Apex Earth

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Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

Apex Earth is a 1:1000 scale of Earth. With a well-oiled factions system, a well developed community, and still plenty of room to grow, this server is perfect for noobs and veterans alike!

Geopolitical 1:1000 scale map of Earth. Solid player-base and an array of great plugins, including Piggy Economy, BedCoreProtect, and many more. With a trustworthy staff working to maintain order within our discord server and cracking down on hackers, this server is one of the safest around. With a great array of well-established nations, including but not limited to, the Scandinavian Empire, the Canadian Empire, the Ethiopian Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the German Confederacy, there are many options for which to lend your loyalty, and still many options to found yourself.

Players are able to create their own houses and buildings.

Players can designate certain purposes for buildings like government, farming and even shopping.

Even though it’s an Earth map, natural structures also generate.

You can also invite your friends and play with other people on the server.

Our discord server can be found in this link:

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It is the same submission as nothing previously had been edited.

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  1. Guest-9659936871 says:

    The server is gone. There is nothing. It is dead.

  2. Guest-9199190519 says:

    The sever is amazing though but needs to update.

  3. Guest-8309309110 says:

    Can you make a map of this instead of a server

  4. Guest-1009855047 says:

    Why theres no server for 1.16

  5. Guest-6768211441 says:

    Him I would like to ask, is this for pe or the computer? (Srry for my bad English)

  6. Guest-8430290453 says:

    Great server Im currently im the U.S.B Chicago faction and had a part in many building constructions. The chat can be alittle weird sometimes and the server going down for maintenance once and awile but overall its a great server and Id recommended it since its prety fun.

  7. This server is dope, especially the SithEmpire faction

  8. Guest-2955727904 says:

    can you greif

  9. Guest-9413494602 says:

    This I sent a bad server they are RACIST I promise i even have proof of them saying the n word and you know what they say THEY DO NOTHING if you say the n word all you get is a warn or nothing I’m really disappointed #BLACKLIVESMATTER

    • Guest-4358868914 says:

      Btw it’s me buri

      • Guest-9339447926 says:

        If you’re Buri then I am pretty sure you are an ex-admin who was removed for admin abusing both in-game and Discord and later left with choice. If so, we always punish people who use racial slurs and racism in general in fact,
        you have a history of abusing your former powers just to say them as well. So please quit the slander as you have left and we do not wish to give you any more attention nor does anyone else.

  10. Guest-4592865603 says:

    This is a great server trust me it’s beautiful and has great admins!

  11. TGPNG says:

    Great server. Some enhancements can be made with the crates and rulesui tho. Good staff members and friendly community.

  12. Guest-1465972938 says:

    Why did you ban me from the Game and discord
    I wasn’t cheating or duping
    you started blaming me for the latest server crash when i literally wasn’t doing anything but mining and i cant go on the discord or the world anymore
    i was doing good and i was in a peaceful great community Why did you treat me like this for your own meme then take your own meme Seriously
    this is from
    discord: Coom King#4227

  13. Guest-6469759219 says:

    hello neb hows the server going

  14. Guest-7857448232 says:

    Epic server


    When I tried to get into the server, this what it said
    ”Could not connect, outdated client!”
    Can please ask why it says that.

  16. Guest-4675439013 says:

    This is a fantastic server with realistic landscapes that are full of adventure waiting for you. Or if your not the adventures type, join a faction and build your own homes. Relax and listen to the calm Minecraft music.

  17. Nebulae says:

    We noticed that the current Discord link is invalid, while that is being updated the working one can be found here:, sorry for the inconvenience.

  18. 8finity says:

    Server is not shutdown, just down for maintenance. The server may often crash since this server is not a final product.

  19. Guest-5618964712 says:

    The server is shutdown because of some server side errors

  20. Guest-1305631958 says:

    Why is it offline?

  21. Guest-9408491335 says:

    Server shutdown? What is that

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