Downtime Gaming Network – One of the first hybrid Bedrock/Java Servers! (IP Fixed)

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Downtime Gaming Network; One of the first hybrid servers! We accept MCPE Players, and Java players all under the same roof!

Here are some of the things you can do on DTGN:

– Survival

– Creative

– Zombie Survival

There’s more to come soon. The server is still in beta mode, so be patient for development.

Proof that it’s actually a hybrid server:

Who are we?

Downtime Gaming Network a non for prophet, non pay to win server who is ran by me as a hobby. The server is owned and hosted me: Andrew (Dafaq_U_Meen).

We are a community of people who like to build and play video games.

Our Gamemodes

– Survival

– Zombie Survival

– Vanilla

– Creative

– KitPvP (Underway)

– Mob Arena (Planning in progress)

Features we have, That other servers don’t.

– Supports both Java, and Bedrock Clients, Although support for bedrock clients are unstable.

– We never wipe our maps, What you build on here you can come back years down the road and still see your builds!

– Backups of everything are done every day.

– We never reset worlds.

Our Rules

– Don’t use cheats, It’s not fair for the other players.

– Cuss words are ok to use, However be nice and respectful to players.

– Be respectful to players.

– No threats; Hack threads, Death treats etc.

– Don’t grief the ITNs (Item Transfer Networks).

– Don’t grief established bases.

– Don’t over ask questions

– Don’t ask for plugins.

– We don’t accept plugins that come from you.

– For the love of god, Please don’t ask us for a chat filter! We’re a mature community.

– Don’t tell us to get a new host, or a better CPU for the server. We know that the i3 2100 is slow, We can’t afford getting a i5 or i7

Changelog View more
Fixed connection issues. Added Kit PvP, Started work on Mob Arena, and did some fixes for Bedrock clients.

Supported Minecraft versions


Game Types

Creative Survival

16 Responses

4.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. MiDekuZ says:

    I would like to join 🙁

  2. KidNextDoor says:

    No cussing but it awesome bedrock + java for the win!

  3. h says:

    how to download minecraft for free

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do I get minecraft java edition on my iPad

  5. Gsg says:

    hybrid servers is the best when they work!

  6. artulloss says:

    This is easy to fake using Dragon Proxy (lets MCBE connect to JE servers but offers poor experience)…. and it doesn’t query but says it’s online here….

  7. Question says:

    Is this really a hybrid server? It’s not hard to use something like Dragon Proxy to fake the screenshot and it doesn’t work for me to connect, it doesn’t even query…

  8. LiamStarcraft says:


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