Published on October 16, 2020 (Updated on April 19, 2021)

Downtime Network - Cross Platform Server

Server IP Connect
Status Online
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Server Protocol Other

Downtime Network is mainly an SMP server with extra cool stuff like, catching mobs with eggs, java/bedrock support, moving vehicles.

New: New and improved zombie survival, with 7 different kinds of zombies! We also made some 

Downtime Network - Not Just Any Minecraft Server 

=====[ How To Join ]====

Joining Downtime Network; Made easy!

IP for joining everything:

Default ports for both Bedrock and Java!


=====[ Server Features ]====

- Support for Bedrock Edition Players!

- Movecraft - Create moving airships, elevators, ships, etc. (Survival/Zombie)

- Dynmap - Used for navigation. (Survival)

- Massive 256x Plots W/ Free World Edit. (Creative)

- Server shops like no other. - Buy blocks, items, even have custom horses and donkeys flown to you. (Survival)

- Ferry routes - Hop on a ferry with your horse, and go almost anywhere. (Survival)

- Fast Item Transfer Network - Instantly send items to other people's bases anywhere in the world.* (Survival/Zombie)

- Big cities with plenty of places to explore. (Survival)

- Zombie Survival

- Buy movecraft ships, prefab houses, bases, etc. (Survival)

- Friendly staff, and a small friendly community.

- Catch mobs with chicken eggs. (Survival)

- Pay other people with banknotes, also XP Notes.

=====[ Commands ]====

Entire Server Commands:

/tpa - Ask a player to teleport to them

/tpaccept - Accept a player's teleport request

/spawn - Teleports you back to the world's spawn

/hub -Teleports you back to the main menu or hub.

/server - Send you to a server you specify, Example: /server Survival

/warp - Sends you to a warp you specify, Example: /warp Shops

/rankup - Allows you to rank up.

/ranks - Views a list of ranks that available for you to get.

/rtp - Teleports you to a random location (SURVIVAL ONLY)

/ah - Brings up Auction House, a trading system in Survival and Zombie Survival

/ah $dollar_amount user_name amount - Sells the item in your hand for a specified price.

Example: /ah $1000 SavDoesStuff

/afk - Command to go AFK



/plot Auto - Automatically chooses a plot for you.

/plot claim - Claims the plot you're currently standing on.

/plot home - Brings you to your plot

/plot home username - brings you to the specified username's plot.

/plot deny username - Bans a player from entering your plot.

/plot allow username - Allow a player to build on your plot

=====[ Server Pictures ]====



Select version for changelog:


The big ol update of 2021.

On this update there were multiple changes:

  • Improved system stability by updating the server.
  • Zombie Survival server is now new and improved with zombie survival only kits and 7 different kinds of zombies.
  • You can now click or tap on the NPCs to get places again.
  • Split the server up into different servers on the network.
  • Slight spawn upgrade to survival.
  • New Creative spawn, with wider plot roads.
  • New balanced economy to match vanilla MC.

Supported Minecraft versions

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How can I use word edit??
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can you play on education edition since its runed by bedrock
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You can't play on education edition because this is for java/bedrock 1.16.220 so no.
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Something happened and I'm not able to join the discord.
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Can you join this on Beta? I'm on Beta but I, however, can't join. :-(
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Hi everyone, I just want to inform you that you have to update your IP Address to the new updated IP Address on the page if you haven't already.

This update was necessary so bedrock and java clients can join under the same IP Address.
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I forgot to add this; Your builds will all still be the same, there was nothing done to the existing server files. Just an IP Address change.
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Dude, THANKS SO MUCH! Will all my builds still be there?
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Something happened and Im not able to join.
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Bruh your co-owner was being really aggressive and rude because one of the [warp] signs wasn't working I gonna deal with hostile server like that
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Hello, I am sorry to hear that our co-owner was rude. I talked to him about that.

Can you tell me your in-game name so I can get this problem sorted; I need to be able to read the chat logs from that day.

The signs do work, but they are hard to explain to the bedrock clients, most of our bedrock players are able to find it out themselves without intervention from the staff. On bedrock, it's more of a short tap when you want to click one of those signs.

I have fixed that to make it easier for people to leave the hub, you now tap the NPCs. You may tap, or tap and hold, it works either way for the NPCs.
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Sav it wont let me on the server
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Hi Spy, I'm having the same problem. :(
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Question: My username on Java and Bedrock are exactly the same. What would happen if I were to join on bedrock first, do some stuff, and then join on java?
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All bedrock accounts get a - added to the beginning of their username. So, if you join the server, for example, your Bedrock Account would be "-EndLord" and java will be "EndLord" they will also count as 2 separate accounts.
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Alright, everyone, the server is back up now.
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Hi everyone, I'm here to tell you that the server is down and will be down until the datacenter fixes their stuff. The datacenter the Ponbus Node is hosted on went down due to a power surge. Some freak accident happened while they were remodeling and they restored power and a power surge went through killing all of the core networking equipment or something.
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