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BitterWild is the award winning, complete reimagining of survival, with a focus on realism and difficulty. It uses proprietary technology to bring you the best and most unique experience possible. This server is a challenge only the best and smartest can pass. There are many new mechanics, aswell as changes to vanilla ones. This server can be fun, scary and exciting at the same time. It features custom world generation that is much more beautiful than vanilla. There are a multitude of realistic features such as thirst and temperature that will make you stay on your toes and analyze your surroundings. And you can also explore dungeons filled with loot and hard enemies, and while you fight you can listen to epic music that plays during battles. You will also have to look out for and design your base for a number of natural disasters to happen. These events are extremely rare but very deadly. There are also many custom enchantments that enhance the vanilla enchantments. As well as seasons. These cause temperature to change, different mobs spawn, and the world changes around you! There are also many changes to mobs, such as they get harder the farther from spawn you get, and they also change in difficulty depending on how angry you make them, as well as there being mob variants for each mob, so no 2 mobs are the same. They also come in hordes during Bloodmoons, and they also bring more XP and better loot. But do not fear! you can level up your abilities using the skill system. Using this you can upgrade your abilities and get cool powers!

Check out the trailer

And now a note from the owner, dev and maker, Nick
| This server has been my passion project for a while and I am excited to share it with you. I've worked very hard to make a cool and new experience.
| My goal for the server is to give a new experience to all courageous enough to try it. I want this to be the start of a new generation of
| servers that are built upon cool idea, good execution and pushing the envelope on what servers try.

Make sure to join our discord! Link:

Go check out Minecraft server rankings and see where Bitterwild placed! Here's a quote from one of the staff there "Bitterwild placed remarkably high for a first time ranking, you tied the oldest public architecture server in the world for Innovation. That's quite the feat!"

BitterWild gives the player a heavy dose of reality in gameplay. Weight of someone's gear may prevent them from running or swimming normally. Freezing temperature could inhibit motion or even lead to death. Drinking water to replenish one's thirst should be done so from a bottle or else the thirst just gets worse. These are but a small portion of what you can find on BitterWild.

There are many random events that you can find on BitterWild. These range from acid rain to giants coming to visit your base! You will always need to be prepared for anything when you play here.

You don't only need to be prepared for random events, also scheduled ones such as seasons, seasons change every 20 days in game, these will change not only how the game looks, but how it works as well. Depending on what season it is, different mobs will spawn, farming will be different, and your temperature will reflect the in game season.

There is custom enchantments to aid you in this harsh world. These can do many things such as cause your opponent to get withering, give you more XP or steal your enemies health. These compliment the vanilla enchantments and enhance your gameplay.

Skills and stats are yet another way to become stronger. When you upgrade a skill you will get a new special ability, or upgrade an already acquired one. Stats are more passive as they affect things like your drop rates with luck, or your regeneration speed.

 weight, temperature, thirst and other things like that (and how to use them) 

Inventory management and preparedness is a need. The more items you have in your inventory and the type of armor you have the heavier you will be, eventually you will be so heavy to not be able to swim for example. Thirst and temperatures are affected by many variables such as your environment, the season, your movement, and the time of day. You can tap water to drink it or eat or drink foods with water in them. You can affect your temperature by any way you would in real life such as lighting a fire or putting on warm clothes.

 Throughout the world, you can find many many things. One of them is dungeons, some are hidden deep underground or skyscrapers screaming to be raided. There are so many things around you that you wont every see without exploring deeply and meticulously. You can find good loot and many ways to play off of the natural environment around you.

Bloodmoons are an event that happens every 20 days and bring a cool new challenge, essentially a horde mode for you to test your base, get good loot, and have a fun time with friends. You will need to prepare your base and your gear to be ready for a bloodmoon.

Unrelated to the bloodmoon is the amount of custom mobs you can find. Every mob had multiple variants, change depending on your skill level, and offer a new perspective on the way your enemies can be in Minecraft. 

Natural disasters are an occurrence that you should fear. they can rip apart the very floor that you stand on, they can make it sink to bedrock or send it flying up into the air. They could happen at any time so you need to be prepared.

One of the many special technologies on Bitterwild is the difficulty system. The better you are and the farther you are from 0, 0 the harder the mobs will get. The server will gauge your ability and change the mobs accordingly.

And when you make it to the end there are is a whole new world to explore, including a different boss fight.

The server comes with a land claim system that makes it so your builds can be protected. You may also choose to use /pvp on or /pvp off to make it so you can't attack other players and they can't attack you.

To set the mood, battle music is supplied when you engage in a battle. It is made by a special system to stream noteblock sounds to the client.

Here on BitterWild you can sleep well knowing you are protected from hackers and cheaters with a state-of-the-art anticheat.

Bitterwild is constantly being worked on and updated, and there will always be support and help when you need it.

There are new items and custom recipes for you to discover and use.

Hope to see you there <3

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  • bragged about how Bitterwild got ranked incredibly well.
  • changed the banner image

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this is like rlcraft but better, and you don't need forge launcher and blah blah all complicated stuff
5 star 👏👏
keep up the good work!!
This is awesome tbh

Altho i have seen some bugs and glitches that annoyed me a little, this server is def amazing and brings you way lot more than just vanilla. Keep up the good work here, congratulations.
Really good server, but is it possible to seperate the skills so we can use them in different worlds? Just asking if it's possible and not asking for you to do it
Could you expand more on your request? Are you asking to use the skills on the server on your own worlds?
If i claim land will other players be able to open chests and stuff coz if they cant then making shops would be very difficult
Raptop, the velociraptor omolsake December 22, 2021 at 2:34 pm
hey the server has acussed me of cheating, but i dont cheat!,i promise, please disban me my username is Raptop7470
Have u copied my username or what?
Lol there's a difference between 'Raptop7470' and 'Raptor7192', and besides they didn't know you existed, stop being a jerk.
Damn bro this kinda died
DemonicYoungling54509 October 17, 2021 at 2:38 pm
could you give me the mods so I can play my own world with the mods id really apricitae it and cant find the survival mods like this so the mods here would be great and I cant join the server cause I use xbox one
this is like rlcraft but better, and you don't need forge launcher and blah blah all complicated stuff
5 star 👏👏
keep up the good work!!
Why is the sever and website down is what i ment
it isnt, and it hasnt been for weeks. dont leave negative reviews based on problems on your end.
Why is the server and website
Hellodarknessmyoldfriend August 02, 2021 at 1:34 pm
I love the game but it says moved what happened?
YOOO, THIS LOOKS SICK! How do I join? I really wanna play this as I have like no friends and i’m always bored. If you have a discord or anything i’ll join.
You join the same way as any other server. you can google for instructions if you dont know how. The discord is
bruh it blocked my link. here it is (just replace ; with .
It says the link is expired, also I couldn’t figure out how to join. Could you please explain?
k thanks, will join for sure!