Dusty-Kingdom [SMP] [18+]

Server IP mc.dustyhub.net:19132   Connect
Status Online
Players 0/0
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

What is this? well, if you are looking to share your creations, play with other players, make friends, this is the place.

at some point you must join the discord and fill out an application.

check out the website: dustyhub.net

heard of Hermitcraft, Mindcrack, or SourceBlock.. thats somewhat what we are trying to be but more public.
*Minecraft: now with a group of people you’d never want to be caught with in real life


PC players(bedrock edition),

Xbox players,

Switch players,

PS4 players(maybe),


you are all able to join.. more on that on our discord.

This server has been alive for a little over a year now.

some rules:

  • Be respectful
  • No stealing
  • No pvp without consent
  • No hacking

more rules on the discord and website.


Changelog View more

season 8 has started.

updated the summary

removed some information that no longer applies

updated the featured image

added a few more images.

removed a few images.

edited some text.

new season(7).
both java and bedrock player can play in the same world.
updated the featured image.

updated the discord link

other than that we are just looking for new players, getting this sucker back on the first page.

updated the discord link previous link become invalid.

updated the description, hopefully people get a better understanding as to what this server is about.

the server whitelist is now off, sort of.

added a few more words here and there.

other than those changes, just getting this to the front page.

updated the featured image
updated website link, we now have a proper website, somewhat.
updated server IP
updated the title

Updated the supported Minecraft version from 1.14 to 1.16.

Other than that nothing much, just getting this post back to the first page.

added more pictures, you are welcome.

added more info.

we have a very much WIP website now.


-pointed out that xbox players are able to join

-pointed out that switch players are able to join

-made it more clear that you must be whitelisted

  • added discord link
  • more rules
  • features updated

that's all i've added so far more to come later.

- hi yes i have updated the title, yes yes thank you, i know i'm so smart.

-till next time doc.

  • changed featured image.
  • added some ingame images to the description. 

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126 Responses

3.81 / 5 (54 votes)
  1. 04Foxtrot says:

    I’ve been playing on this server for almost a year and I gotta be honest, it’s the best Bedrock Edition server I’ve played on, by far. The perfomance is better than any server I’ve been on. Admins are great and would consider your every recommendation or issue and actually do something about it. The server is fully vanilla, now (with an exception of One Player Sleep plugin), which I really like about SMP servers. The community is decent and mostly active, since everyone is basically adult or close to it. All in all, it’s a great server and you should give it a try.

  2. CELLIXID says:

    Wait a second, the server is 18+? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  3. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    Y is it 18 plus?

  4. smithbx says:

    find a host site, pay a subscription for server space, share the ip address to players and boom you have a server running!

  5. Bro tell me how to make server plzzzzz

  6. BananaMan66 says:

    Really great server. Community is awesome. People in the discord are fun to talk to. Admins are nice and helpful. Definitely best server I’ve been a part of.



  8. Barcat says:

    I’ve played this server since season six, and i love it. The players i’ve met are nice, and nobody is too rude, from what i’ve seen.

  9. CELLIXID says:

    Nice server. Only thing I hate is that nether spawn protected with adventure mode and u can get stuck there

  10. OvationRed2 says:

    They’re old but I like them :). Nice community

  11. B1LBO T BAGG1NZ says:

    Been here over a year. Lots of good people making a great community! Never a dull time

  12. Kvw says:

    If only I was 18 years and older

  13. Pokest45 says:


    Just put “are you under the age of 13?”

  14. Fightingstud72 says:

    10/10 Would recommend joining. As of right now the Whitelist has been removed. You still NEED TO JOIN THE DISCORD but I would definitely get in now while there isn’t a white list.

  15. TeenGirl72 says:

    Hey I can’t do discord but I would love to join. So I posted my application on here. Is that ok?

    GAMERTAG:` Katniss726968
    `AGE:` 13
    `Language:` English
    `Device / console:` IOS
    `Ever been part of another server? which ones?:` Only servers like lifeboat, but I do watch hermit craft a lot!
    `What are you looking forward to most on the server?:` Just meeting new gamers and building with them
    `What do you plan to bring to the server/what are your build ideas?:` Modern and my creative builds.
    `Ever been kicked or banned from any server?:` Nope
    `Do you agree to the rules set for the server?:` Yes
    `Do you know anybody in the server?:` No, I don’t think so
    `How did you find out about the server?:` Mcpedl I think that is what it is called

  16. Guest-9597408959 says:

    Okay I like it but still survivalguy please make the admins more kinder

  17. Guest-4576197611 says:

    im playing on phone and it says im not invited?

  18. Guest-8146969742 says:

    Honestly a really lovely server
    I just wished the admins backup more often before doing maintenance

  19. Guest-1934708979 says:

    It is the best BEDROCK EDITION SERVER I have played on.The Staff is so nice and friendly.The truly hate cheaters, So don’t even think of cheating.Uncle B1LBO is the best admin.The Server provides alot of friendly experience.I relly recommend you this server if you are 18+.But if you are underage you will not get accepted,ummm…and it is mostly because of me I think.So sorry for it.Btwi got perma banned from the server.I am not gonna write a long story of it, Just wanna say I didn’t cheated. I left the discord server which caused me get my second ban getting perma ban.I wanted to leave the server as I am underage and many admins were against me in alot of stuff, But now I truly wanna return on the server, I have talked to 2 admins but they said nothing can happen now. I hope Surv Reads it and unbans me. I promise I will not repeat my old sht.And some poop heads will say me to join from an alt account but I am not gonna do this because it will only increase the problems of admins and if I get caught everyone will think I am a cheater.
    I hope Surv Unbans me and RohnikPlayz too.
    He will not repeat that.
    I request you to unban both of us.

    Thank you for reading.

  20. Guest-7407507737 says:

    Don’t listen to PubeMaster.
    He’s just a toxic player that griefed the server.

  21. why not message me personally? why go through all this, does seem pretty childish if you ask me.

    • Guest-7537308062 says:

      Well survivalguy, I am sorry for it, But I don’t regret it at all, cause severebetus &
      DomThe”idk” kicked me from discord for no reason, I messaged b1lBO, no answers,
      anyway I am in server Right now, and none of you knows, I just proven “myself” this wasn’t my problem, none of you have any problems with me in the other acc, sound funny right? -CubeMaster

      • Guest-6237376746 says:

        Just chose those admins/badmins whoever you trust more wisely,
        They may not admit it but some of aren’t even 18, I figured out myself lol,

  22. Guest-3823752130 says:

    plz i will observe rules im rohnikplayz

  23. Guest-7126024301 says:

    Really great sever. Please keep in mind that all the people who are leaving bad reviews are the people who broke our rules at one point and where banned because of multiple breaking of our rules. And they all know why they were banned -Much love, WarmNuggets.

  24. Guest-4591881182 says:

    I really don’t know why people are hating on this server. This is the best server I have ever played on, I was a little disappointed about having to wait to be whitelisted but it is absolutely worth it. I would recommend this to all of my friends if I had any!

  25. Guest-1702340826 says:

    good server! admins are chill and I can’t see any toxicity anywhere in discord server.
    But server needs some more features. I haven’t joined yet but I will soon. wish good things for u all

    -Cortana’s BF

  26. Guest-6405618004 says:

    Sevrer is absolutelyy amazing! Discord people are kind amd understanding and very friendly! World is good too!

  27. Iltoid says:

    Hi there! This hermitcraft-like server was made due to the lack of decent and smooth servers that immitated the Hermitcraft server. Dusty experiences almost no lag, and any lag a player experiences is likely due to their own internet connection. The server refreshes every 12 hours at 6pm and 6am, EST. This means that the server will briefly log all players off in order to reload the world and close any active chunks. In order to join this server you must be in the Discord as that is our main way to ensure the safety and fun of our playerbase. Please note that if you break our rules and give yourself an unfair advantage over other players, you risk being banned from our community. In order to avoid being banned follow our rules posted in the Discord! We’ve also recieved a lot of Under 18 submissions. Please remember that this server was first and foremost, an 18+ server, meaning the Dusty staff hold the right to refuse entry to players under 18. Most players also don’t seem to realize that XBOX and Nintendo Switch players can join as well. For more info you can go to #how-to-join in our Discord! Dusty has a very active Discord but if that makes you uncomfortable then simply stay in the Discord for announcements and as a way for staff to reach you and you’ll be able to have all the fun you want inside Dusty! Good luck players, and here’s to getting accepted!

  28. Guest-9084220928 says:

    I was banned for no reason

  29. Guest-3919260874 says:

    This by far is the best sever I have ever been on

  30. Guest-5311932376 says:

    Amazing server. Love it to death. If there is a “better” server out there. we have officially entered the apocalypse. Since hell froze over.

  31. Guest-8526069518 says:

    Awesome server. One of the absolute best.

  32. Guest-1270935439 says:

    Great server and community!

  33. B1LBO T BAGG1NZ says:

    10/10 would bang again

  34. Guest-9041519456 says:

    That’s really bad server, don’t recommend it.

  35. Guest-5963829271 says:

    Bad server

  36. Guest-9776319324 says:

    Great server, been here almost a year now, have enjoyed every bit of it and the people here. Yeah, occasionally we get some grumps, but usually those are the ones who get caught cheating, but typically it’s nothing but a good time on the server, in the discord and we have a load of people that enjoy voice chatting in discord while we play! Come join us!

  37. Guest-1422789914 says:

    Friendly place, others thinks not cause they like to dupe or hack… I mean seriously? If you want it do that go somewhere else… usually the ones who are giving 2 star or less.

  38. Guest-2063289759 says:

    can i join in?

  39. Guest-8297134559 says:

    hey guys. how do you get on these servers on xbox? i cant figure it out anywhere. would like to check some of these servers out. thanks

  40. Guest-5166858806 says:

    Great fun to play. The community is relatively nice and it is a casual environment. The only problem I have had is an influx of new players who try to squat on some territory. This is not a huge deal. I have seen a lot of people who complain about lag, but I have yet to experience lag on the server side. If you are playing late at night it may be a problem, but early in the morning and midday there are only 10 ish players on. The sign up process takes about three days, so be patent. Over all I would definitely recommend if you like a casual coop experience with little interference from admins.

  41. Guest-9791527525 says:

    The admins are really nice but if you mess up, ur gone,

  42. Guest-3178853286 says:

    I was framed by admins for griefing the server, I didn’t do it, now, they will have a griefer amongst them, and thay wont know it.

    • Guest-9884119928 says:

      Hey ExpiredOnions!!
      This is me!!!
      RralHubGamer.. U remembered??
      I believe that u didn’t griefed and many other players too…
      And I will ask the admins to whitelist u again…..
      It felt good to play with u mate.

  43. Guest-7299362805 says:

    You see, i have been rather suspicious at first but the admins came to a swift conclusion real quick, my shop and some others are blown up, beforehand, i had written a text suggesting to connect a tnt to all shops, i said it as a joke, but as i soon came to realise, the admins took it too seriously. Friday 6th, i logged on for a while, then went offline from 1700 EST to around 2200 EST, during that time, a person who is still amongst the players blew up some of the shops at the shopping district, I was obviously suspected but I had nothing to do, I had all the evidence to point the finger to myself, but in truth, i had nothing to do, the gunpowder came from me trying to contribute to the server itself, by killing creepers nearby, reducing chances for a creeper explosion. I would never do something that is against the rule, but as the admins would soon realise, the culprit is not me, but one of them. and even though they might have stripped me of my joy, I still have no grudge against them, they were just confused and misdirected as I was.

  44. Guest-6416158139 says:


  45. Guest-7837970701 says:

    Do I have to be 18+?

  46. Guest-1448571944 says:

    Trash server as well as admins on discord server.

    • Guest-8640435687 says:

      You are the trash that just got taken out… you failed to understand the easiest rules ever on server. Don’t hack or dupe.. wow that’s easy.

  47. Guest-6063474211 says:

    I seem to be banned from banned to join your discord server even though I haven’t joined this server before my ds name is The nobody3786

  48. Guest-6063474211 says:

    I seem to be banned from banned to join your discord server even though I haven’t joined this server before my ds name is The nobody3786

  49. Guest-1481182752 says:

    A pretty good server ngl

  50. Guest-4827431932 says:

    After playing on the server for a couple weeks I noticed a few things, I am highlighting these with pros and cons:

    – Pretty cool community
    – Decent Economy

    Thats pretty much it…

    – Spawn is legit just a meeting point, with no real interesting things like shops or other.
    – Lag… lag… lag…
    – Saw a kid get banned for duping, when he was using pistons to move armor stands to make shelves.
    – Admins are toxic, and try to take control of situations in game, when they can be handled elsewhere.
    – Some of the plugins are broken, or just not functioning
    – No real support for people raiding or stealing land
    – Owner sounds incompetent and he can’t even type right.

    I am hiding my username so I can update this review later down the road. For now, I suggest NOT joining the server. Hope I dont get banned for this!!

    • Guest-4079218022 says:

      First off, the server isn’t even 2 weeks old yet. Second. Spawn isn’t anything yet because the server just started. There are no shops because we have a shopping district in a different area. There aren’t plugins, they aren’t even advertised. No one has been banned for duping in this season from what i know. No ones base has even been raided yet. Sounds like you didn’t even make it on the server to even know these basic details.

  51. Guest-7772157443 says:

    Lmfao ur server is like communism LOL amateurs! Hahahah..I give one star cuz y’all succ nuts

  52. Guest-5309013248 says:

    Fine ill stop sry im juust mad i got banned cause i didnt even dupe anything in that machine and i wasnt thinking that day cause i got adhd. A fair rating is 4 stars do to some lag. The PhantomKin64

  53. Guest-5988232268 says:

    Bruh u can already see staff being obnoxious in the commments replying to people who have quit because of abuse by staff, lag and staff making alts on here to self promote. DONT JOIN

  54. Guest-5701325405 says:


  55. Dpsdps55 says:

    Awesome server, friendly and reasonable staff, really little lag on my end. The discord server is also cozy, I recommend actually reading the rules and stuff so you know what’s going on. Based on my short experience of being in the server, the people who are rating it badly without any detail are just people who don’t have the patience to wait until they’re approved or don’t read the rules and spam the chat.

  56. Guest-3389445020 says:

    The entire server is just lag lag lag lag, people wre a holes to eaxh other and staff abuses their power how ever they want

    • hmm, ok lol good to hear, boss. don’t try to reapply, k bud. for anyone reading this, you can only get on the server(of which buddy here did not get to join) by submitting an application on the discord, failing to accept the rules means a ban / kick from the discord.

  57. Guest-8183910742 says:

    I just sent an application to join can you please get me whitelisted?

  58. Guest-4096059025 says:

    Hi can you help me to join your server because the server say you are not invited player server…..help me

  59. ZAMIFO says:

    When I tried joining it said that “You are not invited to join this server.”
    If someone could tell me if I did something wrong, please tell me.

  60. Guest-3361421623 says:

    Ok the staff repeatedly harrased me and invited everyone on to come bully me do not join unless you wanna be bullied

  61. Guest-8325087108 says:

    This is my favorite server, I install discord to better enjoy this and every time they improve <3

  62. Guest-7053928765 says:

    Please whitelist me my ign is YTsnakebitedoom

  63. Guest-5707967707 says:

    it says I haven’t been invited to play this
    I don’t understand what it means, please help.

  64. Guest-7988880397 says:

    why is it 18+ (i cant play)

  65. Guest-3638252336 says:

    this cool

  66. Guest-5959855041 says:

    The best server i played so far great admins but i think more players should see this underrated server

  67. ok, make sure you join the discord, the server is now whitelist only!!

  68. Guest-9631273600 says:

    Bad Server

  69. CELLIXID says:

    Cool server. Great community. I had some lags, but that is OK.

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