Shattered Stone Factions – Bedrock SMP

Server IP   Connect
Version v1.16.0
Status Online
Players 1/64
Server Protocol Other

Welcome to to the factions for Minecraft Bedrock! Our main goal is to provide a friendly and funny servers that are 100% vanilla (always latest features). There are plugins which can help you protect your builds against griefers (depends what game mode u play)!

We currently offer:

a faction server with claims, homes, tpa, and more. If you want ensure your claims keep claimed, make sure to join the server within 2-3 days or they get unclaimed (to allow raiding)


SMP is a gamemode that allows you to play in a public with land protection. there is an economy as well, shops and more! create your kingdom today!

Clan Wars:

Clan Wars is a faction like gamemode. there are base claims which can be raided with TNT canons. Clans can be created    as well using economy/currency.


anarchy serves are SMP servers without rules and admins. Join today and make history!


Creative is similar to our SMP mode but instead you have unlimited resources. currently money for claiming chunks can be only earned if you vote here: after you voted join the server  you play on and execute /vote

What makes better compared to other Bedrock Servers?

active developers who fixes exploits/bugs related to plugins, custom developed plugins, good hardware, free2play, active and friendly staff-admin-moderator team, 100% vanilla (like a realm), 0 lags (4.4 ghz single core cpu), Server in central US and EU located!

Use /c — main server guy command


/chunk help






  • KeepInv true
  • gamerule pvp false
  • /back on death
  • tnt explodes false
  • fire tick false

Server Rules/Laws:

  • Hacking is forbidden 
  • Exploiting is forbidden!
  • Keeping Exploits secret is forbidden! You are obliged to report them
  • Griefing is fortbidden, Does not matter if someone trusted you chunk access!
  • offensive language is forbidden! First mute: 2 hours, Second mute: 24 hours, Third mute: 1 week, Fourth mute: for ever
  • PVP is disabled and not allowed.


Currently the servers ( & Shattered Stone SMP, us smp) costs around 70 Euros monthly to run. any donations are appreciated and will motivate me not to shutdown some day one of the servers:

Changelog View more

- new tpa system

- new claim system instead /chunk claim

- switched to better optimized software

- new spawn

new anti cheat and a few bug fixes and a few new plugins

new hub

switched to Nukkit 2.0 for hub/lobby

fixed glitched selector

Introduced our new game modes.

Added Descriptions about the specific games

new address

added new plugins

switched server location to the US

added anti nuker

switched to vanilla

fixed transer switch for xbox and windows 10 users. updated to 1.13.3 and added tnt run as minigame. more minigames coming soon!

added 1.13.0 client support and other fixes 

fixed respawn

added /hub 

added explanation signs for all important CMDS at spawn spawn

added all commands in mcpedl page

added mobs with AI 

survival without plots is now running on port 19135

new address

new lobby

more stable (NukkitX)

new additional survival map with /chunk claim

added native transfer between worlds

added economy

added a help guide for beginners

I am not sure but I forgot to mention/add that the lobby runs on subdomain mc. I fixed it. If you are using the domain, u can still use it but the lobby is recommended for people that dont follow my description. If you join the first time, select survival. farm some materials after you have enough resources leave the server join again and select this time citybuild. its really simple

  • added lobby hub server
  • when you join the first time you can chose which server to join
  • new spawn hub

Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

Server Name:

Map: §cSurvival Server§7-§fyFeliPer

36 Responses

2.89 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Guest-8792240193 says:

    And who needs trash keep inventory

  2. Guest-3919484537 says:


    • Guest-9649027171 says:


    • Guest-9860670439 says:

      Actually, Hackers are noobs they use cheats, and thats no fair for pros or even for Medium Players like me… Its more Better if you do things what you have to accomplish with your effort, not with Cheats or Hacks :/

  3. Guest-4360637881 says:

    plss help i was disconected and i cant join back beacuse it says you are not invited to this world plss i want to join

  4. Octagonal T says:

    This server is absolute sh*t. Admins abuse their powers, going invisible and use fire charges to light you on fire. One admin TP’ed to me, and accused me at duplicating with NO EVIDENCE. I asked him for evidence and he said that he did not need evidence, and destroyed everything I had. I quit in protest. Do not join this, they will just abuse. Some of the players are really toxic, too, so it’s almost impossible to do anything without a argument. The server is unstable, and it always crashes. Plus the anarchy isn’t anarchy. just play on your own world, do not join this sh*t server.

  5. Guest-9114489514 says:

    I’m new, how do you earn money?

  6. Guest-3933194305 says:

    this isnt anarchy if hacking is forbidden,
    if it was anarchy therte would be *(NO RULES)*

  7. Guest-9909001520 says:

    Is there a ban appeal website for this server?

  8. Guest-7363923362 says:

    How long is a duping ban

  9. Guest-5955808565 says:

    How long is a rule ban?

  10. Guest-2937537443 says:

    This server is awesome

  11. User-6484659884 says:

    This server is absolute garbage resetting the server without players consent banning for the most stupidest reasons you can imagine, this has nothing to do with anarchy.

  12. Angry man says:

    Just got banned today on suspicion of something I didn’t do. I don’t recommend this server

  13. Teebo says:

    How can I join? Do Admins don’t answer questions here?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can’t join server please help!

  15. That natural commie says:

    Admins are worthless and don’t help with server bugs

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not the best server

  17. Anonymous says:

    The staff on this server are kind of mean to be completely honest

  18. Eduardo says:

    Disculpa quiero entrar pero No me deja y nose si tenga que hablar con algún admin

  19. Felitrox says:

    I cannot enter to the server, I am not invited , I DONT KNOW HOW I CAN BE INVITED

  20. TooCoolForSchool says:

    Nooooooo the server is down whyyyyyyy?????

  21. Rainbow steve says:

    I can’t download but it sounds cool

  22. No says:

    I’m going to download now hope it’s good eee

  23. Jameson says:

    This is a really good server. Been playing on it for a couple of weeks. Many active players. Friendly people. Helpful staff/admins. No hackers and an overall good vibe.-Jamesoncool

  24. Tod says:


  25. Panagiotis says:

    Cool server

  26. Hmm… I don’t play Roblox, but I’ve watched my sister play a game in Roblox that’s REALLY similiar to this Minecraft Server. You find and claim plots, you build little farms and sell crops for money, etc. I don’t remember the name of the game, though.

  27. Benhuf says:

    Nie server

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