Published on January 07, 2022 (Updated on January 07, 2022)

Flare Network

Server IP Connect
Version 1.18.30
Status Online
Players 0/20
Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

Welcome to the Flare Network. We are a Minecraft server network who have just reopened into the public. And are making a great come back so far right now we have released Flare Prisons once again and are working on Flare Skyblock and Flare Factions. We have the best community out there no one is toxic most unique Minecraft server yet!

Flare Prisons

Our Prisons server is very different from others. Instead of prison ranks, we have mining levels. You will automatically gain XP and levels from mining ores. Once you are a certain level, you will be able to mine higher tier ores. Ex. Once you are level 15 you can mine iron ore. When mining, you also have a chance to receive mining rewards which can give you crate keys, mining levels, and higher tier ores. We also have a PVP mine with iron, gold, diamond, and emerald blocks which can be mined at any level. These blocks give you more XP and sell for lots of money, but PVP is enabled. The PVP mine is opened every 60 minutes and is opened for 5 minutes at a time. Prisons also has plots which is an area where you can build whatever. You can set up ore generators and minions to mine for you so you can make more money. To gather resources, you can also go to the PVP enabled explore zone. In the explore zone, you can build whatever, but it is griefable and PVP is enabled. Along with our new Prisons reset (Season 2), we have added Prestige, along with more mines and now Netherite Gear! We have new OP Kits for Iron, Diamond, and Netherite armor, swords, and pickaxes, with enchants going up to level 150. You can also buy high level vanilla enchants at our Enchant Shop. Once you get to level 240 you can prestige, resetting your mining level. Every 10 prestige, your multiplier goes up, meaning you get more XP per block you break. We have 3 prestige mines that unlock at certain prestige levels. The top mine is Obsidian and requires Prestige 250 and level 900 to mine there! We hope you enjoy the new season of Flare


Flare Skyblock 

Coming Soon


Flare Factions

Coming Soon










Ranks give players special perks such as /repair or the ability to fly on your island. We have 3 ranks on Flare; MVP($5), VIP($13), and Flare + ($20). Each rank includes perks of the previous ranks and also some new ones. Example: MVP rank includes /is fly, but it does not include /repair all. Flare + includes /is fly and /repair all. There are many other perks for ranked players, such as /fly for Prisons (VIP), a 2x Sell Boost (Flare +), /reset for mine reset ease (Flare +), etc. All players now have access to /repair, but with a 1-hour cooldown. Players with a rank bypass this cooldown.

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Changed up the introduction added a better picture added a section where factions description will go when it’s released and added a reviews section so people can look at others comments before choosing us as a server to play

Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: bit\.ly/vote4flare

Map: PocketMine-MP

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