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Direwolf SMP is just kinda something I wanted to make so I could make some friends since I'm not good at talking to people. But I do like it a lot and am very proud of it

[SERVER IS GONE]This is the main spawn I imported the build since I can't build and neither can my best friend who is the only help I have for the server. I imported this build and my house before I used the world for the server.

(Addon used for npc's https://mcpedl.com/npc-expansion/)

I also added a starter kit which took way too long to add looking back on it. 

I also took screenshots of everything inside the chest which was 9 pointless screenshots. Just make sure to read the book titled READ ME. The next screenshot is of a dirt mound my friend made and it is now considered a landmark on the smp. Why? Because I like it. If you make something and want it to be a landmark just show me and if I like it, it's a landmark. 

(The sign says DIRT)

The next screenshot and screenshots are of my house. Why? I had nothing left to screenshot but wanted more things to show so I just took a bunch screenshots of my house. 

Oh my friend lives there too but it's mostly my house. 

That's the door, I'm not gonna show anymore screenshots of my house, it's kinda pointless and I forgot about the sand fish. 

There is a hangout/premium area under my house which I will show all the screenshots of. 

This is the entrance it's basically just a vent system. Shaders https://mcpedl.com/spectra-shader

The actual hangout spot is just a cave we turned into a hangout the premium spot is inside an amethyst cluster. 

There are few signs at the entrance of the cave. Nix is me btw, if Phoenix is too much to type just call me Nix or Nixie do not call me Ash just because it's in my username doesn't mean I want to be called Ash. Ash is technically my last name (Phoenix is my oc, but I go by her name: Phoenix Ash)

My friend put this sign here, I would've if I had thought of it, my origin is direwolf (obviously) which makes me ½ block shorter so I don't really think about enderians who are ½ block taller. 

This is the front of the premium spot. Don't try walking in it's blocked with barriers, you need to have "a pass" basically just me using /tag and giving you the tag VIP-PASS the first 15 people who join will get vip tho. You have to join the discord otherwise you'll have 5 days until your set to visitor. This security guard is a joke character I made if you couldn't tell from her name. 

KAREN used to be a teacher. If you pick I have a pass and you have the tag you'll be teleported in, if you don't have a pass nothing will happen. If you say you don't have a pass, you'll be told to leave by KAREN. If you say hi...well you'll find out in a sec. Karissa is here so you can leave. That's literally it. 

If you say hi she'll say this 

Yeah, if you say hi to KAREN she'll kill you. Origins addon I used https://mcpedl.com/origins-mod-bedrock-edition-addon/ There's also a music pack on the server which I make new ones monthly you can recommend them in the discord server, however this month and next are not up for recommendations since this month is my birthday month its also my friends birthday month but when I made the pack she couldn't hear any songs because of a glitch so I just used songs I wanted in the pack to make up for that next month is just songs she wants for the pack! Discord link https://discord.gg/HPtj3MGTHP

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[SERVER IS GONE] DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO JOIN I GOT RID OF THE SMP Please stop asking about it on the discord, just check the announcements channel there for more info on it

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