Crimson Theft SMP (Modded SMP)

Server IP Connect
Status Online
Players 0/1
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Join the discord to get whitelisted , make, meet other people, make an OC, And more! We're an active and welcoming community. You can VC and meet other members in the Discord, and build in the MC server! Its whitelist, so less chance of griefing and hacking.


Mod credits are below

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Changed the server address and port to the real one but you still cant join without whitelisting

Added a mod credit channel in the discord and mcpedl with links to mcpedl pages

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Offline 

Map: -

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no Minecraft server, discord is largely inactive. I’ll edit my rating if things have changed, but I joined and apparently there’s no server? someone else had asked I’m new to Minecraft but the lore seemed ok yet it was all just admins. can someone explain to me what’s going on? i want a Minecraft server and don’t know why this in on mcped. any staff out there pls explain
I am sorry I'm just seeing! You probably joined during the first week when most of us were going to school. I'm unsure what you mean by admins as 90% of the in game characters aren't admins . I can name at least 5 people who aren't admins who do play a large part in lore. The gender thing is simply a running inside joke about how many of us are non-binary or agender. As for lore the one named crow can best help explain ^-^". The server, the one who originally ran it quit MC so we were struggling to get a new one. Most of us are unable to get a job so yes, sorry about that
How do I join the discord?
im going to have to add a bad rating for this because its really terrible. there’s some thing with “gender stealing” or invalidating peoples genders? i don’t remember exactly what happened but in the lore or server there’s a gender man who takes peoples genders. as someone whos struggled with gender identity this is really disheartening that people act like this and i really hope it’s a joke or something but it’s a bad one at that.
The discord invite is invalid
the invite is invalid-
why is there not a link to the discord
Discord link in expired, help
Why doesnt there appear to be any social media links
Nvm im just an idiot
What’s the port