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To The Lands of Lorean!
Introduction: It has been four hundred years since the earlier exiles came to the lands of Lorean. Many Kingdoms have risen and fallen. However one remains, The Kingdom of Hearthfire. Even though this last Kingdom still stands it is in a struggle. The Emperor has died and the throne lays empty. Now the remnants of the nobles have started their own Kingdoms hoping to build an army strong enough to capture the now empty throne. The only loyalist left of the once noble Emperor is his Steward, who now watches from the Throne Room all the chaos which has hit Lorean. Now is the time for factions to rise and war to be waged. Only the remaining ruler will be crowned Emperor of the realm. Darkness is also in the midst, a Darklord from the underworld has came to the surface to spread fear and conquer across the lands. So there is it Exile… you must gather your loyal subjects and start your Kingdom and only then will you be strong enough to claim yourself Emperor of the Land!

    Lorean Hardcore Medieval Survival is a well thought of role play server. It has many aspects of the popular D&D game. Players joining the world will start as a lowly serf and will have to advance through the titles of nobility ranks to achieve success in this world. Once established and the player has a village or kingdom of their own they may participate in our monthly season competitions to try to win the crown of Emperor. Our server has many custom addons to enhance the immersion of living in medieval times, our community is also wonderful to be apart of and have a lot of wonderful roleplayers. Below will be the game play mechanics and rules of the server, if you end up liking this please join our discord and create a Character Sheet upon your acceptance into the server you will be whitelisted to join us!

  Gameplay Mechanics

    Currency:  Within the lands of Lorean, a player based economy is ran. Players will trade among eachother, set up a shop, or even tax their subjects (Players.) The types of currency and their worth are here.

Gold Nuggets = 1 Gold

Gold Bars = 10 Gold

Diamonds = 15 Gold

Emeralds = 25 Gold

    Titles:  In Lorean players have different titles. These titles have different levels of what the player can do. Here is the list of titles and what they’re allowed to do.

Serf- Players who are a Serf cannot build their own House or start a village or faction/Kingdom. Serfs must join an existing Kingdom or the Main City Hub to get assigned a job to make enough gold to purchase the next title.

Freeman- Players whom hold the title of Freeman are allowed to build their own House (1 Structure) anywhere they desire, but may not start a village or Kingdom nor have any subjects.

Knight- Players who hold the title Knight may start their own villages wherever they desire as long as they have two subjects (Players.)

Baron- Players whom hold the title of Baron may start their own faction as long as they own a village and have atleast two subjects.

Lord- Players whom hold the title of Lord may start their own Village, Faction, and or Kingdom as long as they have atleast two subjects.

King- Players whom hold the title King can own and operate up to two villages and have a Faction/Kingdom.

Emperor- Whomever holds the title of Emperor (Only 1 Player Can.) Can set the realms local laws (Not Server Rules.) For example The Emperor can choose to tax all Kingdoms a certain amount of gold per day. They also own the Main City Hub and get a portion of the gold made daily within the city for their own pleasure.

All of these titles must be purchased in order from the Steward of the Main City Hearthfire. With the exception of Emperor which must be earned by Conquering the Realm. Players may ask the Steward for the prices of each title, and once the title is owned you must keep your Title Book proving you’re that title at all times. Administrators will keep a royal registry of all current players and their current titles if you so happen to lose yours.

Villages/Factions/Kingdoms: All villages, factions, and kingdoms must be approved by an Administrator via Discord. So we may help set your village/faction/kingdom up and enter you in the registry so you’re considered a legitimate ruler.

 Subjects (Players): All subjects within your village/faction/kingdom must be paid by their ruler every five days within Minecraft. The pay will depend on the individual ruler but not be under the minimum of 3 gold nuggets. All subjects must have a job within their faction they join.

Main City Hub (Hearthfire): If players do not wish to partake in joining a Kingdom or starting one. They may purchase a House or Shop within the Main City Hub from the Steward “Administrator” so they may own or run a shop and or just enjoy  the roleplaying aspect of the server. They will be assigned a job of their choice within the City Hub. Houses and shop prices may vary. You will get that information from the Steward.

Faction Wars: Villages/Factions/Kingdoms may declare war on eachother. The requirement of war is this.

1. Both Factions must be online

2. The formal declare of war must be delivered by a mail courier or messenger.

3. The war ends when one side captures the enemy base (Destroys beds.) Or if one side surrenders (Must give winning faction their land.) Or if peace is declare by both parties

4. No bases may be destroyed during this with the exception of the gate or entrance points.


1. Roleplay – Players must always stay in character, and must always have a medieval skin equipped. If a player is seen without a medieval skin or is not in character it could result in a kick or ban.

2. Global Chat – The use of Global Chat is forbidden in this server with the exception of announcements. For example if someone is looking for people to join their village that is acceptable. Or declaring a bounty on someone. Other than that all forms of chats must be a whisper with the command “/w (Username)” Other forms of acceptable chat include Signs, or the discord server itself.

3. KOS – “Killing on Sight” is forbidden players must have a valid roleplay reason to kill another person for example, if you roleplay to rob someone but they don’t comply you may kill them. Or if you challenge someone to a duel. Another form would be a declared war as mentioned previously. If you kill on sight without roleplaying expect a ban!

4. Building – All structures built by players must be in relations with out medieval theme. All structures that don’t look medieval admins will try to salvage and help look medieval or destroy it.

5. Exploiting/Glitching – No exploiting of any kind allowed an example of exploiting would be a EXP farm. An example of glitching would be duplication, if any of these are found you will be banned.

6. Nether Portals – Players may NOT make their own Nether Portals. Players MUST use the Nether Portals created by Staff for use in this server. This prevents portal spams around the map.

7. Theft – Stealing is not allowed! The only form of stealing allowed would be roleplaying a robbery! If someone is caught stealing from someones chest they could be banned! The only exception to this is the capturing of a city by War. The winning party may loot the newly captured city.

8. Griefing – Absolutely no griefing or destroying bases/houses/kingdoms or anything! If you are seen griefing at any kind you will be banned!

Conclusion: We know this may seem a  lot. However just know if we all work together to create this stellar community the fun will be well worth it! I promise you will enjoy your time here! 

If you’re interested in joining please join our discord at

We hope to see you all there! 

All Addons used:

John Smith Texture Pack

Rebuilt Shader

Invisible Armor by Azapz

Adventurous Hud v1

RegenMMO Pack

Parallax Sounds

Ambient Sounds

Map By DireWolf314159

Lobby By LilGothThot

Changelog View more
The Server has changed its name so it fits our series we will be releasing soon.

Added a list of all addons used within the Server.

Major Overhaul of complete submission, added the new rules and game play mechanics. Added newer images, added new lore.

Added Whitelisting to Server, Players MUST join the Discord Link.

1. Added alot more detail in the description

2. Added more pictures in the description

3. Added our discord link for interested players to join

Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-5872045025 says:

    What Is The Discord?

  2. Guest-3345677400 says:

    I haven’t even been whitelisted yet and I’m already bursting with excitement!!!! Awesome server!!

  3. Guest-5614126853 says:

    Ok so basically I joined this server and it is good. I recommend it to those who like nice staff and players . However improvements could take place. 1. Players should have global chat, or at least role play chat on the mc server. 2. Admin ages need to be lowered. There are 14 year olds that need to wait 3 more years to become an admin, and that is plain ridiculous. 3. The Medieval meme chat should be turned into an off topic chat. Not everything should be medieval on this server. Allow players to talk about what they want. After all this makes the server fun! 4. Please please, do not put extreme packs in. Some gpus can not handle it leading to lag or a crash. Thank you.

    • Hello, we had global chat in our trial world and that did not work out. It ended with a lot of spamming with different conversations at once. We are aiming for a Hardcore Roleplay setting. Thus players are allowed to chat using /whisper, voice chat (In our Discord), or text chat within our Discord. Admin ages will not be lowered, we want adults to maintain the server and that is just how it is. We also have a “general-chat” within our discord for players to use to talk about anything.

  4. President Cash says:

    Great server! Lots if things to do and very well established.

  5. Guest-7422349565 says:

    How do I join the server, it said I wasn’t invited.

  6. Guest-6443567934 says:

    Awesome server with little to no grifers/hackers. The community is amazing, the faction/kingdom/village and the title systems are interesting, and the admins are nice!

  7. Guest-2756155188 says:

    Very good server I recommend.

  8. Guest-9468209357 says:

    This is extremely well-thought out, and has a lot of potential. The creators really did a good job with this. If you’re reading this and want to join, please read the page above and follow conduct. It ensures a better experience for everyone involved.

  9. Guest-1239657022 says:

    what texture pack is used on this server

  10. kaichak555 says:

    5 stars, if you play this your in for a treat bc this is definity one of the best servers on minecraft. Take this message into consideration when you decide if your going to join this server

  11. EpicDragonRonin says:

    Great server. Would definitely recommend. All admins are active and very helpful. The rules are built so that you can have a fun time and everything isn’t absolute chaos. Even if you do not like medieval-themed things, I think anyone who plays Minecraft will love it

  12. Guest-5422640318 says:

    Amazing server, best I’ve every played in and it’s medeival-themed which is great. The rules are laz enough where it is fun to play but also strict enough where there isn’t chaos and people will be punsihed for stealing and griefing. All the admins there are very active which makes it easy to buy titles and overall it’s a very good experience

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    This server is good. I made a lot of new friends!!

  14. Guest-3236517759 says:

    Doesn’t work on console does it? If not how do i join

  15. Guest-9160095407 says:

    The best rpg server i have ever played on!!!

  16. Guest-3632826005 says:

    Rly good server. Friendly and supportive staff and great roleplaying. 10/10 would recommend this server to others.

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    The best sever I’ve been in. Believe me. =3= . Come join. ^o^ you’ll get free cookies if u do so UwU ,no promises tho XD

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    this server is great go join it but I cant rateit on this site sense it says I’m not logged in even tho I am

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    This is the best rpg server i have ever played!!!

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    The best rpg server i have ever played!!!

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    This server is the best rpg server i have ever played!!!

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    Super epic definity play

  23. WaffelGott says:

    I have been looking for a server like this for sooo long. I love the server, it’s gorgeous and the community couldn’t be better.
    1000% worth to join(☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  24. Guest-8809792330 says:


  25. Guest-9304236033 says:

    Really good except for one thing. I GOT BANNED FOR ASKING FOR DIAMONDS!!! I NEVER SPAMMED PROPHET UNBAN ME FROM THIS PLACE, my gamer tag is creeperplayz233 you may remember me. Ban people that deserved to be banned not me.

  26. Guest-9279409314 says:

    The best server i have ever been on or even seen. everyone is super nice and they take care of eachother. i will 100% be staying :3

  27. Guest-2350668405 says:

    I love this server only playing on it for an hour….However….. I did nothing wrong and i think they banned me overnight. It says i am not invited to play on this server. My minecraft user is PresidentBak. Plz fix it.

  28. Guest-7272844580 says:

    I don’t know how to join

  29. Michael7R says:

    Awesome server, cool premise, the rules aren’t smothering, and the staff is friendly. I’ll be coming here regularly.

  30. Guest-6257739984 says:

    Honestly the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST server, its fair its simple yet it has every aspect of vanilla survival. Definitely recommend it!

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    I also loved this server, loved it. Join today!!!

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    THIS IS THE BEST SERVER I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!! IntoCMD was the WORST i tried 2b2t and that was hell. Than i decided to go along the routes of medieval roleplay, and I found this. Please Please join this place. It has fair rules, where even admins cannot access creative, and everybody is nice and your land is heavily protected. This is the best server ever. However, do not join IntoCMD. It is truly the worst. Thx for this awsome world!!!

    • Guest-4092873378 says:

      Cool server yoooo i rlly enjoy playing in here, the ppl are nice, they take care of each other, the rp is good with a balance of vanilla survival soo yeah definitely recommend this server

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