Published on January 12, 2022 (Updated on February 18, 2022)

Cataclysm.Net (SMP PvP With Java Combat Addon)

Server IP Connect
Status Online
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Tired of the typical bedrock minecraft pvp?

would you like to have a java-like experience?

if so, this server is for you, being a survival pvp with an addon that adds a combat quite similar to java, open 24 hours!

This server revolves around the mechanic of banning the protection enchantment 4 for this reason we added an enchantments system that does not allow this level of enchantment.

Netherite Enchantment Table Addon Concept

This enchantment system revolves around the Netherite Enchantment Table concept addon only slightly modified, by this I mean that enchantment prices have been changed and that to enchant an item you have to have it in the main hand.

Java Combat Addon


This addon was added to make the pvp a little bit more than the monotonous clicks pvp

More Potions Addon 

Finally I added this potions addon made by me to make pvp a little more dynamic(some potion recipes were changed to balance the smp)

More mechanics

-The Deepslate Redstone turn randomly into diamond or gold

-The Deepslate Redstone turn randomly into diamond or gold

-When mining an ore it will smelt instantly

Join SMP PvP Discord Server to interact to comunity!

if the invitation link fails can send me dm

Lord Raiyon#2192



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-Everything on the server has been changed in general

-Server host has been upgraded 

Supported Minecraft versions

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What the hell this server happened?
bro this server is broke lol
Always a good uhc
can you pls put up the server? i have never seen it up
Wait does that mean no other enchants bc how can people get riptide or stuff like that on their tools with out no bookshelf or anvil or is there a crafting recipe?
servers down lol