BumbleCraft : Immersive Survival!

Server IP   Connect
Version v1.16.201
Status Online
Players 1/30
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Immerse yourself in an entirely unique RPG experience for Minecraft Bedrock edition! Quests, Faction Wars, Dungeons, and more await you in this difficult and immersive twist on classic Minecraft SMP! EARLY ACCESS BETA — Come and see!!

Hey.   Are you looking for an immersive and challenging Minecraft server? Something with RPG influence; dungeons, quests, pvp between factions?  Introducing BumbleCraft!

Bumble is a project that we, a team of twelve, have been working on for awhile, and while it’s still early and has a ways to go yet; we want some folks to join and help us test and stuff! We’re taking inspiration from the likes of RLCraft and Wynncraft but putting our own spin on it, and despite the technical limitations of Bedrock Servers, are forging a unique experience unlike anything else currently available on Bedrock Servers!

Players will begin in Harvester Town, and from there they will be able to set off into the wilderness to play like normal SMP, or they can talk to NPCs to start quests and explore dungeons to fight bosses (…. if strong enough). Dungeons are multiplayer friendly and will not break when ran alone or with a group! 

Plunder dungeons and grind monsters for rare gear and powerful items!

Making use of new features in 1.16, we’re also able to rig the world up so that players can’t break or place blocks in certain areas; meaning no griefing or cheating through dungeons/towns! 

We’re constantly  looking for new ways to utilize new features and modding tools – allowing us to innovate and make Bumble a truly cutting-edge experience for Bedrock Edition!

We’ve also taken notes from games like Skyrim, in how they handle Civil Wars!  Once you’ve arrived in Harvester Town, you’ll be able to find two Recruitment Barracks on either side of town – a Red one and a Blue one.  Speaking to the NPCs that man each fort, you’re given the opportunity to join one of the two factions!  Joining a Faction gives you access to faction-only quests, traders, gear, and content! Compete with the opposing faction for control over the numerous forts that dot the landscape!

Joining a faction enabled PvP between you and players on the opposite faction – players who share your faction or civilians who aren’t part of either faction cannot be hurt/attacked by players or attack other players!  This approach allows us to cater to both casual players and PvP players! So whether you want to farm and explore, or become the greatest warlord of the land – BUMBLE has you covered!

Consider joining up with Bumble and contributing content for the server! Even if you just want to draw up some items, weapons, or armor – submit it in our Contributor Corner in Discord and we can make your content a reality! Come get creative and Bumble with us!

Join us as we expand and improve this project! Come and BUMBLE with us!

NOTE: You MUST join the Discord server and apply to be whitelisted. We cannot guarantee everyone will be whitelisted in a timely manner; bare with us!

Server Discord: Bumble Discord

Changelog View more

- Winter has arrived in Bumble!!
- soundscape fixes!
- new community armor sets!
- new faction armor sets!
- new weapons!
- new quests!
- Forts overhauled!
- PVP settings fixed/finished!
- New exotic crops!
- Bloodmoons return!
- Stonk Market! (become a bumbillionaire!)
- and so much more!!

Come join one of the most ambitious Bedrock servers as we continue to push the boundaries of modded Bedrock Servers!!

- Harvest Season event came and went with limited time weapons!
- Autumn aesthetics now in full swing!
- Event timer set up allowing an overhaul on many aspects!
---- dungeon/world loot chests now refresh once every in-game day!
---- shops in Harvester Town now close at nightfall and open back up at dawn!
- New major town, Heveria, is nearly here!
- New dungeons and new quests!
- Become a mail-person and deliver mail between settlements for bumble coins!
- Improvements to factions and fort claiming!
---- The number of forts owned/currently claimed by each faction is now tracked and displayed!
- Harvester Quickwarps return!
- Numerous new items, mobs, and misc. changes!

Come bumble with us!

The Plush and Perils update is here!
- potopo collectible plushies added.
- Black Market returns!
- Armor Smith has arrived in Harvester!
- Villager Defenders added which protect villages and towns.
- Dozens of new hostile mobs!
- The first wave of community-created weapons are in!
- Autumn aesthetics applied to celebrate the harvest season!
- tons of fixes and new stuff!

come bumble with us!

- Added a fancy new Weapons Smith to Harvester Town who will now sell you a myriad of weapons in exchange for bumble coins.

- added bumble coin; the in-game currency used with traders and rewarded from quests.

- two new dungeons!

- black market trader temp disabled.

- various fixes.

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: Bumble! 0.7.9!

Map: Bumble

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4.71 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Hahagamer says:

    Make it Macworld pls I didn’t know how to sign in in minecraft

  2. Imagine getting banned from this server and starting a new server

  3. The Orespawner says:

    Really great server but 1 question, can you PLEASE put the mods you made for this on mcpedl like you did with blood moon? They are really great!

  4. randomguy5744 says:

    The discord link is invalid

  5. q-tip says:

    The discord is active like 24/7, however… the actual server is pretty inactive. Sometimes there will be like 1-3other players on, but most of the time no one is really interacting. Some of ur staff are kinda mean but other than that 10/10.

  6. SeAk_dEaTh says:

    how do you download it just says cord

  7. OperatorAlicia says:

    Well-crafted server. With it’s high-calibered mods and devs and stuff. Moth mothers are horrifying. The background music is cute. Fort systems are cool. But I never tried it yet.

    Don’t steal anything, or you will get yeeted by me ehehe.

  8. Otto Wood says:


  9. Howdy folks!

    So unfortunately the invite link listed on the MCPEDL page above is busted, so in the meantime, please use this link:


  10. moobloom says:

    i dont know how i can join, my discord is txddy #5050

  11. I’ve been riding with Cloud a long, long time, so take this review for everything it is: Absolutely biased, but from a place of only the kind of trust a horse can have for its master.

    Bumble is the only place in minecraft SMP I even wanna be. What the folks there have been doing is truly a sight to be seen. Harvester, Heveria, Minestone, and Growthspore are an absolute delight. The faction system keeps getting better, and what Cloud’s pulled off with addons is something to really learn from.

    Bumble might take some time to get a handle on the flavor for some peeps, but for those who dig the psychedelic nature bum vibe, there’s a whole world of chill nonsense to groove on.

  12. ItzBananaPlayz says:

    Banned for wearing glasses, so i was in the server i couldnt find a e chest so i didnt know there was an e chest so i seen the owners house with a e chest in =side so i went is=nside just to get my stuff out the e chest and everything went crax=zy just for me doing that and i was telling a mod that i didnt see the community e chest because i didnt have my glasses on at the time and then the mod lied and said they seen me go through the e chest once when i never di so i just want to say that so yep bye i had fun but it was ruined by just wanting to get my stuff out a e chest the poeple are nice but that mod isnt they are just ew 🙁

    • ItzBananaPlayz says:

      this is YT BananaBow

    • Dude I can’t even read this, please use proper grammar.

    • Hgdd says:

      You were banned for trying to steal from an admin and lying to one of us.

    • All but one of our staff wear glasses/corrective lenses, so this line of reasoning is just petty and stupid.

      This is yet another example of why you were removed. You had a terrible first day. You broke into an admin house that you were told by the owner to get out of. The rules you agreed to said that entering other peoples’ bases without permission was bannable. You wouldn’t have been banned had you just owned it, said sorry, and asked where you could access an e-chest.Instead, inane excuses and aggressive behavior was the choice you made.

      Mind you, this is the same day we caught you changing factions several times so that you could exploit the fortresses to grind out the custom faction armor quickly. You got your inventory cleared and got given a warning for this.

      I’m sure your first day wasn’t a very good experience on Bumble. And that’s because you seem to be dedicated to being sneaky and trying to get your hands on everything that isn’t bolted down, and then lying about it when caught. We try to maintain a good environment for our other players by removing those who are going to break into their creations, steal their stuff, and try to get an unfair advantage rather than experience the server and be a positive impact on the community.

      You weren’t the latter. You were very much the former kind of player. You had multiple warnings. But you persisted.

  13. Otto Wood says:

    So, I was banned in honeycraft for 1. Beating stupid which I remember
    2. “Griefing” 3. “Stealing”
    the 2 of which I do not remember doing
    Just wish to be back, I am considering changing literally everything about me, name, pfp,attitude, everything

  14. DangerX says:

    So i had made a post on the server to be whitelisted and they put the bread on it, then later i find out I’m banned without any warning despite them marking my post as me going to be whitelisted, can you please tell me what happened as i am confused, i’m DangerX#5176 on discord

  15. Gxld says:

    Hey uhh why was i banned? I was being kinda annoying to spaget and anoy, but everyone is a jerk sometimes. I just reported what was happening. I understand why you probably wont unban me, but why was I banned in the first place? The moderation is just as bad as HC. Hiro was the only op online. It isnt even possible to hack on Win10 anyway.

  16. DigDugeroo says:

    There’s sort of an invite thing. Can you please invite me to joine this awesome server?

  17. ElementPlayz says:

    Is it an invite thing? If it is, can u invite me?

  18. Just blank says:

    can you invite me

  19. Hiro_Akiba4436 says:

    This server is really really AWESOME!!!! You know why? 1. the exploration is endless!!! You keep finding dungeons everywhere! 2. The towns have a very impressive build! It added a lot of impact to the Atmosphere! 3. The RPG element is so effective! And its very well executed! I really love Bumble and this is a very cool and unique concept! So awesome!!

  20. If only there was a good weapon addon that fits the rpg style

  21. manicminer1025 says:

    Love Bumble! If you haven’t already tried it you need to

  22. The ‘Plush and Perils’ update is here! Introducing dozens of new monsters, new quests, collectible plushies, Black Market Traders, Village & Town guards and much more!!

    Come BUMBLE with us!

  23. Spongeboy says:

    How You make server?

    • Look into the dedicated server software on mojang’s website. You can host that from your own PC (need good internet + RAM), but you could also choose to host a server from one of the many websites that offer minecraft hosting.

      I highly recommend ApexHosting, despite being a little more expensive than other options. The customer support makes it worthwhile.

  24. SphereStudios says:

    What commands did you do to do the quest system?

  25. GameWizard says:

    Seems interesting maybe I’ll give it a shot, no promises 😉

  26. Otto Wood says:

    Already banned not even whitelisted yet, good sign, 0 stars

  27. Dary2007 says:

    new leaf new start, hope the same mistake doesn’t happen again, might join the server in the later on, wish u the best of luck cloud-Dary

  28. OnlyGab says:

    Hi! I know i didnt get whitelisted but you should try! The people on the discord is really nice and funny 5/5 rating. 😀

  29. TaqqyChips says:

    Hey look, it’s the same owner of HoneyCraft! I thought the name was a bit similar! Anyways, this looks pretty interesting. I’ll definitely check this out sometime. Wish you success with this server!

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