Published on September 06, 2021 (Updated on September 05, 2021)


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Server Protocol Bedrock Dedicated

Hello!!! HavenMC is a seasonal based server, we are setting a new gameplay style on server, now we are going for a factions towny system, you can join one of the four nations and build your empire with your mates and search for the hidden secrets of the continent. 

 Here we play together, open shops to earn some diamonds, play some minigames (created by the players and the admin team) and build together.  We are a very welcoming community, wanting a non toxic place to play the game.

 We have a whitelist and do not accept hacking, stealing, duping or anything alike.

Hello, and welcome to Haven! A world of progress and misteries. The continent, a great island filled by four nations, awaits for your arrival, to discover its secrets and solve its puzzles. Start your journey whithin the the temple's walls and help your empire grow stronger. 

For years the four nations searched for the true history of the continent, hidden from everyone by an old race, lost in the deep, by the end of the narrow tunnels below everyone's feet. 

Tho all the search has been difficulted by the exiled, people banished from the continent, constantly attacking and threatning the life in the 4 lands.

Join the discord server to be whitelisted and choose your nation and start your journey. Help them grow, build towns, make crazy redstine machines, start wars, revolutions and rebelions inside the nation, overtake the throne, start alliances and get comerce preferences, the possibilities are limitless!
We hope to see you there ;)


 We are starting a new season, a new way of running the server, join the discord server for more info and to be whitelisted. 

 The season may last 6 months ish ( can be longer or shorter depending on the players desire ) and we have events and games planned for the whole period, quests and other task that leads the players to the secrets of the land will happen exponentially. Tho, this doesnt mean the players cannot make their own events, minigames and world quests, we fully support it.

 The server also has a economic center, for shops and minigames, tho the nations can have their shop inside their territory and negotiate directly with their neighbors. Comerce and political alliances are also supported and recommended by the admin team.


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Have severly changed the server description, brief description and tags. We have changed the server system which asked for a new and more detailed description of it.

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What is the server invite code?
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Link for the Discord server 😉
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Could you put a link to the discord? I'd like to join.
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It has been weeks. I have periodically revisited this page and have seen no change. I even wondered to myself if it was worth it; the waiting. So, I ask you this. How? How did I NOT SEE THE VISIT WEBSITE BUTTON THAT TAKES YOU STRAIGHT TO THE DISCORD?? I AM SO SORRY FOR MY BEHAVIOR, I AM SMALL AND HANDSOMELY DEFICIENT IN BRAINCELLS.
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