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DCPE is a faction/survival based server with some special aspects. It has a unique gamemode type called “Limited Factions”. In this gamemode you cannot create a faction, and you can only join a faction. Instead of factions (/f), DCPE uses (/d) which is dimensions. There are 4 factions/dimensions currently, and each one owns their own world. Massive wars, alliances, tradingship etc.

How To Play:

When starting playing on DCPE, the first thing to do is joining a faction/dimension by clicking one of the signs on spawn. Afterwards you can warp to your faction world and start surviving in there, but if you are more of a lone survival then there is a Forest dimension owned by no-one, or it can be used to hide your base from dimensional relationships. After gathering your resources in survival worlds, you can start selling the resources at the shop to make gold/money. Gold is used to buy materials at shop, or to trade with other players. By mining you can also find ender eyes which are used to buy crate keys. Using crate keys you can open crates where you can obtain tag shells for tags, M-Books for custom enchants, a pet token, or even a custom item! Also you need to upgrade by grinding mobs, grinding xp/ore gens or by fishing. Make sure to participate in dimensional war events as that is the best part.

(Full How-To-Play Explanation In-Game.)

Side Features:

If you are completely bored, or you are seeking for power then you need to visit the Magic Shop. In that shop you can buy yourself tags, custom ores, pets that will fight for you, custom item sell, enchants, generators, grinders & even traps! But the biggest part of the MagicShop is the Custom Enchant shop where you can enchant your item with CE from MBooks (Crate drop). You can also level up by killing players and get yourself good prizes. There is also a DCPE Bar at spawn just for the fun of drunkness :D.

P.S. Season 2 is RELEASED NOW! A lot of fun stuff was added like towers, guns, and much more. Join the fun and find out yourself. IP: | Port: 19132





We hope that you will come by DCPE, and check out all of its cool features yourself :D.

Changelog DCPE V2.0.1:

  • Added guns in crates.
  • Added claimable towers at warp Forest that dimensions/factions can fight over and claim for buffs.
  • Changed ip from to due to getting a new server system.
  • Added working cauldrons
  • Fixed bugs (Lag, Inter-dimensional teleport)
  • Added swimming animation
  • Basic redstone system is in development and will be added soon
  • Started season 2 of DCPE & unwhitelisted the server (You can play now)

Game Types

Factions PvP Survival

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  1. هنا احمد says:

    كيف انزلها

  2. Dexter says:

    How do I play in the server please tell me.

  3. MNKOPNO says:

    How do I play this server

  4. ELITEGAMEZ321 says:

    Wheres the warp portals

  5. KingoAG02 says:

    Joined just now
    As soon as I warp to any place except hub or shop, I end up at a height of like 60 and die
    Great concept though

  6. LeftmostPanda13 says:

    I can’t warp anywhere can someone help

  7. Naahil says:

    who will win a fight with herobrine or null or entity 303

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait until it’s ready will you let us know?

  9. Minhaz-aka ActualSam says:

    I will try dcpe again but seems more better then old

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am just going

    To rate

  11. N1ght says:

    Has a great Chief In Editor! GREAT Server with Fantastic custom enchants and even guns! I found this server as well spent time.

  12. N1ght says:

    Has one of the best Chief In Editors! Amazing server and great work.

  13. Aidan Haak says:

    Oh, WOAH!!!

    I LOVE the concept behind this, it’s really frickin awesome!

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