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EarthCraft is a Crossplay Bedrock and Java SMP Towny/Factions Server!

The Server is Similar to the Big java Servers SMPEarth and EarthMC and is a SMP With Factions! Over 1000+ Dedicated people is in the Discord! AND ONE OF THE FEW TOWNY SERVERS ON BEDROCK AND MAYBE ON OF THE FIRST?!

The Servers map is a Huge 20GB 1:1000 Scaled Map of Earth it also still has Villages and Mansions! Joining the Discord is the Best option to see all the Rules! 

> Join Earth Craft! It is a Minecraft BEDROCK AND JAVA Edition Earth Server!

> 🛑 Crossplay Bedrock and Java Edition Semi 1.16 Vanilla

> 🛑 1:1000 Scaled Earth Map! WITH LIVE DYNMAP

> 🛑 Wage Wars, Create and Colonise with Nations and Conquest!

> 🛑 A Friendly Community! With Over 1000 People on the Discord!

> 🛑 Survival SMP Towny/Factions!! (24/7)

> 🛑 Join now and start your Conquest!

> Discord –

> IP Address –

> Port – 19132

> We would love if you join, but we wish that you abide to our rules. We are an SMP server and not an Anarchy server so please keep that in mind, Thank You!    LINK TO THE EARTHCRAFT TRAILER:          

Why You Should Join This than SMPEarth and Other servers Like this.

SMPEarth Takes so long to load. This server Just takes a Click and your In! Secondly There is Less Players but it is Actually more Fun! Less Players means you can communicate more but we Have a Perfect PlayerCount for you to Play in! We Just opened 2.5 Weeks ago so You have a chance to Get balanced with the OG’S! Lastly SMPEarth is not on BEDROCK! Most Shut down and This is the Only Popular one on Bedrock Still around! Java Players are still Very Welcomed too due to the Crossplay! AND This is one of the few Towny servers on BEDROCK?!

Changelog View more

- Added the Discord -
- Please join the Discord for a better experiance

- Added new port and Information

- New Season

- Bedrock and Java

* Added the new port

* EC has over 1000 People on the Discord

* New Categories 

- Added New Port

- New Updated discord Link

- More detail

- Added towny instead of Factions

Added our new discord invites and new port and other.

Added the New IP and Port we Updated for the server.

Added why you Should Join this other than other big EARTHSMP Servers

I’m adding more detail and stuff due to the ADMINS declining it again!.

Added more Ingame build Photos of Developed Nations and a Link to the EarthCraft 2 Trailers.

Added a bit more detail added Main photo and Finished it.

Supported Minecraft versions


42 Responses

3.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. FarmSlinkier says:


  2. Ibbotsoz says:

    hang on a minute.. can i not join server if there is a space in my name? really?

  3. Thelimgamer says:

    Discord Link won’t work. Please fix

  4. Fredbread says:

    From what everyone is commenting, I’m guessing this was the shittiest server on Earth. I’m glad it got shut down.

    • Bassicly, nearly everyone here who comments a bad review is banned from the server probably due to doing something wrong, Keipthount is now enjoying the server and the Comment is Outdated.

      • MafloBLITZ says:

        man, i just gotta say i feel bad from all these bad reviews, it’s unfair, they call this server toxic corrupt and many other bad things, if only the immature kids could actually wright a review, and all the stupid adults could maybe respect your efforts and dedication. from everything i’ve read you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just toxic douchebags that consume the comments, and wright bad reviews because their angry they got banned for doing something wrong, every server is toxic, no one can stop it, i just want to encourage you to strive to stay nice and kind,you just gotta accept that haters gonna hate, but haters don’t know that when they tryna bring you down, its just making you stronger.

  5. Wailin says:

    so if its a java bedrock crossplay do the java players use 1.9 combat or 1.8.9 with no kb

  6. Honeybwunii says:

    I used to build on the server before many resets and tbh this is the most garbage, corrupt, and toxic server to be apart of. Though, there are some nice people, but it’s very unlikely to find them at all.
    0/10 would never recommend.

  7. Juicy_frog yt says:

    Did the ip change

  8. Keipthount says:

    Ah. Yes this piece of absolute shit. I gotta day, server is great, not minding the tps problems and lag.
    But. The staff team is corrupted or whatever the english word is.
    I was falsely banned for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Asked a friend to get a reason why I was banned, staff Ignored it.
    Overall, great plugins ane map, shitdest of dtaff and community

  9. HelldemYT says:

    The most shittiest server i ever was builder in, the staff dont do their jobs and the members are so abusive, Hope the server gets shut down

  10. UnlistedSplashYT says:

    also i got on the discord and the website for the map isnt loading

  11. UnlistedSplashYT says:

    Server not loading on my iPad I’ve added it buts not working I can’t join

  12. Juicy_frog yt says:

    Can u plz unban me I don’t know what I did wrong

  13. Guest-6305913137 says:

    How can we see the live map?

  14. Guest-6305913137 says:

    How can we see the live map

  15. Guest-3933936485 says:

    Ty 😃 now i can play on this beautiful server

  16. Guest-5865944823 says:

    Help, how to register?? It says register by doing /register but it doesnt let me do it i just keep on getting disconnected and i dont know what the password is

  17. Guest-9007514427 says:

    It says I cant join because my name contains illegal characters, my name is xX Ebster Xx

  18. Guest-7903663440 says:

    What map software have you used on the fourth image just wondering how I could be able to get it on minecraft bedrock.

  19. It might say you are not whitelisted if you don’t write port right.

  20. On Java you join on ip and on Bedrock you Join on IP: and PORT: 19135

  21. Thanks for everyone joining, I fixed the Lag and fixed a lot Please Rejoin and Stuff!

  22. Djesus1123 says:

    good but a bit laggy, cant see skins of people using java

  23. Guest-8679676703 says:

    could you post a fresh world download of the 1:1000 scale map please? Thanks.

  24. Guest-4919548477 says:

    Players who join you are welcome to come to dust town in North America

  25. Guest-4370133236 says:

    could you make it un whitelisted

  26. Guest-9015148170 says:

    greatest thing ever

  27. Guest-8522433008 says:


  28. Guest-1006016852 says:

    No me deja entrar

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