ClassicCraft SMP + PVP! Java and Bedrock Server!

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Status Online
Players 2/25
Server Protocol Other

ClassicCraft SMP is a MCPE and Java surviva and pvpl server. It’s useful for people who want to play with friends on other platforms and just who prefer Java or Bedrock. Join for fun!


Yes, the server works for both Java and Bedrock edition. Please note that 1.9+ combat and offhand functionality are disabled, due to bedrock not having support for them. Java users on 1.9+ versions may wish to go to Options > Video > Attack Indicator and disable it.


We offer many fun gamemodes to play with friends, or to make friends on.


One  of our main game modes is survival. Here, you can play classic, close to vanilla survival. It’s great for those who enjoy the default Minecraft experience but are getting bored of playing alone. We have a large spawn protection, so you won’t find spawn all blown up.

There are some helpful commands that you can use in survival.

/craft – opens up a crafting table

/ec – opens up an ender chest

/tpa – requests to teleport to someone

/warp – teleport to or view the server warps

and more… full list at /help


Our other main gamemode is KitPvP. KitPvP is all about FFA PvP and economy. Right clicking or long tapping the “Choose a kit!” NPC will show you the kits you can access. These kits all have cooldowns, respective to their names. eg. Weekly is only available once a week. Jump out of spawn to PvP.


Another gamemode we offer is creative. It is an open place to let your artistic skills roam wild. There is no protection or anti-grief system, so if you’re evil you can grief. >:).


The final gamemode we have is called PotPvP. It is an FFA PvP arena where everyone is equipped with full diamond gear, ender pearls and an inventory full of potions of healing. This is very popular among the Java 1.7 PvP community.





Changelog View more

Rewrote whole article, added kitpvp and hub. Big update am I right.

Added /warp pot and /warp freeplay, updated rules, commands, fixed grammar in places.

Added new warp, dungeon and updated some screenshots of spawn.

Added rules, warps, updated some screenshots, updated the commands, linked store and discord.

Added more commands, shop and referral sections. also added another screenshot.

Added commands section, Added java screenshot with badlion to prove it isn't just a ui pack.

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: ll ClassicCraft [1.4-1.16] ll

Map: §cPotPvP, Survival and more!

27 Responses

2.83 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Herobrine19noob says:

    Mod killed friend and broke base with tnt my friend troop cry server dumb

  2. Supertroop829 says:

    Server sucks looks like noob server mod kill me for no reason and mod also blow up base

  3. Sacku says:

    Hey can u tell people to not steal other peoples stuff and admin abuse because me and my freids got killed when tomiiiiiiik said he needs diorite and he fuken killed me and he said go get me diaminds for stuff but he said its just a joke bro but its not even a joke

  4. Rain Gamer YT says:

    Worst server in the existence spawn is trash shops are trash no good pvp arena anyone can hack there is no point to play on this server anymore i think server created is gay he dont know how to make a server

  5. Rain Gamer YT says:

    Worst server in the existence spawn is trash shops are trash no good pvp arena anyone can hack there is no point to play on this server anymore i think server created is gay

  6. _Azulite_ says:

    A pretty bad server. Random command blocks around spawn, shop looks like it was made in 5 minutes, etcetera. Staff were bad as well. Tried to kill me several times, dropping TNT on me to kill me, the like.

    • Xd_pro says:

      Sorry to hear you had a bad time on the server, we have demoted all of our abusive staff and increased the qalifications needed to become staff. The shop is being worked on, and the command blocks have been cleaned.

  7. xxTinyTrooperxx says:

    im on bedrock, i tried to change my gamertag to have _
    but it wont work

  8. SomeonewhoplaysMC says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, but the player permissions are fucked

  9. SomeonewhoplaysMC says:

    This server is anarchy. Spawn is an absolute SHIT. This is not a server I would *ever* recommend. You might be thinking “Then how do they have 15 players online” They dont. I tested, they use a fake players plugin. It’s honestly ridiculous how bad this server is

    • Xd_pro says:

      The way works is that it “pings” the server every hour or so, to check its player count. This means that if it said there were 15 players online, but they all left, it would still say 15 and refresh in an hour.

  10. yeetle beetle says:

    yea it is java and bedrock smp

  11. kevin off of youtube says:

    does it work for bedrock

  12. Gxld says:

    I am not saying this because I own a server that is cross-platform as well, but the server lags a lot for me on bedrock and java. It is also a bit “unorganized” there are exposed cmd blocks all over the place. Now there aren’t *major* lag spikes that freeze your game, it’s just constant lag. It is bearable I guess, but what do you expect with a 3gb of ram Shockbyte server. This server is rough around the edges, but y’know how it is.

  13. BushQuotient319 says:

    Is this anarchy server?? I will play no matter what it is but im just asking

  14. Xd_pro says:

    Please reply to this comment with the names of cheaters, or join our discord for a faster response time.

  15. rodneyneerings455 says:


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