CityBuild (Plot) Survival Server

Server IP mc.survival.to:19132   Add / Connect
Version v1.13.3
Status Online
Players 15/40
Server Protocol Other

Welcome to mc.survival.to!

mc.survival.to is a new server for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition )! Our main goal is to provide a citybuild server that is cross-play between java-bedrock edition.

You should join as first the Farm World (using CMD Signs or using the command: /world world), after you farmed enough blocks/resources you can switch to the city build world using the command: /world citybuild

for the nether use /world nether

The CityBuild Server can be directly joined using CityBuild.gq Port 19132

Your inventory is the same on Citybuild and on the farm (server) world.

Joining the CB server.

When you join first time the CItyBuild server you will spawn in the spawn-hub. Its a world with a spawn but at the same time its a survival world that has /chunk claim enabled too. It’s a world for those players who dont like plots/or for plot owners who want have animal farms etc.. 


How a unclaimed plot looks like:

notice: the area of not owned plots are marked with stone slaps and when you enter the plot, it is not saying “Owned By name”

How a claimed plot looks like:

How to claim a plot?

Use the command /plot claim

(You can have up to 4 plots and merge them) using the command /plot merge

How to set home for a plot?

/p sethome name

How to tp to a plot?

/p home (name)


  • Griefing is completely forbidden. 
  • Stealing is completely forbidden
  • Traping/Killing is completely forbidden
  • Being rude is completely forbidden
  • Scamming people is completely forbidden
  • Hacking is not allowed. 



* /plot buy

* /plot claim

* /plot auto

* /plot delete

* /plot swap

* /plot move

* /plot copy

* /plot grant

* /plot setowner


* /plot visit

* /plot kick

* /plot middle


* /plot trust

* /plot add

* /plot deny

* /plot remove

* /plot merge

* /plot unlink

* /plot trust

* /plot setflag

* /plot done

* /plot continue

* /plot setdescription

* /plot alias

* /plot sethome

* /plot toggle


* /plot inbox

* /plot comment

* /plot chat


* /plot save

* /plot load

* /plot download

* /plot schematic

* /plot bo3


* /plot set

* /plot clear

* /plot music

* /plot setbiome


* /plot confirm

* /plot info

* /plot list

* /plot plugin

* /plot rate

* /plot target

* /plot help

essentials cmds:

/back or /return

/compass or /direction

/delhome or /remhome


/delwarp  /remwarp


/depth  /height

/getpos essentialsnk.getpos,






/home /homes


/itemdb  /itemno

/sethome /createhome

/setwarp /createwarp

/tpa essentialsnk.tpa /call


/tpaccept  /tpyes


/tpdeny y /tpno

/tphere essentialsnk.tphere /s

/vanish essentialsnk.vanish,

essentialsnk.vanish.others /v

/warp essentialsnk.warp 

/world essentialsnk.world /warps

Gamerule/CMDs settings on Citybuild activated:

KeepInventory True

PVP Disabled True

/chunk claim false

Gamerule/CMDs Settings in the farmworld:

KeepInventory False

PVP Enabled True

/plot auto true

Gamerule/CMDS in World

KeepInventory true


/chunk claim works

Upcoming features:

  1. Shops (Items)
  2. Economy (not real money)
  3. Native transfer switch between Farm World and CityBuild
  4. Item Trading between players

If you need more plots, you can request them on the discord server: https://discord.gg/dE5mZNp

As long your 4 plots are really used, you get more for sure.

Changelog View more
  • added lobby hub server
  • when you join the first time you can chose which server to join
  • new spawn hub

I am not sure but I forgot to mention/add that the lobby runs on subdomain mc. I fixed it. If you are using the domain, u can still use it but the lobby is recommended for people that dont follow my description. If you join the first time, select survival. farm some materials after you have enough resources leave the server join again mc.citybuild.gq and select this time citybuild. its really simple

added native transfer between worlds

added economy

added a help guide for beginners

new address

new lobby

more stable (NukkitX)

new additional survival map with /chunk claim

added explanation signs for all important CMDS at spawn spawn

added all commands in mcpedl page

added mobs with AI 

survival without plots is now running on port 19135

added 1.13.0 client support and other fixes 

fixed respawn

added /hub 

fixed transer switch for xbox and windows 10 users. updated to 1.13.3 and added tnt run as minigame. more minigames coming soon!

Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13

Server Name: https://discord.me/smp

Map: Bedrock level

10 Responses

4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Felitrox says:

    I cannot enter to the server, I am not invited , I DONT KNOW HOW I CAN BE INVITED

  2. TooCoolForSchool says:

    Nooooooo the server is down whyyyyyyy?????

  3. Rainbow steve says:

    I can’t download but it sounds cool

  4. No says:

    I’m going to download now hope it’s good eee

  5. Jameson says:

    This is a really good server. Been playing on it for a couple of weeks. Many active players. Friendly people. Helpful staff/admins. No hackers and an overall good vibe.-Jamesoncool

  6. Panagiotis says:

    Cool server

  7. JellyPaladin says:

    Hmm… I don’t play Roblox, but I’ve watched my sister play a game in Roblox that’s REALLY similiar to this Minecraft Server. You find and claim plots, you build little farms and sell crops for money, etc. I don’t remember the name of the game, though.

  8. Benhuf says:

    Nie server

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