to The old domain is still linked, however make sure to change it as soon as possible!

removed Clear Lag

upgraded to new hardware, specs: 3.9GHZ 8 cores (turbo boost up to 4.5 GHZ) 32GB of DDR 4 Ram and 500GB SSD

domain for old Bedrock Dedicated server changed to port default

new discord for the smp server

updated brand domain from "" to The old domain is still linked, however you should make sure to change it. for Java just enter as address:


How it works:

* /chunk help - Displays this information in-game.

* /chunk claim - Claims the chunk you are currently standing on, assuming it is not already claimed.

* /chunk unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are currently standing on, assuming you are the owner.

* /chunk auto - Automatically claim chunks when you enter.

* /chunk name [name] - Change the name that appears when someone enters your land.

* /chunk access [player] - Allows [player] to use your chunks as if they were their own. They still cannot unclaim your chunks, but they may place/break blocks and interact with the world. If no player is provided, it will list all players with access to your chunks.

* /chunk alert - Toggle alerts when someone enters your chunks.

* /chunk show [time] - Outlines the current chunk with particles for 5 seconds, or [time] in seconds if supplied.

It's really that easy!

added more plugins/functions/commands:

  • TPA Plugin
  • home Plugin
  • coordinates plugin (coordinates are showing in ActionBar) (finally added, was a lot requested by bedrock players)
  • added instruction in server description which commands u can use
  • added cross support for mcbe versions. now you can join the server using 1.8x-1.11.x (beta)

The command /sc username has been added due some youtubers want make some videos and they want remove coordinates in hotbar...

added random spawn when someone joins new. Random spawn works only when u join the first time! make sure to set a home where u spawned so that u dont get spawn trapped at -300 y 250 if u die!

added new trailer

The command /sc username has been added due some you tubers want make some videos and they want remove coordinates in hotbar...

added random spawn when someone joins new. Random spawn works only when u join the first time! make sure to set a home where u spawned so that u dont get spawn trapped at -300 y 250 if u die!

added more plugins/functions/commands:

  • TPA Plugin
  • home Plugin
  • coordinates plugin (coordinates are showing in ActionBar) (finally added, was a lot requested by bedrock players)
  • added instruction in server description which commands u can use

The Bedrock server runs now at port 19133 ( If you need help make sure to join our discord

New Server has everything (Structures, Dungeons, sunken ships, treasure.) just like the old one. Hacking Items, Teleport Hacking, Hacking the Enchantment LVL, corrupting the server map/world does not work! enjoy a vanilla server without to worry about the mention things above! have fun!

  • New Server with better Anti Cheat. Old one (BDS SERVER with no anti cheat)  available at port 19133
  • TP Hacking does not work anymore
  • Item hacking does not work anymore
  • brining the server down/corrupting the map does not work anymore
  • Server supports now also the Java Edition. Both versions have the same combat.
  • fixed discord link
  • added donation url where u can donate (donation goes directly to Hosting Balance which means donations are 100% used for the server!) Also pls write in the "Spenden Nachricht" Field your Gamertag. We post public who and how much was donated. if you want donate anonymously just don't send any information or your username. 
  • New Spawn that makes not anymore possible to spawn trap
  • Server has now Auto Restarts. (Server will be every 4 hrs restarted to avoid performance issues.)
  • We upgraded our RAM. From 8GB to 24GB of RAM!
  • Auto. Entity Clear every 24 hrs
  • Removed the Glitch with Gamemode changes in the end and Nether. Now your GM should not be switched when u are in the nether/end near 0, Y, 0,
  • Not really important, but we switched from Ubuntu to Windows Server 2019!

Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

Server Name:

Map: s5

Game Types

Economy PvP Survival

198 Responses

3.22 / 5 (108 votes)
  1. Hi pls update the server because I can’t join since Minecraft got nether update

  2. Guest-7344812380 says:

    Could you update the discord link? Thanks!

  3. Guest-9116071837 says:

    My name in minecraft is greninjaash13 and i was banned because my brother wanted to try somthing pla can you unban me?

  4. JPhantom2020 says:

    Should I say anything? Need. The admins are a sh*&§ It does not help us only hinder us. This server is at least ridiculous. MrMVBPE congratulations You did manage the worst server of all time.

  5. Guest-5768739812 says:

    Um guess i stay away from this server, all these comments scares me.

  6. Guest-5209896530 says:

    why does it ban you for hacking!? hacking is sooo pro!

  7. Why is colored shelter box banned? I have my blue shelter box last time and didn’t know colored shelter box is banned. I have many stuff inside that blue shulker box and now it’s gone by itself including my 54 DIAMOND BLOCKS AND EMERALD INSIDE THAT! Now I’m poor, I still have full diamond armor, but sooner it’ll break.

  8. Guest-5321318892 says:


  9. Guest-6159557116 says:

    This biitch only owns a server and thinks he owns world! mcpedl remove this fakin server ty

  10. Guest-3542580912 says:

    Bad server. It’s trash

  11. Guest-1899058499 says:

    Hope I am addressing the right server. Some duped items were found in coolgamer’s (a member of your server) base. Fussycat99 (a member of your server) and I kept some of those things to show you. I request not to ban coolgamer, but to look after this case.

    Yours faithfully,
    Jocky Jazz

  12. Guest-6270726189 says:

    if you want to make a server PLEASE respect every human being from kid to adult. you can’t just say ‘tUrN YouR BrAiN On KiD’ to an innocent child, you are such a bad server owner stop acting so childish. go apologize to everyone before it gets worse.

  13. Guest-6548959558 says:

    I like Germany and I like the server because I can play with Java players (Kinda) My gamertag is mer764

  14. Guest-2590400676 says:

    Screw you, fake.
    Beach: “Admins are very nice!”
    Me: Really?
    *joins the game*
    Beach: *Banned with no reason you silly mother-fer*
    Me: Angry German Kid Noise
    Mcpedl pls blacklist this trash server and throw it to the trash can!!!

  15. Guest-5045393479 says:

    I’m banned I dn know y


  16. Guest-5772517783 says:

    The creator is just sittin there and thinking “Hey little kids, turn your brain on”

    My grammer is better than a few of your admins

    • Guest-2577127945 says:

      Also in the description it says,” friendly staff-admin-moderator team”
      This so true!.!??!.?!

      This is false

      • Guest-8505357684 says:

        I can’t believe someone here used to say HoneyCraft was worse than this server and was never going to thrive.


  17. Guest-1814733971 says:

    I like this server, but I was banned for no reason. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Guest-5969876328 says:

      My Username is Yo Pizza Boi

    • That’s how they treat people

    • Guest-1637090342 says:

      The owner and admins says they don’t accept kids as moderators. Yet they ban a friend of mine. AND now any users that ask about the person and the reason they are banned will get banned themselves. At most 4 users have asked and got banned. They don’t want childish moderators yet they are acting childish themselves. Way to go all you ADMIN toddlers.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Admins are VERY unprofessional with nearly everything and everyone don’t play this server👎👎👎

  19. TeuOrder says:

    The owners have really bad management 👎. They notify people in-game once, where not all can receive the messages, instead of the Discord where everyone receives the messages at any time 🤦‍♀️

  20. Amatsu369 says:

    Certainly, you may think that because many lost their items, the staffs should do nothing over the stability of the server. Is that even acceptable? Would it be better if they give out items/in-game coins as a compensation rather than just doing nothing when the nether and the end map resets, having many losing their items?
    What they did is, they simply ignored and done! That’s not great, right?

    • Jim’s Bean says:

      This is not the first time they’ve wiped player inventory and did nothing to compensate those who lost their items, this has happened now so many times it’s honestly disgusting.

  21. xFantasticToast says:

    A big heads up for players who want to join:
    The attitude of the staffs are absolutely unsatisfactory. Whenever you complain about the flaws of the server, what you will get is a BAN. Even with formal English, the result is the same. I have complained about how they respond to player’s demands, and not only I was banned from their server, I was also IP-banned from their discord chat. Recently, they have reset the Nether and the End dimension without notifying, and that’s where all our progress is gone – our base, our chests, and our inventory! How heartbreaking is that, after all those weeks gathering resources, everything is wasted so fast? Lastly, I am disgusted at their language proficiency. For instance, they listed out two servers A and B and mentioned that they will reset the worlds of B. At the end, they reset server A. Note that is there no further announcement on resetting. Can you handle that type of English? It’s like “A is good at B. Besides, he is also good at C” – supposedly “he” should refer to A but they thought that “he” refers to either B or C. Terrible English! Furthermore, they aren’t able to respond to player’s demands, or any of the demands of the newbies watching this. You mention emails, they mention technology. You said they don’t want server-hosting, they advice you to host a server. What kind of server staff is that?

    In conclusion, the attitudes of the staffs of this server needs improvement. Players would have no choice but to have an unhappy experience sooner or later if they do not improve.

  22. Jim’s Bean says:

    It was fine in the beginning, but the admins are extremely toxic now, they ban without proof and then say you did something you didn’t, they don’t take care of matters such as griefing and stealing though it is against the rules, home claims are unclaimed from time to time and they do nothing about it, and they freely use bigoted terms against people in private messages.
    Furthermore, one of their admins joined The Prism discord (another server I play) and banned everyone affiliated with it just for voicing how they didn’t like how their server was run, then left their discord. I 101% do NOT recommend them, you’ll simply waste your time.

    • TheNoobOne says:

      Agreed man! They ban me without evidence..i totally waste my time 🙁

    • Simba says:

      Definitely! They banned players simply over text without photos or recordings. They even banned players who claimed themselves as “Xrayers” while they had not confirmed whether those players were using Xray.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ew the way admins treat people is disgusting!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ew the way admins treat people is disgusting

  25. Yungchol says:

    Just to clarify, the people who are rating one star for being griefed are confusing this server with the SMP server, which doesn’t have this claim system and allows players to grief without consequences. Griefing on this server is near impossible unless you set camp without claiming your chunk. If you’re getting griefed on this server, it’s pretty much your fault for putting your stuff on public territory. And to add on to that, explosions are impossible on this server because explosions are turned off ALWAYS, so no one can explode anyone’s base, not even the admins. I’m not an admin, I’m just a player who’s been playing for about a month and have never seen any of the below mentioned happen. Happy playing!

    • Gsh says:

      Seriously? You should do further research on that. I was IP-banned just for complaining on their notification system, nothing else

  26. Disgruntled Mom Named Karen says:

    Admins are a joke. The server is a joke. What a bunch of clowns 🤡

  27. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely garbage they disrespect all players for no reason owners are absolutely garbage don’t join this server👎

  28. ... says:

    Ok last thing, this might not be true but I feel like a lot of the players are just bots because it says 4/30 or like 9/30 or what ever low player count but when you join the server is like full of people. I’m not saying every one is take but that you might be playing with bots

    • MrMVBPE says:

      thats because you join using 12345 that server is located on a different node/server which redirects you to the right ip:port ( and you are rating the wrong server. common little kid, turn your brain on its whitelisted why do you even rate it

  29. ... says:

    You have commands but you could just hack to do most of what the command can do

  30. .... says:

    If its a ******* anarchy why do you have anti cheats ?!?

  31. ... says:

    I used to have random bases scattered around the map usually 20 something K but all got greifed (i did not give out coords)

  32. ... says:

    Dont join theres too much greifers but thats ok but they hire hackers or admins to help them explode your base also the greifers could be one of your friends waiting for the right time because that huge dirt thing was once my home dont join

  33. Server Inspector says:

    I not messeged by A guy named Star737 and he said he was banned for 1 month long so a bad reviewp

  34. JimmyRPG says:

    This is best survival server, there are many people are very kindful and respectful, Keep it up! 🤗👍👍

  35. i like the server. just the url should be changed because it can confuse some people

  36. Painfulhail134 says:

    This went downhill after the update. I loved playing this but now i have to get discord which i don’t have.

  37. daisanni says:

    I played and enjoyed this server for about a day and then I come on to see that I’m not invited to play on this server??? This happened after the server reset and disconnected everyone. What did I do wrong? Please fix this!

  38. RedDev says:

    This server is false advertising. Please change the description of it. You cannot advertise it as an anarchy server, but have tons of rules and a good anticheat. True anarchy follows with the ideal that the players make the rules.

  39. SliderKP says:

    good server

  40. Splitcoco21 says:

    I got ban from discord because I agree with someone who said there is no rule saying “selling illegal enchantment items is forbidden, which is stupid of how an owner doesn’t add a rule for it and i got ban for agree with someone about it. Btw I gotta say the server got trashed by hackers. And the owner just banned me for agreeing with someone so if I were you just don’t get involve by someone idk man but plz unban man

  41. Ottomandiepanza says:

    When ever I try to join the server it keeps telling me that Im not invited to play on the server it was letting me before though! Did I do something wrong?

  42. star737 says:

    Ughh i dont even wanna think about this join at own risk the server is full of kids

  43. fa says:

    It keeps saying that I cannot join because it is an outdated server

  44. Anonymous says:

    Bruh, I live in the U.S. I don’t care German law thingies. I rlly don’t want to read a German lawbook.

  45. Anonymous says:

    How do you join the server

  46. Abhinav says:

    what is the ip adress?????????????

  47. Kileovbhe says:

    Can we plz get the end portal back??

  48. Kileovbhe says:

    Can we plz get some mending books on the sever??

  49. Is swearing allowed if not there is a player called Sussy666boy ban him if its not allowed

  50. Viewlessmusic45 says:


  51. Good server man can I get 10 stars finally can play with multiplayer without realms it gets 100 stars from me

  52. Viewlessmusic45 says:

    I love this server but sometimes what happens is we get a creative hacker who we cannot kill. They come i groups to support each other, namely one hacker is Ktimmiah and had come to my base for shopping in the chestshops. I knew from the chat that he targets players and loots them, so i tried to kill him, but could not, i was lucky to take my important stuff in my inventory. Also the second later i lost my inventory becuase of server lag. Please server admins, kick or bann llayers who hack and fix this server to prevent losing good stuff.

  53. Anonymous says:

    I cant join the server it wont let me it says unable to connect to world

  54. litong says:

    An awesome multiplayer survival, the admins are pretty chill

  55. ArguableWord 977 says:

    This server is amazing and it is really friendly

  56. TREXXXXXX69 says:

    All items in my inventory went missing. PLS FIX THIS BUG AND GIVE MY ITEMS BACK

    • Yeeeht says:

      Umm the server has a reset of inventory’s every something days so put your items in a chest and watch the chat closely it happened to me too so this is from my expirience

  57. Q4nd says:

    Uhh why is the server down yet again lol

  58. ArguableWord977 says:

    It was great
    But then the server is hard to connect.

  59. Q4nd says:

    Uhhh why is the server down? Please help Ben or icode

  60. SamuelDoesMC says:

    Very good and nice server. 10/10

  61. schnobolew says:

    I like this server but there is one thing i dont like is beacuse dispensers doesn’t work please fix it

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hello,i have been playing on this server for a while and everything was nice until i loged on and lost all of my items pleas fix this bug

  63. BlueNinja2383 says:

    Hello! I’ve joined your server & noticed you have the commands /sethome, /tap, & /chunk. I would like to know what software you used to add these commands & if possible, could you link me to them?

  64. Gyoo18 says:

    Hi, i joined the server 5 days ago and i realised that there is no what so ever quartz on the (almost) entirety of the server. It would very nice from you to mais a way to get quartz in one form or another (like a PNG at the Spawn or simply reactivate the generation in the nether) i will be really happy if that could work. Thank you very much to listen and pls answer.

  65. Jaxsen418 says:

    Can you please give me admin or op or something I swear I will not abuse it I just want to stop others from griefimg because this happens a lot to me if you will give me admin or op do it on the account Jaxsen418

  66. Jaxsen418 says:

    I lost every item I had. I had 3 sets of enchanted diamond armor and thanks to your server I lost all of it I want all my stuff back as soon as you can get it to me. And just as I was gonna start donating.

  67. CosyCarnival says:

    Hi jaxsen418 I destroyed your house

  68. KiddGaming0624 says:

    Can you please ban TheGamerPete please? He griefed my house and stole my armor while a guy was giving it to me.

    • MrMVBPE says:

      There is /chunk claim. Always protect your chunks where your builds standing in. If you have proofs join the discord and send me them & I will ban him. thanks!

  69. Jaxsen418 says:

    Please kick TheGamerPete he bullied me and made fun of my dead mom he cyber bullied me and sent threats to me please kick him off of the server

  70. Ecangg says:

    Hi? Ill make it 5 star if u answer me sorry for my english.

    Can you make an additional chunks while playing ?
    Like if i have a 400 free block claim now if i play more it will get 1block per 5 ir 10 minutes?

  71. Banlusha says:

    The server always crashes when i use equipments like picaxe and axe. Can u fix it?

  72. Edgar says:

    The server keeps crashing when i try to destroy a tree. How can I fix?

  73. Kchrist18 says:

    Hey i love your server but i tried to login yesterday but it says “unable to connect world” can u fix that? Thanks

  74. Myst/ProGamin9926 says:

    Hello , i have a bug , when i click add the server at the top of the page it automatically opens mc:win 10, and i go to servers and its there but it just says locating server and when i click on it it says connecting to external server

  75. Anonymous says:

    Today I tried to log into the server but it’s only showing locating server. Pls help

  76. Minecraft player says:

    Something is wrong with the map it’s a brand new one and everyone lost there stuff please fix it I want my stuff back I loved the old map please fix it, the old map gets 5 stars and the new one gets -1 stars

  77. Jenna says:

    I love this server but today I was playing on in and this guy Milsin2020 was swearing and saying the f word is that allowed? He said he’s a moderator and I was wondering what that meant because he said he’s allowed to swear but I am not sure. Other then that I love this sever
    100 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  78. Naijei says:

    Can i get a god apple plz

  79. Cottoncandy455 says:

    No rules means I can use x-ray right

  80. Eva says:

    Help! Please!
    Database Error whilst loading permission data
    Can anyone help? Thank you! 🙂

  81. Eva says:

    Database Error whilst loading permission data
    Can anyone help? Thank you! 🙂

  82. Eva says:

    I just startet playing yesterday and everything worked out fine, but today an error pops up again and again. There is a Problem with the permission whilst connecting. Could anyone please help? Thank you!

  83. Randy says:

    please your server has a small error that when I’m banned for flying, but I do not fly, I do not have hacks or elitras
    , as it is possible that I am banned for something that I have not done, please correct that error.

  84. Randy says:

    the creator or the admins who are reading this I come to say that they trolled me on their server and banned me for that, they tricked me into making them tpa and when they accepted I saw that they were in a place of infinite bedrock and then a boy shot me an arrow , I do not know what the arrow had when I fell I started to fly, then the server ejected me, please I did not fly, I just got trolled, I want to play again, by the way your server is the best one I played 5 stars

    • MrMVBPE says:

      Well the server doesn’t have rules, just don’t accept tpa and don’t give to other players chunk access. PVP is disabled in claimed chunks

  85. candice jones earl says:

    it jsut seems like a factions

  86. yAbOi TFUE1 says:

    Great server, 5 out of 5. I started building a town and ~6 other people started helping.

  87. Gersi says:

    Its a real Minecraft Survival Server , Thats why i like it a lot.

  88. Geonic says:

    Hey can you update this server, make it 1.11 please,

  89. WavyProduct5880 says:

    Well I was looking for a server like this since I paid Minecraft like this month, and currently so far I enjoyed being part of the server. I just wish that the server become popular. 5 outta 5!

  90. Bedh3ad3d/Kyle says:

    COOL Server been looking for a server that gave me the hermitcraft feels, glad i foumd this

  91. AMP (Alex) says:

    Love Both servers I play on both and love the anti cheat but I can still hack and you can claim I rate 5 stars

  92. Dangerzone47 says:

    Good server. I like that u can have ur own plot to build on and that it has survival.

  93. Dangerzone47 says:

    Really good. Owner is a nice person

  94. iInfiniitum says:

    Good server, creepers don’t show ignition animation, so that’s weird

  95. Panagiotis says:

    I really enjoy this server !

  96. Kahootchan says:

    I have had no problem so far
    Everyone on the server is chill and helped out when I had a problem

  97. Notchybrine says:

    This is a good server so far. Hopefully it’ll grow greatly in the future

  98. Erol says:

    Nice server

  99. Gamershy says:

    Great server, I must say, i love the fact that if you enter swim mode, you can’t exit it, and drown as a result! Really eliminates all the fun of exploring oceans~ Oh! And the best part was clicking respawn and having my game IMMEDIATELY crash <3 seriously, 5/5, you're doing great with this server.

    • iC0de55 says:

      2. you actually just need to double tab/jump to get out, well and your old favored server runs on BUT i will ban you from all servers i dont have any reason to let you play on my servers. You spread hate for no reason, 95% of the players are happy with the server i also reported your Xbox Live account for hate speech and send your logs to the Xbox Live support.

  100. Rmtn11 says:

    We want the old server

  101. Shadowz says:

    Abuse land

  102. Gamershy says:

    Used to be a good server before the owner got butthurt with people hacking on the server. It’s anarchy. The mobs are now glitchy, coordinates are more intrusive on your screen, and the whole world loads at an incredibly slow rate. If you’re willing to tolerate those glaring flaws, feel free to play. But otherwise, don’t waste your time.

  103. Hdhjenagy says:

    Amazing!!! a bit of abuse but other than that I give this server 101%

  104. Dimittrikov says:

    Why did I got banned from the server? I was constructing my house, jumped once, and on my screen appeared “flying not available on this server”. I tried to reconnect but I couldn’t. Idk why. I didn’t cheated.

    • server says:

      you did not get banned, this happens if you fly or disconnect at the same time when you are in the sky. Its the server software that prevents flying, no one banned you.

  105. Anarchy says:

    Experience real anarchy with true freedom at:
    Port: 12345

  106. EmberFlaze says:

    Whats the name? Is the Server address? Please help

  107. nice server says:

    server is really nice

  108. Kurt says:

    Can someone help me i cant join the server is it because i have updated minecraft

  109. MinecraftLovers says:

    MRMVBPE, please disable the PvP settings, because, often the player will be attack by the player. I don’t like your player on attack by me!! Please disable PvP it, PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Ryanlazarte says:

    why i can’t sign in in xbox pls help🙏

  111. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t open the ender chest, but otherwise there was no lag. Nice texture pack.

  112. no, says:

    Mobs are way to laggy, hunger bar goes down very fast and there are endless forests.

  113. riester says:

    Not Real Anarchy. Way to much Abuse

  114. Jenna says:

    It’s not working for me. I typed in as the IP address and AnarchyBedrock as the name but when I click play it won’t work.

    • Aircoolbro21 says:

      just type as the ip, 19132 is just the port which is default so dont pay attention to that

  115. Cho says:

    Do I nees internet to join or can I use mobile data

  116. Opendchest says:

    Cool,but do i need to be at 1.9?cuz im in the latest beta( right now,and i really want to join!

  117. Om says:

    Hello, I have seen tons of hackers. Can you do something for that or give me op so I can give them a warning? They were flying around putting lava everywhere, and I wanted to do something, but could not do anything. Thanks.

    • Owner says:

      Hello, once Bedrock Dedicated does support the scripting API I have some anti cheats script ready,

      Best Regard iC0de55

      • Gamershy says:

        Soooooooo… Hacks aren’t allowed even though you’ve outright said that there are no rules when I asked if hacks were ok… Riiiiight… Good thing I bailed when you changed server software lmao

  118. Darren Craft says:

    Wow! I didn’t know there are servers advertising in mcpedl…

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