Published on December 02, 2021 (Updated on March 09, 2022)

CreeperSMP (Big Update)

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Hello, I have made a Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition Server for 1.18.10. This server is plain survival, no addons, no plugins, no texture pack, (but we needed to add a anti cheat) just vanilla survival. There are still some rules to make the game fair and safe. 

Also the server has been Whitelist because of Hackers, drop your gamertag or join the CreeperSMP Discord Server.

You can play Survival with friends in the new 1.18 update with giant Caves and Mountains.

Survive and build stuff anywhere you want.

Prank other players.

Create Clans and team up with other players, or go solo and travel around.

Trade with other players abd get better loot.

Create Towns or Kingdoms anywhere in the server.

Discover new biomes all over the server.


CoOwners-Ah3rn and DeadLikeKazuha

Shader used in screenshots- KAS BE


This server has a Whitelist again so if u wanna join I  reccomend joining the discord server. We also made a second server which is modded.

Select version for changelog:


New Season

Better Cpu and Ram

New Seed

Whitelist is back 

Supported Minecraft versions

Visit website


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Bro 😭 i can't join it says you are not invited to play on this server 😭 please bro fix it my gamertag is zedzkie11pro
Pls let me join......gamertag- Ansh945ff
hi, my gamertag is MasterJaviYT, and i would like to play in this beautiful smp mostly because i want to have a full survival experience online, in discord my game tag is MasterJavi41 #3423
This comment has been removed
Please Fix the discord link I can't join
The discord
It says I’m not invited pls let me in my username is whiffinchan
i cant even join
Really good server
Just don't look at another comment saying they can't join
You just need to go into discord and ask the admin/owner
Hello! I was looking for a server where I can progress through the game, and this server looks good. Wonder if you could let me and my friend play? We are both builders and adventurers at heart, but also love a good bit of PvP. Usernames are: TensiveToast971 and CardiacBench176.
Wander here had a really bad experience but this is the only 24/7 server i found. Cy give me another chance I am not here to destroy, I am here to play!! I am sorry for the speedrun and cheating. All Im asking for is another chance :(
Can I be in the CreeperSMP my gamertag is Striderwono123
Hey mate I don’t have discord so here is my user snowstike2020 thank see ya there if you let me in
Can i join the server pls i want to build cool stuff my gamertag is WietseGaming.
Can I join? My gamertag is "MorbidNoob". Also can my friend join? He has 2 accounts: "stockypen46503" and "Goodloff"
Bro pls invite me
Username : PUBG LOVER 0P