Dusty-Bedrock [SMP] {18+}

Server IP dustybedrock.us.to:19132   Connect
Version v1.14.30
Status Online
Players 7/70
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Stake claim to your land. Buy, sell and trade goods with an established monetary system and enjoy meeting new friends! Long time player, new to Minecraft? All are welcome to share in the experience that is Dusty!

heard of Hermitcraft, Mindcrack,or SourceBlock.. well this should play out in the same way.
*Minecraft: now with a group of people you’d never want to be caught with in real life

also join the discord: to keep updated https://discord.gg/gu7NfV9

this a community oriented server meaning don’t just come in and do your own thing, join others, make factions, clans.


  • claim land (keep your stuff secure)
  • economy system (being worked on)
  • tp & warp
  • 1 player sleep

some rules:

  • Be respectful
  • No duping, no griefing and no hacking
  • No stealing
  • No PvP without consent
  • No hunting players down

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- hi yes i have updated the title, yes yes thank you, i know i'm so smart.

-till next time doc.

  • changed featured image.
  • added some ingame images to the description. 

Supported Minecraft versions


Server Name: Dusty-Bedrock

Map: Bedrock kingdom

Game Types


3 Responses

2.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Guest-9631273600 says:

    Bad Server

  2. CELLIXID says:

    Cool server. Great community. I had some lags, but that is OK.

  1. February 15, 2020

    […] Source link […]

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