Published on March 07, 2019 (Updated on March 09, 2019)

Downtime Gaming Network - One of the first hybrid Bedrock/Java Servers! (IP Fixed)

Server IP Connect
Status Offline
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Other

Downtime Gaming Network; One of the first hybrid servers! We accept MCPE Players, and Java players all under the same roof!

Here are some of the things you can do on DTGN:

- Survival

- Creative

- Zombie Survival

There's more to come soon. The server is still in beta mode, so be patient for development.

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Fixed connection issues. Added Kit PvP, Started work on Mob Arena, and did some fixes for Bedrock clients.

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Offline


I would like to join :(
No cussing but it awesome bedrock + java for the win!
Hi there, cursing is allowed on the server, however, the bedrock clients automatically censor the chat.
how to download minecraft for free
That is Illegal
An apk file of Minecraft pe
How do I get minecraft java edition on my iPad
Download mcina box or pojav launcher
Why would you want to kill your iPad?
hybrid servers is the best when they work!
This is easy to fake using Dragon Proxy (lets MCBE connect to JE servers but offers poor experience).... and it doesn't query but says it's online here....
Actually was able to connect and the query works now, really cool! I did get disconnected though when trying to warp, but cool proof of concept I hope it goes somewhere!
I doesnt actually use DragonProxy.
Is this really a hybrid server? It's not hard to use something like Dragon Proxy to fake the screenshot and it doesn't work for me to connect, it doesn't even query...
you probably think everything is fake
IP has changed to