Koze Earth Server! WIP (Earth Map)

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Server Protocol Pocketmine-MP

If the listed IP doesn’t work try using “” and make sure your port is “19135” and not “19132 (default)”

Its an earth map with MANY plugins and a welcoming community. We have Economy, warps, homes, player vaults, and more! Discord link is in the server and here >> ping the owner or admins if you need anything! 

 We started as a realm but once the owner had closed it down i decided to open a server so the players could still play on the earth map.I self host and keep everyone updated on whats going on, i am constantly updating things like shop and enchants! We still have some time before we will consider ourselves complete, so come join us in our journey!
Getting started: Please first join our discord, this is where you will find our rules, how to claim, what is claimed, command list, and other useful information.

Even though the world is a custom map of earth it still contains structure like villages and temples!

Players make their own villages/towns and invite people into their community to become a leading nation.

Some players focus on the experience of new members and will assist you in almost anything you need.

Changelog View more

-Included more photos-7 in total,

-added more information on the discord and where to find rules/instructions to playing.

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16 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-5528703881 says:

    Why you deleted this server😭

  2. Guest-2402371244 says:

    Good, but why this is offline now?

  3. Guest-3019873859 says:

    Unfortunately, I would not recommend this server at all. Staff and owner easily abuse and will ban you for the smallest things. Example? Simply arguing with the owner on an issue will get you banned. Admins have been known to leak player cords and allow duping in which the owner will not take action. Random kicks are also very common. One admin in particular who does this is OnlyHereForMC46. I have been a victim of this and tried telling the owner yet him and staff laughed it off and I was eventually banned. I wouldn’t recommend this server at all as staff and players are very toxic and unfair. Definitely would not come back again.

    • Guest-3322600684 says:

      Let me guess, it’s you Nebulae? You were banned for stealing and having alts after being banned you thick walnut

  4. Guest-5298175724 says:

    Didnt except such a good server. I honestly may play a good bit into this server lots of stuff to do atm

    • Guest-7568559464 says:

      This Server Is Good I like its Too much but i really would like to have the normal enchanting table beacause farmnig for money is really long

  5. Guest-5308982193 says:

    good server, good owner, staff are very Toxic tho.
    other than that the server is good.

  6. Guest-6752842769 says:

    Woah this server is really great! Friendly community that quickly accepted me. Cant wait to play here more often!

  7. Guest-4167183468 says:

    I don’t have discord. Bruh.

  8. Is this the (almost)exact copy of the real life Earth? If yes.. (I cant join yet) please make us able to warp to countries and stuff like “/warp Philippines” “/warp Greenland”

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