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Server IP Connect
Version 1.17.30
Status Online
Players 0/1000
Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Formerly known as "Duloti's Dungeons"

Fight your way through levels, quests, and dungeons on your journey to becoming the greatest in all of Gallaquore. This is a Dungeon crawling RPG adventure map with an immersive atmosphere and expansive content. While this has been in development for 9 years it has been shutdown for the past year and a half undergoing a lot of changes due to recent updates and conversion to BDS. ALPHA TEST LIVE right now as of Sep 4th, 2021 1:00 pm (GMT-7)


Now on BDS we have taken the last year adding all the custom items and creating all our community used to dream of. Being able to host 1,000 as opposed to 10 was the initial motivation, but we decided to essentially convert all previous functions to an easier to understand, smoother, or cooler method.  Beta phase expected about January 1st 2022.


Clock Tower in Honey Ridge



HUD explained:


  • (Top Left) Health is shown by a heart that drains the lower percentage of health remains of your maximum health. The maximum health in Gallaquore is 1,000.
  • (Top Middle) Combat level is a general statement of the player's power. The higher a player's combat level the more stat points they have earned and skills they have leveled up, therefore the higher the level the stronger they are. The maximum Combat level is 200.
  • (Bottom Left) Stamina is a player's run energy. Players can use their sprint ability and exhaust stamina as they run much faster than normal. Stamina recovers faster the higher a player's agility level is.
  • (Top Middle Right) Melee Enduarance, The 2 green swords shown on screen is not always the same as shown above. It cycles between green, yellow, red, and black giving the player a general idea of how much melee stamina they have left. Melee stamina is dependent on a player's attack level. As their attack level goes up their maximum melee stamina increases and the rate it regenerates too. As a player's Melee stamina decreases they deal significantly less damage and eventually (when black) they deal none at all.
  • (Bottom Middle) Mana shown by the purple potion is similar to health and drains proportionally to how much mana they have remaining of their maximum mana.
  • (Bottom Far Right) The trophies represents a player's RP. RP is earned from completing levels, and is essentially risked (not all of it) whenever a player is in a level.
  • (Middle Far Right) The bow works similarly to the Melee endurance it cycles between 12 different icons showing a player how much Ranged Points they have left.



Inside a bank showing currencies from left to right:

Green - 1 Zing, Blue - 5 Zing, Orange - 10 Zing, Red - 20 Zing, Purple - 50 Zing, Yellow - 100 Zing, Gold ingot - 1,000 Zing, Gold Block - 10,000 Zing

Great Tree located in the tutorial town

Gallaquore features a very in depth tutorial explaining the ins and outs of the game. This tutorial takes roughly an hour to complete. Moving forward the tutorial will be broken into 10 parts and between those parts players will live on Sandy Coast (tutorial town). This way players can experience regular gameplay before and after being walked through every part of it.

With over 300 cards to collect (SO many more than what I put up for this screenshot) and an official card game to battle your friends there is plenty of entertainment that's not just hacking and slashing. These cards aren't common with 1-5% chance of a mob dropping a card item at all, 50% chance of it only being dice, 45% chance of being a common card, 3% chance of being an uncommon card, 1% chance of it being a rare card, .1% chance of it being an epic card, .001% chance of it being a legendary card, and 1/25,000,000 chance that it's a mythic card (very powerful and rare).

In summary there are plenty of cards to collect and trade. With varying rarities you could sell them for some extra money, collect for show, or collect to win card tournaments against your friends.

A view of Sandy Coast that will welcome new players to the game with the easiest difficulty and weakest enemies. 



Game Features


  • 11 Combat related skills to level up                                     - Fully customizable Player Owned Houses
  • Daily events to complete                                                     - Player Owned Shops
  • Party feature to team up with friends                                  - Monthly competitions
  • PVP arenas and areas                                                        - Custom weaponry and armors modifiable (not counting enchants)
  • Player driven economy                                                        - Player Owned Guilds
  • Many custom Mobs                                                             - Hall of fame featuring the greatest to ever play (are you next?).


Combat Skills list: 

Constitution - Boosts the player's maximum health. Costs one stat point to level up. Max level is 700.

Attack - Decreases the drain of melee stamina and allows for effective use of heavier weapons. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 15.

Strength - Increases the player's base damage using melee attacks. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 15.

Armor - Allows the player use of heavier armors. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 15.

Defense - Decreases effectiveness of incoming damage. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 15.

Magic - Increases the player's maximum mana as well as regeneration rate of mana. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 15.

Archery - Boosts the player's maximum range points and allows use of more powerful ammunition. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 15.

Blood Lust - Activates healing effects for the player when damaging others and after kills. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 10.

Luck - Offers the player dramatically boosted loot. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 10.

Agility - Increases the player's rate of which run energy generates and allows them to jump higher. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 10.

Fortitude - Gives the player resistance to diseases and curses; allows them greater lung capacity, and decreased hunger effects. Costs five stat points to level up. Max level is 10.




View of The Nefarious Lair (Quest 2) on the outskirts of honey ridge.

View of the entrance to Merlin's Castle (Quest 5) in Boulder

View of Main Shop in Boulder behind it is the entrance to (cursed tomb) Dungeon 6

View from the top of the cursed tower (quest 6)

Fishing is a great way method of gathering food and potion ingredients

Gathering skills list:

  • Fishing - As you level up you will find better ingredients for potion making. Max level 100.
  • Mining - As you level up you will find better ores for metal working. Max level is 100.
  • Hunting (not yet finished)  - As you level up you will be rewarded better hides and silks for your tasks. Max level is 100.

Artisan skills list:

  • Herblore - As you level up you can brew better potions. Max level is 100.
  • Smithing - As you level up you can work with higher tiered metals for making armor(s) and weapon(s). Max level is 100.
  • Crafting  (not yet finished) - As you level up you can make better mage and range armor(s) and weapon(s). Max level is 100.
  • Enchanting (not yet finished) - As you level up you can make better enchants, augments, and magic runes.  Max level is 100.


Players can mine concrete and get ores to craft the first 11 tiers of all 4 types of armor and 8 types of weaponry. Based on mining level the likelihood of finding valuable ores increases. Armor customization is very detailed in Gallaquore. Players can find glyphs to place in weapons and armors that have up to 4 socket slots. These glyphs reduce drain of mana or melee stamina, increase durability, increase damage, or boost Slay Points earned from killing mobs. These glyphs are completely separate to normal enchanting which is known as augmenting on Gallaquore.

"selfie" style screenshot showing Dragon armor and sword.

Inside of Dungeon 6 some rooms get quite hectic.


Join the discord AND APPLY to gain access :

In order to be whitelisted (in game whitelist) when the game does come out you must apply for access on the discord. Copy and paste the text below this for application.





  1. Xbox live Gamer tag:
  2. Username (if not on Xbox):
  3. What dungeon crawling, roguelike, RPG style games have you enjoyed most before?:
  4. What element of this game appeals most to you?:
  5. Of the 11 combat skills which sound(s) the most appealing to level up and why?:
  6. Of the 7 non combat skills which sound(s) the most appealing to level up and why?:
  7. Do you envision yourself joining a guild eventually?:
  8. Would you be keen on being a city council member eventually?:
  9. If accepted, on average how active do you think you'll be?:
  10. Do you swear to report any bug abuse / hacking on the understanding of permanent revocation of whitelist if any otherwise?:




Select version for changelog:


-Updated IP address

-Updated Bedrock versions

-Updated times/dates and expected launch


Supported Minecraft versions

Server Name: Dedicated Server

Map: Gallaquore Alpha

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I keep getting spawn killed by zombies
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The discord link has expired. When creating a link there is an option to make it not expire I’m pretty sure
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Hey buddy is it the discord you can't join? I understand that one because apparently the discord links keep expiring, the server, however is up all the time there shouldn't be an issue joining it.
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ultimate redstone inc April 29, 2021 at 3:49 pm
I can't join the discord server so could you whitelist me my u/n is joongle faux
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I never worked with discord before now and I had too many people keep recommending I get one so I figured I'd try it out. It seems the invite links expire very quickly.
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I have a problem. When ever I join the server (I'm SlingingPizza24) I glitch out of Minecraft and then it automatically opens up again and I pop back in to the server but the prosses begins again. I think it might be because of the cards mod. Can you fix it?
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Hey if anything it would because of my HUD add-on that takes a lot or processing power to keep up with being that it cycles through 200 function lines every 0.5 seconds. Lag was reduced dramatically for it after I updated it to use directories because originally it went through all 186,000+ lines just for one player's HUD. It operates well now, but like I said if anything would still be at risk of causing your cpu usage to sky rocket that would be it.
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