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ArcticWest is a Minecraft Anarchy Server like no other. Experience a forgotten world of endless tundras and deserts with no definite rules. You’ll either be seen as an ‘Outcast’ or a ‘Nobody’ so prepare yourself for the unexpected. 

ArcticWest is a Minecraft Anarchy Server like no other. Experience a forgotten world of freedom with endless tundras and deserts with no definite rules.

Join Today and lead a team or reach ambitious goals in building / whatever it may be that keeps you breathing on this FINE Minecraft server!



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• Updated to Latest MC Release

• Added AC to prevent major exploits

• Patched all known vanilla dupes

• started working on website

• Server Updated to Latest Release

• There is a new known freeze exploit that is expected to be fixed in the Upcoming 1.16 Update.

• Patched Command Exploit (fully) 

• Patched Structure Exploit (fully) 

• Patched Offhand Give Exploit

• Patched NameTag Spoofing

• Optimised Performance

• Fixed some Crash Bugs

• Updated Server to Game Version 1.14.2

• Updated Teleport System

• Updated Homes System

• Improved Chat System

• Many bugs fixed

• Arctic West has been Updated to the latest Game Version: 1.14

• Made a more detailed description

• Added a photo from the server

Supported Minecraft versions


Game Types

Adventure Other Survival

26 Responses

4.5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Picko21 says:

    Just so you people know, hacks/xrays are allowed

  2. Guest-6782576812 says:

    Looks like a great server! I want to go on it and make a YouTube video if I was allowed but I’m not allowed Minecraft or YouTube yet. By the end of the year I might be allowed. Then I will go on it. I will review again then

  3. Guest-4898781935 says:

    Just PE or computers? Computers have an unfair advantage

  4. Guest-1748845272 says:

    Somebody is hacking.

  5. Guest-4896482700 says:

    it wont let me elytra, and im lost in the server

  6. Guest-1229374543 says:

    It’s not letting me in server the loading taking long time :/

  7. Guest-3361625723 says:

    Can u fix world corruptions please it’s really ignoiing when the server crashes please fix:/

    • Anarchy says:

      The “World Corruption” disconnection message is caused by a Bug in the current game version, Mojang says they’ve fixed it in 1.16 but we will have to see

  8. Guest-1872785151 says:

    anyone got trees???

  9. Candy H. says:

    Hiya! Is a Bedrock Player able to play on this Fine sever? :3

  10. Guest-3492422551 says:

    I play on this server a lot and it’s hard to when server keeps resetting and crashing Saying due to world corruption and delete blocks 🙁 please change this I love the server tho I have op hacker stuff and even give stuff to people lol

  11. Guest-3654418102 says:

    the server will be upgraded to 1.16
    I’m waiting to leave at 1.16 to play on this server, if you update

  12. Guest-2506274473 says:

    Some hacker gave me OP gear

  13. Guest-1329728933 says:

    you need to ask somebody to tpa to him

  14. Rubyriendier123 says:

    It is filled with Water and Lava. I can’t do anything

  15. Anonymous says:

    The server is now hacked

  16. TroveTheFox says:

    The server doesn’t lag at all it is amazing and love the theme.
    Just hope we could use 1.15

  17. Pan Pernicek 00 says:

    Its great server I play there everyday and its not only snow biome
    its completely vannila with seed that contain snow biome and
    snow texture pack

  18. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t played and probably won’t but I know it’s great because 420 people can play at a time.
    I hope at least 69 people join soon.

  1. February 10, 2020

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