ClassicCraft SMP! Java and Bedrock Survival Server! [UPDATE]

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Status Online
Players 14/25
Server Protocol Other

ClassicCraft SMP is a MCPE and Java survival server. It’s useful for people who want to play with friends on other platforms and just who prefer Java or Bedrock. Join for fun!

Cross platform?

As you can see, the server is joinable on both Bedrock and Java. The server does NOT have 1.9+ combat for Java users and bedrock combat is working as normal. You may wish to go to Options > Video > Attack Indicator and turn it off on Java. 

To join on bedrock, please use the IP with the port 25565 (version 1.16.20 or 1.16.40)

To join on Java, please use the ip (version 1.16.3)

Spawn Protection

We have spawn protection in place to stop people from destroying the area close to spawn. You will be notified via chat when you leave or enter spawn, so you know whether you can buid or not.

Staff / AntiCheat

We have active staff, and a good enough anticheat, so you probably won’t find very many cheaters, as they will be kicked immediatley for hacking, and may be manually banned by a staff member if you report them using /report (with a link to evidence).


[1] No hacking or using mods that are against hypixel rules

[2] No exploits

[3] No chat spamming

[4] No asking for OP or loot

[5] No advertising



In the server, there are some commands accsesable to players. These commands aren’t cheats, they are just helpful, so don’t be ashamed of using them. They are:

  • /help – shows a more frequently updated list of commands.
  • /rules – shows the server rules.
  • /tpa requests for you to teleport to someone.
  • /tpahere – like /tpa, but it instead asks for someone to teleport to you.
  • /ec or /echest – shows your ender chest.
  • /hat – puts your selected item on your head. – use with blocks
  • /craft – access to a crafting table anywhere.
  • /nick – changes your nickname.
  • /realname – shows someone’s real name. (not their nick)
  • /warp – teleports you to a server warp (spawn, end, social, pvp, sumo and more)
  • /ref – allows you to claim rewards for inviting a friend. ($1000)
  • /refaccept – accepts the request sent by /ref.
  • /bal – shows how much money a player has.
  • /bal – shows how much money you have.
  • /pay – pays a player money from your balance.
  • /pww – teleports to a player warp.
  • /pw set – sets a player warp.
  • /sit – sits down on any block.

    Commands in purple require Epic rank or above. You can purchase it at for £5 GBP.




    We have a mob dungeon where you can farm XP, Ender pearls, and bones. You can go to it by typing /warp dungeon.


    In the server, there is a shop where you can buy and sell items with in-game currency ($). The shop can be accessed by typing /warp shop or by using the sign at spawn. You can do /warp shop to teleport to it.


    We have a social warp, where you can hang out with friends, meet new people, and do parkour. In the chill room, you can type /sit to sit down on any stair while standing on top of it.


    We also have a PvP arena, where you can fight for eachother’s loot. You can teleport to it using /warp pvp


    The End warp is there to make it easy to get to the end. You can go through the end gateway and try to get an elytra.


    Sumo is a knockback battle. Your objective is to punch the other people off the map. You don’t take any damage. Loot is not lost in sumo.

    Referrals (Inviting friends)

    A good way to get started on the server is to get some friends to refer you. You can refer someone (using _ prefix if bedrock) using /ref. If they type /refaccept you will be rewarded with $1000 and your friend $500. This is a great way to earn cash quickly.

    Notice: Your friend must have played for at least 5 minutes to be able to accept your referal. They also have to accept it in the first 120 minutes of thier time on the server.


    We have many ways to contact staff. You can type /helpop to contact an online staff member, and you can join our discord ( ) if there are none online. You can also report rulebreakers by typing /report.

    Changelog View more

    Added new warp, dungeon and updated some screenshots of spawn.

    Added rules, warps, updated some screenshots, updated the commands, linked store and discord.

    Added more commands, shop and referral sections. also added another screenshot.

    Added commands section, Added java screenshot with badlion to prove it isn't just a ui pack.

    Supported Minecraft versions


    Server Name: ClassicCraft SMP

    Game Types

    Roleplay Survival

    20 Responses

    3 / 5 (9 votes)
    1. Rain Gamer YT says:

      Worst server in the existence spawn is trash shops are trash no good pvp arena anyone can hack there is no point to play on this server anymore i think server created is gay he dont know how to make a server

    2. Rain Gamer YT says:

      Worst server in the existence spawn is trash shops are trash no good pvp arena anyone can hack there is no point to play on this server anymore i think server created is gay

    3. _Azulite_ says:

      A pretty bad server. Random command blocks around spawn, shop looks like it was made in 5 minutes, etcetera. Staff were bad as well. Tried to kill me several times, dropping TNT on me to kill me, the like.

      • Xd_pro says:

        Sorry to hear you had a bad time on the server, we have demoted all of our abusive staff and increased the qalifications needed to become staff. The shop is being worked on, and the command blocks have been cleaned.

    4. xxTinyTrooperxx says:

      im on bedrock, i tried to change my gamertag to have _
      but it wont work

    5. SomeonewhoplaysMC says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention, but the player permissions are fucked

    6. SomeonewhoplaysMC says:

      This server is anarchy. Spawn is an absolute SHIT. This is not a server I would *ever* recommend. You might be thinking “Then how do they have 15 players online” They dont. I tested, they use a fake players plugin. It’s honestly ridiculous how bad this server is

      • Xd_pro says:

        The way works is that it “pings” the server every hour or so, to check its player count. This means that if it said there were 15 players online, but they all left, it would still say 15 and refresh in an hour.

    7. yeetle beetle says:

      yea it is java and bedrock smp

    8. kevin off of youtube says:

      does it work for bedrock

    9. Gxld says:

      I am not saying this because I own a server that is cross-platform as well, but the server lags a lot for me on bedrock and java. It is also a bit “unorganized” there are exposed cmd blocks all over the place. Now there aren’t *major* lag spikes that freeze your game, it’s just constant lag. It is bearable I guess, but what do you expect with a 3gb of ram Shockbyte server. This server is rough around the edges, but y’know how it is.

    10. BushQuotient319 says:

      Is this anarchy server?? I will play no matter what it is but im just asking

    11. Xd_pro says:

      Please reply to this comment with the names of cheaters, or join our discord for a faster response time.

    12. rodneyneerings455 says:


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